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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Our Humble Wedding

All of The Bridesmaid & My Hair were Styled by Sarah Scharbach. 

There was never a question about who my Hairstylist would be,  Sarah has always been my right hand & for that reason the truth is there is absolutely no one else I would trust. She has such a calming energy and presence about her, sitting in her chair provided me with the necessary stillness, & allowed me to take a moment to quietly meditate before the day began. 

The Makeup I chose to do myself as a gift to the girls who were there to support me. Am I ever grateful that I did; it is true what they say, Wedding Days go by in the blink of an eye.  I was sure to pay close attention to their faces of the women I adore so much. This was perhaps more of a gift  to myself of one-on-one time with each of them.

My Mother & Kristen helped me into my wedding dress.
 My Father came up to my Room in our Suit to be the first to see me in it, and gave me a chance to help him with his boutonniere.
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Something Old From My Mother
She chose something Incredibly sentimental, that I did not see coming. A Gold Band that She wore on her hand everyday of my life. Before it was hers, it belonged to my Nana (My Mothers Mother). This Is something I will treasure until the day I too pass it on.
Something New From My Nana. My Wedding Dress was my Something New. It is the most beautiful dress I have ever laid my eyes on. It was soft, delicate, light & unbelievably comfortable with or without the Train bustled. My Nana suggested I take a look at the Store we ended up finding it at. It was the first dress I tried on, and while I didn't stop there... it wasn't long before everyone in the room was comparing everything to this dress... Nothing felt quite like it - everything else felt itchy or wrong. So i put this one back on & the decision was made. 
Something Borrowed - From My Mother In Law (Jackie). She presented me with a few treasured items for me to choose from at my final dress fitting. I tried on every piece with my Dress & together we all decided that her Diamond Gold Stud Earings (which had been a wedding gift to her from my now Grandfather in Law Dean Humble) matched perfectly with my Engagement & Wedding Band. 
My Something(s) Blue From My three Brothers James, Jeffrey, and Jason. 
James gifted me a Blue sgian-dubh (Scottish Dagger), which I wore bound to my leg with blue ribbon. 
 Jeffrey gifted me with a Blue Toronto Maple Leaf Bib that had previously belonged to my Nephew & our Ring Bearer Lucas which I attached inside my skirt.
Jason gifted me his Blue (Ventolin) Puffer (Inhaler), which I tucked into the Matthie Tartan that was wrapped around my Wedding Bouquet, which he helped me make the night before the Wedding, along with 5 Bridesmaids Bouquets, & 11 Boutonnieres.
Bridal Bouquet held by the Flower Girl 

The First Touch

This meeting was such a comfort to me! Cody had been rushing around ALL morning while the girls and I all got ready, making sure everything was decorated, set, and in place. Coming together for this moment was so calming for me & also filled me with IMMENSE excitement that in moments. what I had dreamed of for over a decade, was about to unfold. 

The Ceremony
Arbor Built by Cody Humble with help from his Father Derek Humble, & Grandfather Dean Humble. 

The Ceremony was held at and officiated by Aaron Hopkins. He and Megan (his now wife) were some of our Best Friends in High School. Aaron & Cody played in a Band together in those days named Colfax, Aaron on Bass & Cody behind the Mic. Megan was also a massive help the day of organizing the perfectly timed entrance of our 22 Person Wedding Party!

The Music was performed by Korey Purdy, on both the Piano & Guitar.
He played "So This Is Love" on the Piano, which when we first asked him if he would privileged us with his Talent during the wedding... I refered to as 'The Song Cinderella Dances With The Prince To'. He also Sang an Original song of his "Night Owls" while accompanying himself on Guitar as we signed our Marriage Licence. This Song has always resonated with me, & will forever more after Cody chose to have it be the song that was playing while he Proposed.
Kristen McNish Shannon Shackles Jenna Lofaro Julia Murphy & Brianna Foss
My Bridesmaids who did so much more than just stand up with me on my wedding Day. They helped me piece together each and every detail of this Wedding.
Shannon & Kristen, & my Mother deserve awards, because they were there every single day in the final stretch - stitching, glueing, mending, & lending their hands to the cause in every way the possibly could have! I truly could not have EVER fathomed pulling off doing ALL of the Decor, Flowers, and Makeup 'myself' for my wedding day if it wasnt for them & the unbeleivable amount of help they lended to making this day a reality.If you didn't know prior to this blog - we actually had to Re-Plan our ENTIRE Wedding (Including Printing New Invitations) when we had a MAJOR set back just 3 MONTHS prior to our wedding, as our Venue was Sold & our Contract Voided!!
We had chosen the date as it was going to be our 12 Year Anniversary on that Day & we wanted to continue the tradition of Celebrating our love in the Early Spring as we always had. It happened to land on a Wednesday the year we got Married - & that wasn't going to stop us! So when this new hurdle presented it's self we were confident in our decision & felt no urge or need to postpone to wedding. We held faith, that whatever was meant to be would fall perfectly into place. Our Wedding was a true labour of love. I will be forever grateful that I did not take any of the planning process for granted & enjoyed every moment of it with those I love most at my side!!

Devon Humble Joshua Tessier Jordan Kenny Phillip Meriman Zachary Chatelaine
Codys Groomsman and dear friends are a collection of some of the most Passionate Men that I know! Each one of them is driven by a different, & unique interests to them & chase their goals with the same dedication, determination, & encouragement that they bring to their friendships.
Cody's Parent's, & Grandfather Dean all lead an immense amount of help as well pulling the Wedding off! Lending a hand with anything needed, From Building Arbors, Decorating the Church the morning of the Wedding, Being our Escort in the Jeep, & Organizing or Rehearsal Dinner Celebration the night prior. Your help did not go unnoticed.
We wrote Vows for each other & exchanged them prior to the Rings.  
Kristen Mcnish & Devon Humble Signed as Witnesses. 
Blowing Bubbles with Bells on.

Welcome To Our Love Story painting by Kristen McNish
The Stars on the Night of May 9th 200, From Shannon Shackles.

Officiated By: Pastor Aaron Hopkins 
Master Of Ceremony : Noelle Carroll 

Ceremony Music By : Korey Purdy
Flowers By : Jason Matthie & Jennie Humble 
Flowers Sourced From : Primrose & Willow
  Geode Cake By Saimas Cake Parlour
Reception DJ: Ethan Carol
Reception Music Curated By: Cody Humble 
Hair By : Sarah Scharbach (Member of the Upcy Styling Team)
Makeup By : Jennie Humble 

Photos are a culminating collection of the combined works of: