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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ever Blooming Potpourri DIY ~ Scentsy

This Tutorial for Ever Blooming Potpourri is a variation of Wax Preserving Flowers / A Modern Version of Potpourri done with Scentsy Wax providing them with a long lasting scent as well! 

What You Need: 

 ~ Scentsy Wax 

~ Tea Light Candles / Paraffin Wax
~ Fresh Flowers
~ String
~ Clothes Pins
~ Parchment Paper 
~ An Oven 
~ Large Boiling Pot 

~ Mason Jar (8oz works best)

How To:
 You are going to want to begin by prepping your flowers & work station. 
Step 1. Begin by cutting your flowers however you would like for them to be preserved. 
Step 2. Hang a string as a drying station. Lay a piece of parchment paper under it to catch any drips (I tied my string from the cupboard handles - you can see my drying station in a later image if you scroll down to the bottom of this Post)

Step 3. Start filling your large boiling pot 1/2 way up with water. Place in your Mason Jar(s) being careful not to get any of the water inside.
Step 4. Remove the metal casing & wick from your Tea Light Candles and break them into small chunks, then place them into the Mason Jar(s). I melted down 10 as a reference but be sure to melt enough to fill your Mason Jar 3/4 full!  If you were not aware this method is referred to as double boiling. As Shown in Images 1&2.
Step 5. Add in 3 - 4 Squares of Scentsy Wax (depending on the strength of scent you would like your Potpourri to have!
I used both Cinnimon Bear (which is a deep red colour which stayed quite red once melted & I used on the Red Flowers) & French Lavender (a pale purple - which melted down to clear which I used for the white / green flowers).
Once your Wax is COMPLETELY melted!
Step 6.
Begin dipping in your flowers holding them gently at the stem dip down into the Wax & straight back up - be sure to let all excess wax drip off back into the Mason Jar. Seen in Images 5&6.
Step 7. If necessary - use your fingers to gently pull open the petals as shown in Image 7&8 All of the ones I dipped held up quite well in the Wax - I don't love the way the large petaled daisies turned out but you can't win them all! I personally found the berries the most satisfying to dunk!
Step 8. Using your clothes pin(s) clip them to your drying station as shown in Image 9.
Once The First Wax coat on the Flowers is COMPLETELY dried!
Step 9. Repeat Step 6
with the Stem portion of the flower you had previously been holding on to - ensuring that it has been 100% covered in wax! Lay them down carefully onto parchment paper to continue drying.

Arrange your Flowers into a Vase / Dish all their Ever Blooming Scentsy Scented Glory!

Before I go I wanted to share just a bit about Scentsy! The waxes are warmed in a diffuser to room temperature allowing the scent to last longer. & hardens very quickly once shut off, which means you will not burn yourself if it ever where to spill! Scentsy is pet and child safe as well. Scentsy has just released their holiday collection as well & these products are available for a limited time! Don’t delay in getting something you've wanted before it's be gone.
Scentsy offers 84 scents available in waxes, scent circles for the car, children's buddies, room sprays, warmers, diffusers, & essential oils!
Please feel free to browse her website HERE
Looking to get supplies for this DIY or for any other Scentsy Needs, Contact Marisa
By Email:
By phone (613)-803-0891
On Facebook ~ Marisa's VIP Scentsy Group

Scentsy Products Sponsored By:  Independent Scentsy Consultant Marissa Vandervelde
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Up-cycled BODYSUIT Out of A Tank Top

Bodysuits are pretty much everywhere right now, You can't even go in a Store or on Pinterest these days without being one PIN away from one! They are super cute, but from what I have found shopping around are also super over-priced!Every time I found a cute one priced around $80-- I would always think to myself how are they getting away with charging that for a $5-- tank top with a pinched bottom... that arguably has less fabric than said tank top! 
Eureka moment buy said $5-- Tank Top & Do It My Dang Self! 
I am Happy with how it turned & decided I would put together a little tutorial sharing two different ways to wear it, in hopes that it would help inspire others to think about possibly re-using or re-purposing something they may already have first!

What You Will Need: 
~ A Black Tank Top ( I got mine from Walmart Canada for less than $5--)
~ White Paint / Fabric Marker 
~ Underwear ( For measuring)
~ Scissors 

~ Needle & Thread 

How To:  

Step 1. Turn your Tank Top inside out (so that any markings made are done so on the inside)
Step 2. Lay your Tank Top Out Flat 

Step 3. Begin tracing the front of your underwear onto the front of the Tank Top.
 Being mindful to Line up the bottom of your underwear with the bottom of your Tank Top; & to pull the fabric taught as you go. 

Step 4. Flip over your Tank Top & this time trace the back of your underwear onto the back of your Tank Top.  Also Being Mindful to line up the Sides 
As shown in Image 3 ABOVE.

Step 5.
 Repeat this process for the Other Side. 

Step 6. Cut out the Sides. 

Step 7. Gather the two narrow pieces in the middle, carefully & slightly overlap them 

Step 8. sew them together using a Needle & Thread.

Oscar The Pup & Photobomb King

Super Simple & will save you a pretty Penny too! You can also Find the Tutorial on how I Up-cycled these Black Jeans HERE.
Next time you are about to go out & buy something New - First try & DIY
& Remember...

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

'Love The Trees Until Their Leaves Fall Off, Then Encourage Them To Try Again Next Year' - Fall Photos with KM Photography

Cody and I both have a massive love for nature, & neither of us sit still for long, we walked and joked our way through the forest and Kristen did her thing we had her climbing trees & traveling far off he beaten path snapping pictures of us in our element!

We love the Wes Anderson quality, & the truly natural light beams shinning down onto us!
If you are looking for a photographer who will capture photos that are true to who you are and 100% natural be sure to check out KM Photography!

 These photos mean so much to me because they were taken By and With two of  my absolute favourite people! These two people inspire me and push me and motivate me daily & are more than likely to credit for my posts actually making it up! I have a massive amount of love for them both & am incredibly Grateful to have met such a true life long friend & love of my life at such a young age, & have the opportunity to love, grow, learn, adventure, & create together for as long as we have & will!
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Arbonne Tahitian Coconut Lip Treatment Set

Refusing to let my lips dry out with the leaves is a breeze now! I am seriously in LOVE with this Lip Duo! I tried it for the first time when it was launched as part of last years Arbonne Holiday Line & have been obsessed with it ever since! It is back again as one of this years Limited Edition products. 

The cold, stale weather dries out more than just the leaves & this Lip Duo is my go to for making sure my lips aren't part of this process! 
 The Duo includes both the Tahitian  Coconut Lip Smoother & Tahitian Coconut Lip Salve.
The first step is the Lip Smoother ~ It is super gentle but extremely effective.

 I am not usually a fan of scrubs of any kind as I just find them far to abrasive for my skin. However, the grit of this one is very fine so you aren't scrubbing your lips off. This also allows it to remove even the smallest pieces of dry skin! Using your finger apply a small amount to your lips, gently exfoliating the skin as you're doing this (I have found the best results if I do this in small circles)
Using a cloth or towel you can gently wipe it right off, quick and easy!

Finish by applying the Lip Salve {aka heaven in a jar} It is so soft and soothing it leaves my lips feeling like flower petals! 
While I may not be one for scrubs, I am a fan of lip balms, chaps, glosses, sticks, whatever you got! I never used to get to the bottom of any self care products. However... that is a thing of the past since my introduction to Arbonne, and this Salve is no exception I'll be sure to scavenge every last drop thankfully it is probably the biggest lip Salve I've ever laid my eyes on. This helps with keeping track of it as well.. I mean I can't be the only girl who's constantly losing her lippy! 

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