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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Self Love Cultivated Through The Process of Art [& Upcyling]

'Self Love Cultivated Through The Process of Art'... meaning the practice of being present in the moment & embracing your creative side. Not obsessing over perfection // the finished product.

I truly believe that it is not just materials that can be 'reused to create a product of higher quality,' but also our Mood, lifting the spirit to a higher happier level!

I have always been quite transparent about the fact that this Blog (& the corresponding Shop) were started as a way to over come Anxiety, & Depression. With a goal in mind to replace those feelings with something beautiful, & tangible that would leave me feeling accomplished even if it meant doing it from the comfort and safety of my bed, which I may or may not still do...sometimes!
It's time to break the silence once and for all, to break down the walls & shine a light on Mental Illness. 

"I myself am made entirely of flaws,stitched together with good intentions.” I love this quote & intend to go about my entire life with this mind set. To mindfully go FIND more JOY, & More USE out of the things I already have (upcycling) - before throwing them away, or buying something New! Today's 'Throw Away" or Disposable Lifestyle, is something I would like to avoid, Instead of getting rid of the things that don't bring us Joy - lets change them so they do!!!! This also applies to daily life, & finding Joy in the otherwise tedious everyday tasks.
Self Love ... Cultivated Through The Process of Art,  
     NOT  The Immediate Result 
The Practice Of Self Care,                   
          NOT The Idolization Of Busy
& An Attitude of Gratitude    
     NOT Comparison

This Post was Inspired By Joanne Hawker's March Meet The Maker Challenge. I will absolutely NOT be posting a Blog for each one of the Daily Prompts,as it is a INSTAGRAM Challenge - So I will be posting future posts on my Instagram [@Upcygirl] Stories, or in my Feed.If you haven't heard of the Makers Challenge & are a creative mind, It is very motivating & I encourage you to check it out, & consider participating!! 

[Photos By: my beautiful and incredibly talented best friend
 Kristen McNish - Photographer & Owner behind KM Photograph,
& online Shop
 The Daydreamer Creations!
she always does such a stunning job bringing my visions to life & I am forever Grateful for an opportunity to collaborate
& create together!