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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DIY PomPom & Tassel Toque

The cold hits quick here in Canada. One minute you're Fall vibin', plaid and all... but with one sharp North wind it's nothing but scarves that double as king size blankets & boot gains!
The repetition of layering on the same bulky gear every day makes me wonder why I even bothered changing my outfit from the day before - or out of my pajamas for that matter!
This year I decided to give those boring basics we NEED for warmth some flair & personality!
Maybe this will make me more excited to get dressed up for the cold - I'll at least look cuter while complaining!
Kristen & I got all snuggled up in them and head down to the stream by her house, we should have headed the warning of the frozen water caps... we got like 10cm of snow the next day!

What You Will Need:
~ Hats
~ Yarn
~ Thread
~ Needle
~ Scissors
~ Pom Pom(s)

How To:

Step #1. Begin by creating your Tassel(s). Wrap yarn around a small notebook (or your hand) 25-50 times (depending on the size of Tassel you are looking to create). [Image 1]

Step #2. Tuck a piece of yarn under all & tie at the top to secure [Image 2]

Step #3. Using your scissors cut the apposing ends Free. [Image 3]

Step #4. Tie another piece of yarn around the Top of the Tassel to complete [Image 4]

Step #5. Thread your Needle and Sew one end of it into the Top of your Hat (at the base of the Pom Pom if there is one). Leaving a 5-10" thread attached to the needle. [Image 5]

Step #6. Thread on your Pom Poms, be sure to do this loosely (with space in between so they don't look squished). [Images 6 & 7]

Step #7. Sew on the Tassel at the end. Tie off to secure & cut off the needle & excess thread.
Again be sure to keep a relaxed hand while doing this. [Images 8 & 9]

Now Pop it on your Head and Tassel your way around Town!

Self Love Cultivated Through ; Self Love, The Process of Art, & An Attitude of Gratitude 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fall In My Bag [2017]

Organization & practicality are two things I have been doing my best to embrace in every day life! The more control & organization I can implement into the aspects of life I can control, the easier it is for me to let go & accept change as it comes to the other areas of my life I can not control. In the summer I shared how I manage an active and on the go summer lifestyle, chasing passions, all while working a day job & limit the amount that I look like a disheveled bag lady while doing it. Now that fall is here & the cool weather has rolled in I am going to share with you how I keep my everyday handbag organized. I think it is safe to say that I am not really into the deeper fall tones this year. At the moment I am loving on everything holographic & monochromatic! 
I am sharing how I incorporate my obsession with zip-bags to keep things sorted & accounted for. One for First-Aid, Cosmetics & of course coffee coins so all that useful content can be easily found and USED! Not forgotten or buried under mountains of old receipts and lip products leaving you digging through your purse at the check out.  

  • Silver Metalic Wallet/Wrist-let (Chamilia No longer Available - similar HERE)
  • Plastic / Rubber Bag First Aid Kit  (Actually a pencil case I scored during the Back To School Frenzy)
  • Two-tone mermaid scale & black Sequin Coin Purse/Wrist-let (I got as a gift but is No Longer Available - I did find it in a Fanny Pack though which is pretty epic in it's own right)
  • MERMAID HAIR DON'T CARE Makeup Bag ( A gift from someone else... some kind of theme going on here. Also No Longer Available - similar HERE)
  • YOU GOT THIS GIRL Notebook (Crucial for random ideas / inspiration / grocery lists. Similar HERE)
  • EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm (my go to lip balm since High School)
  • Black Envelope Style Bag (Thrifted / Vintage - similar HERE )

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My TWIK Look

Back in October I partnered up with the store Simon's for the Brand TWIK through Chick Advisor
 ( I actually got the first E-mail regarding this campaign on my Birthday, which made for a very special Birthday Surprise!)

If you are not familiar with this Store yet I do recommend you check it out! A Canadian Fashion Retailer since 1840, that started in Quebec & now extends through the Country! The closest store to me is in Ottawa at the Rideau Centre - so obviously I had to get in there to check it out when I first got word! It's loaded with great Designers & Brands! The brand TWIK however is a Brand New addition to the store(s) & such a high quality one at that! They carry classic timeless pieces of phenomenal quality ( & next level softness) that like a best friend will be with you for life! If all of that wasn't enough, they even have select pieces in the line with profits going to Marine Mammal Research, so  RUN not walk to check it out!

speaking of... I'd like to thank My Best Friend & photographer extraordinaire! Who I can seriously always count on to get a great shot despite my insane uncomfortability (not a word)). I was feeling pretty under the weather, add in the fact that I had just accidentally stabbed myself pretty severely in the palm while attempting to carve a pumpkin the day prior (note the clenched hand in almost every shot) making me that much more awkward.

I had a lot going on personally / health wise in October, & I while I may not have been necessarily feeling stylish or inspiring, I was so excited about this opportunity that I knew I had to find a way to make it work! I am sharing this because I just wanted to say thank you! I am very grateful for the people in my life who surround me with encouragement, support, for holding me accountable to my goals, and motivate me to reach out of my comfort zone, & dream bigger!

Medallion Mock Neck Top worn casually;
Styled with Ripped Jeans, Hunter Green Ankle Boot, & Trench Coat

Medallion Mock Neck Top Business Casual;
Styled with Blush Slacks, Nude Pumps, & Blush Accessories 

Crushed Velvet Dress Casual;
Styled with a Denim Jacked & Thigh-High Boots.

Crushed Velvet Dress-ed Up;
Styled with Black Pom Pom Heels & a Gold Choker Necklace. 

Button Back Tee (exact pattern Sold Out) Lazy/Casual;
Styled with Black Ripped Jeans 

Button Back Tee (exact pattern Sold Out) Business Casual;
Styled with Black Pencil Skirt, Open Toe Shoe, Taupe Leather Bomber Jacket 
A massive Thank You to SIMONS Canada & Chick Advisor for the opportunity!