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Monday, June 23, 2014

Neutral Eye

I had the pleasure of doing this Neutral Eye look on my gorgeous friend Shannon this past weekend prior to the Wedding of our mutual and very dear friend 's wedding ❤ 
I think this is the perfect Neutral look to wear as the guest to a summer wedding (or any one of your many day-time summer events)!  & with it being just that time I decided I would take advantage of the opportunity to share this look with you guys!
 This is the second of the two eye Looks (along side the aforementioned  Smokey Eyethat Arbonne actually has created complete limited edition, special offer sets for including ALL of the shadows used (for either look) as well as an easy on the eyes Makeup Remover & It's a Long Story Mascara - How simple & easy is that!!
So I hope you enjoy & find it useful
 Neutral Eye - Using Arbonne Cosmetics
Model: Shannon Shackles -Makeup By: Jennie Matthie 
Neutral Eye
Arbonne 's Neutral Eye
Step 1. Sweep Vanilla over the entire Eyelid as a base/highlight. 

Step 2. Apply Sand along the natural crease of the eyelid.

Step 3. Dab Java to the outer corners of the eye to create depth/shadow. 

Step 4. Use Smoke to shade the lower lash line. 

Step 5. Using an angle brush again, apply a thin line of Java to the lash line in place of eyeliner
To create a cleaner looking line I like to wet my angle brush slightly when using a shadow as a liner - this can also be used in Step 4.
OR for an ever BOLDER statement use a brown Liquid Eyeliner. 

Step 6. Finish off your eye with Two coats of It's A Long Story Mascara allowing a few seconds of dry time between applications! 


For her lips I went with Jam Lipstick (a deep red shade - also by Arbonne) & added just a touch of Sheer Glow Highlighter to the inner portion of her lips to create that almost ombre-glow!

Cody shared a picture he snapped while out on his daily morning bike ride that made me smile & I wanted to share it with you that as a reminder that You Are Loved!
I hope that you have been enjoying this Beautiful Summer MonDay & Thank You for stopping in to check out this weeks #MakeupMonday!
You Are Loved
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guilt Free Chocolate Coconut Protein Popsicles Recipe

Summer is here which means it is time for cool tasty treats! But it is also Bikini Season... This does not have to be a crisis, & I am happy to announce that these Delicious Vegan Chocolate Coconut Protein Popsicles made from just 2 Ingredients are a Win Win Win!!
Vegan Chocolate Coconut Protein Popsicles

Just 2 Ingredients & 3 Steps

  • 2 - 3 scoops of Arbonne Chocolate Vegan Protein 

Formulated out of Peas, Cranberries & Rice & is Gluten Free

  • 1 can of Full-Fat coconut milk (preferably organic)

  1. Combine Ingredients & Blend until smooth & creamy!
  2. Poor into Molds 
  3. Freeze

Hold for a moment in your hand or run molds under warm water

to allow for easy removal & Enjoy

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Natural Glowing Prom Makeup

 This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing Hillary's makeup for Prom! We spent the day together, getting her hair done, doing her makeup, chatting (which if you knew us wouldn't come as a shock) & watching Step Brothers (one of our favourites)!

Hillary is such naturally beautiful girl, with most perfect Porcelain skin! She doesn't typically wear any make-up & so we went for a SUPER natural polished 'country'/'girl next door' inspired look! 

Get The Glow
Step 1.  I prepped her entire face with the Makeup Primer; 
Step 2. Then applied the Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Shade Porcelain. 
Step 3. Using both Bronzer & Sheer Glow Highlighter - I did some light contouring & highlighted her cheekbones & eyes/eyebrows. 
Step 4. Translusently Setting Powder - ( Not everyone uses a setting powder - & to be honest before trying this one I didn't either... but I adore this one & really finds it does the job of keeping my makeup in check -& with it calling for rain that afternoon I wanted to make sure that her makeup did just that) 

Her Eye is a super simple but super fun & on trend for Summer2014 !
Step 1. I first applied Peace (a slightly metallic white) from the Heart Of Gold Pallet to her entire eyelid 
Step 2. I then swept Sand dune in the crease to create a slight shadowing.
Step 3. I lined her upper lash line with Liquid Liner
Step 4. I applied the Sheer Glow Highlighter to below her brows (as mentioned above) as well as in the inside corner of her eye to really open those puppies up!
& Finished the look with two coats of It's A Long Story Mascara on just the top lashes I find this really lifts and opens your eyes up!

Step 1. The Lip was done using Vintage Rose Lipstick 
Step 2. I highlighted her cupids-bow using Sheer Glow Highlighter.

I hope that all of the Graduates this year had an AMAZING time celebrating this Milestone! 
& the non graduates this year like myself  spent some time reminiscing being at our own Proms/ Convocations that feel like just yesterday...
The future is filled with opportunities to learn, to grow, and to realize your dreams! 
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Natural Smokey Eye

One of my and I am sure EVERY women's favourite looks is the Neutral Smokey Eye!I absolutely love this for Day & is one that I have loved to wear Day to Day since I was in High School  it is perfect for any occasion & you can build up the shade intensity of these high pigment vegan eye shadows & amp it up for Night by adding more/heavier layers - but we were going for a soft & light Natural Smokey eye.
Natural Smokey Eye Using Arbonne Cosmetics.
Model: Kaitlyn Utman - Makeup By: Jennie Matthie 

The Natural Smokey Eye 

Step 1. Fill the entire eyelid with Linen as a base.highlighter colour. 

Step 2. Apply Cabernet (a deep purple) along the natural crease of the eyelid. 

Step 3. Shade the lower portion of the Eyelid with Suede.

Step 4. Add Chocolate to the outer portion of the crease to add more depth/shadow. 

Step 5. Wet your angle brush & using Chocolate again - apply along the top lash line as an eye liner and thinly along the outer lower lash line as well. 

OR to create a more dramatic/Bold look use Black Liquid Eyeliner

Step 6. Apply 2 or 3 coats of It's A Long Story Mascara - allowing a few seconds to dry between coats for those super dramatic batting eyelashes! 

Lastly created a soft natural lip to compliment her eyes using Arbonnes Lipstick in shade Mauve.

Get this limited edition (while supplies last) Smokey Eye Set!
Including: All 4 of the eye shadows I used in this look, 
the famous It's A Long Story Mascara & Easy On The Eyes Make Up Remover 
 I had such a fun time catching up with this girl; reminiscing on old times. Kaitlyn and I went to Middle School together & then were re-united in College were we Both studied Developmental Services, but hadn't seen one another since Graduation & we could have sat & chatted the entire day away! Thank You Kaitlyn for allowing me to share pictures of your gorgeous self!
Wishing you all a happy Makeup Monday; Enjoy the sunshine & the lovely week ahead! 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

DIY Sea Shell Candles

I collected a tun of Sea Shells while I was in Cuba last winter, & brought them home with me & have been experimenting with a few different ways to style/incorporate them into our home in a unique way! 
I painted a few of the other more oddly shaped shells & pieces or coral I found in Mod Podge, dipped them into metallic glitter & have them displayed in a blue mason jar in our bathroom.
I had been saving all of these clam shells because I knew they would be perfect to use in an UP-CYcled art project & I couldn't be happier with how these turned out!  
Absolutely perfect for creating a super inexpensive, simple & fresh summer center piece / table runner OR to Dress up your Patio/Deck/Yard space & add a little mood lighting for those long Summer nights! 
Collecting shells in Cuba & DIY Sea Shell Candles
What You Will Need:
  • Sea Shells - I think it is fun to use ones that you have collected up adventuring - but if you don't have any you can pick them up in bundles at any Home Design store, or at the Dollar Store.
  • Tea Candles - I think this is something everyone has laying around
  • The Sunshine / Some form of heat/warmth to melt wax 

Step 1. Gently remove the wick from your tea candles & collect wax 
Step 2. Using a small amount of the wax secure the wick to the bottom of the shell(s) 
Step 3. Collect your wax into a heat safe bowl & Leave it outside OR  in a well lit window until it becomes melted and easy to work with.(this will not take long on a hot day, around 30min) - You are going to want to work pretty fast at this point as the wax will dry quite quickly. 

Step 4. Depending on how melted your wax is scoop or poor a teaspoon amount (if your shell is a little larger just add a little bit more wax) into each shell & flatten/ mold into shape with your finger tips being careful not to drown the wick! 

Thank you for browsing & Never forget to...
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Coral Orange is the new Red Lipstick

One MAJOR trend I have been seeing everywhere for Summer 2014 is Coral orange (even bright peachy) tones in lipsticks paired with white Eye shadow and or Eyeliner!  I’m a huge fan of this look for a few reasons #1 it is flattering on all skin tones (though seriously what shade wouldn't look good with this girls gorgeous glowing tan) #2 its SUPER simple and fast look that makes a big impact  & #3 there is so many variations of the shade - don't be freaked out by this shade of lipstick - You just need to find the right color for you & it will be your new go to for Summer!
 Coral Orange is the new Red Lipstick

Keep in mind when you are trying to incorporate the 'current trends' whether it be in fashion or makeup be sure that you are doing it in a way that is going to be flattering and don't be scared to play around and have fun with it so that it suits you! - this is your face after all so if you are going to wear makeup never use it to cover up or hide behind but instead as a way to express your true self! 

I prepped Houston with Arbonne's Makeup Primer, Perfecting Liquid Foundation in shade Golden Beige & then contoured using the Sheer Glow Highlighter & Bronzer for step by step instruction on how to do the base for your makeup & a supper crummy pictorial on how to do this can be found HERE!

Houston has an incredible tan she kind of blurst my bubble I thought I had mad colour but next to her I looked like the white pages of my note pad  so I decided to go with a white that had a bit of a gold undertone to it & I think it came out awesome! This shade is Warmth out of the Heart Of Gold eye shadow palette. Frost or Snow are a few other white shadows by Arbonne that would also work to achieve a similar look. 

This is a ONE shadow look - SUPER SIMPLE! Simply sweep the white shadow across the lid using a shadow brush, I continued this along her lower lash line to really open up her bright eyes!! & then I just finished with a thin line of liquid eye liner in black a half set of natural false lashes to give her those sweet batting lashes & went wild with it's a long story Mascara!! 

I finished off this look with Coral Reef lipstick I have been swooning over this colour all spring and summer and have been dying to do a Tutorial featuring it & it finally happened! YAY!! 

 I had such a blast with her & her fiance - such a beautiful couple and both just awesome, positive incredibly lighthearted people to be around! Aaron made snapping naturally happy 
pictures of her a cinch! 
Thank you so much to the strikingly beautiful Houston for allowing me to share your pictures!
Happy #MakeupMonday & remember to always 

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