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Friday, October 28, 2016

6 (MORE) Upcy Halloween Costume Ideas

Monday will be Halloween & in keeping with the up-cycled Costume theme,
 Last week I shared a post with 6 Up-cycled Halloween Costume Looks which you can see 
 All are created using clothing you most likely already own or by getting a little nontraditional with your cosmetics!
All Cosmetic Looks were created using exclusively Arbonne Cosmetics.

Check out 6 MORE Below!

Bow down Witches ~ Not Your Boo

  1. Wednesday Adams - The Adams Family
    Photos By: KM Photography
    What You Will Need:
    ~ Black Lipstick / Eyeshadow (optional)
    ~ 2 Hair Elastics 
    ~ White Dress Shirt
    ~Black Long Sleeve Shirt
    ~ Black Shirt
    ~ Black Tights
    ~ Black Shoes 

    Makeup & Hair Look(s):
    Being that Wednesday was a child as far as makeup goes you really are being most true to character to wear none at all; But for the fun of it/ to give a bit of a darker vibe (this will also make your skin look more pale in comparison)
    The anchor of this look comes down to the Braids. Center part your hair & create Pigtail Style Braids.
  2. Witch ~ American Horror Story Coven Inspired
    What You Will Need: 
    ~ Black Skirt & Shirt / Dress
    ~ DIY Moon Phase T-Shirt ~ Tutorial can be found HERE
    ~ Sheer Black Pantyhoes
    ~ Black Boots
    ~ Black Brimmed Hat
    ~ A Mix Of Jewelry (don't be scared to layer it up - Pun 100% Intended)
    ~ Black Liquid Eyeliner
    ~ Black Eyeliner (pencil)
    ~ Plum, Smoke, & Vanilla Eyeshadows
    ~ Mascara
    ~ Fake Eyelashes (optional)
    ~ Sheerglow Bronzer
    ~ Sheerglow Highlighter
    ~ Lipstick 'Sunset' (a deep red with pruple undertone)

    Makeup Look:
    Start by prepping your face & creating a base ~ moisturizer, primer, & Foundation. Controuing & Highlight!
    Using your plum eyeshadow and a large shadowbrush, cover the hood of your eye & continue up past the crease. If you have hooded eyes like I do you will want to make sure this extends past the crease even when your eyes are open which may mean takng it up to the base of your brow bone like I did. Using a slightly smaller brush add in the Smoke shadow into the crease to create more depth! Lastly use the Vanilla to highlight under the brow.
    I created a double winged liner for this look. This look is much easier than it looks & may sound to create.
    I will break the process down Step by Step. Start by lining your entire top lash line extending out into a wing. If you need help making sure they end up even / symmetrical place a small dot where you would ultimately like your wing to stop. draw a line connecting the dot to both the outer corner of the eye as well as in the middle of your upper lash line!
    Line the bottom lash line begining at the inner corner of your iris. Extend this line straght out in line with your upper wing (as closely as you can being careful not to merge the two lines)
    Using your plum eyeshadow and an angled brush carefully blur the lower liner and blend it out towards the inner corner of your eye!
    Finish with two Coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes & apply Fake lashes if you wish!
    Line your lips using your black liquid liner. Leave your mouth open until dry. Follow with Pencil Eyeliner extending the liner into the lip just slightly.
    Apply Lipstick & carefully rub your lips together until blended evently - you can also use your finger or a lipstick brush for this step if you prefer!
  3. 1950's House Wife
    Photos By: Chopfyt
    What You Will Need:
    ~ Mascara 
    ~ Red Lipstick 
    ~ Bobby Pins 
    ~ Curlers / Curling Iron / Straightner 
    ~ Pearl Earrings / Necklace 
    ~Oven Mitts 
    ~Medium ength - A line Dress.
    ~Kitten Heals

    If your apron is longer than your dress you will want to hem it to length. 
    I did this very easily by folding up the bottom of the apron and then adhering it in place with a Hot Glue Gun - this will allow you to remove / undo it post Halloween!

    Makeup & Hair Look(s):
    Once dressed, curl your hair using whatever technique you prefer! 
    You can add a Pin Curl by wrapping up a curl and pinning it in place with a bobby pin & securing with hairspray. 
    Makeup trends of the 1950's are where all the classic looks came from ~ Winged eyeliner & Red Lipstick.
  4. Black Cat
    Photos By: Chopfyt
    What You Will Need:
    ~Cat Ears
    ~Black & Nude Nail Polish
    ~All Black Clothing
    ~Black Eyeliner
    ~ Pink Lipstick
    ~ Black Pantsuit(the one I wore belonged to my Nana) / ALL Black Outfit
    ~Black Shoes

    Hair & Makeup Look(s):
    Start by prepping your face with a good moisturizer - this has been key for me to protect my skin from drying out while creating all of these looks; with using makeup in such obscure ways! Apply Primer to your entire face, followed by your Go To Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation. 
    With multi step looks like this I always like to start at the top of my face & work my way down to avoid dragging / resting my hand on the finished look. 
    About 99% Of this Black Cat Look was creating using Black Liquid Liner - so from here on out, until told otherwise that is what you will be using to complete ALL of the steps!
    I wanted to create a sort of Cheshire Cat Eyebrow vibe; To create a similar look simply Fill in & dramatize the Arch of your brows. Use The Images Above as a Reference. 
    The Cat Eye Eyeliner look can be explained best using a three step process. A Little long winded I know. First line both your Top & bottom lash lines - but do not connect the two just yet.  Then place a dot lining up with the corner of your eye & the bottom of your eyebrow (this would become the end of your wing). Draw a line connecting this dot first to the center of the top of your eye, as well as to the outside corner of your eye to finish the wing shape. 'colour' this in. Lastly Place a dot on your nose to extend the length of your eye that is in direct line with your tear duct.  Similarly to how you did with the first one, draw a line connecting it to both the center of your top lash line, as well as to the center of your bottom lash line & again 'colour' this in.
    Repeat This Process On The Other Eye.
    Continuing down the face the nose is up next! Create A soft 'M' or 'Top of a Heart' shape towards the tip of your nose, wrapping around the nostrils. 
    Draw A Straight line down from the inner corner of each nostril down to the top of the lip. 
    Gently 'dab' the end of your liner applicator above both sides of your lip to create Whisker holes. Using a quick wispy hand technique starting at the end of the Whisker holes and extending out towards the cheek.
    Line your upper lip & 'colour' it in entirely! Be sure not to close your mouth until dry!
    Using your Pink Lipstick now, applying only to your bottom lip. 
    Finish off with Two coats of Mascara! 

    The Cat Claw Manicure: 
    Paint Nails Black. Once dried, using your Beige Polish starting about mid way down the side of your nail paint a diagonal line towards the tip. Repeat this process on the other side & for all Nails. Add a top coat for a seamless finish.  Use The Image Above as a reference. 
  5.  Holly Golightly - Breakfast At Tiffany's
    Photo By: KM Photography
    Photos By: Chopfyt
    What You Will Need:
    ~Trench Coat
    ~Black Sunglasses
    ~Tiara / Sparkly Hair Clip
    ~ Hair Tie(s)
    ~ Pink Lipstick
    ~ Live Squirming Cat (optional) OR 
    Have a friend go as a Cat (See 4. for details)
    If You Do Not Have Bangs You can create Faux Ones Like I Did. 
    You Will Also Need:
    ~ Bobby Pins 

    Hair & Makeup Look(s):
    If you Have Bangs. Gather hair into a high Ballerina Bun, leaving your bangs down. 
    If You Do Not Have Bangs. Gather hair into a high ********Ponytail. Separate out a small section of hair from the top of it & bring it forward towards the face & secure in place with Bobby Pins.
    Add Your Tiara / Sparkly hair clip to finish off the Hair Look.
    Apply sunglasses & pink lipstick, grab your Cat Friend & you're set to go!
  6. Scare Crow
    Photos By: Chopfyt
    What You Will Need: 
    ~ Denim Overalls 
    ~ Fall Colour / Plaid Collared Shirt 
    ~ Straw /Brimmed Hat
    ~ Boots
    ~ Straw / Hay
    ~ Black Liquid Eyeliner 
    ~ Coral /Orange Lipstick. 
    ~ Mascara 

    Hair & Makeup Look(s):
    Bed Head... 
    I will admit I didn't bother to do my hair, credit to my bed.
    Following the 'Top to Bottom Of The Face Method' previously mentioned in the Black Cat Look... 
    Create a somewhat creepy stitched together face. Using your Liquid Eyeliner draw small dashes ( - ) down the center of your face. & Attempt to do a better job than I did at actually keeping it straight.
    Stopping at the nose. using the same dashes, draw a circle around the tip of your nose. 
    Continue with this process down the face Stopping again for the Lips. 
    Draw on additional dashes leading out from both corner of the mouth to about mid-cheek. 
    Lastly, go back & Continue the center line down the chin!
    Apply Coral Lipstick to both the lips & cheeks. The idea being that the face of an actual Scarecrow is traditionally sewn or painted on, which would limit the number of colours present!
    Apply Two Coats of Mascara to complete the look. 

    I hope that this has helped you pick out or helps to inspire your Up-cycled / DIY Halloween Costume Idea 
    I know had a blast creating them All!
    You can check out the Rest of the Halloween Costumes HEREHERE

    Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Thursday, October 20, 2016

6 Upcy Halloween Costumes

I have put together a list of {Up-cycled}
 Halloween Costume Ideas, that can be created using pieces of clothing that you may already have in your wardrobe. 

Or by getting a little bit creative with your cosmetics and using them in nontraditional ways, such as lipstick for eyeshadow, or eyeshadow as hair dye. 

All of the Cosmetic Looks were created using Exclusively Arbonne Cosmetics.
Halloween Is so much fun and I always love to experiment with Different Looks!
I would like to extend a Thank You to all of The Ladies who were willing victims for being transformed!  You Are All Spooktacular <3
If You Got It ~ Haunt It

  1.  Miss Frizzle

    What You Will Need:
    ~Dark Coloured Dress (or skirt and top ~ this is what I used)
    ~White Collared Shirt
    ~Red Shoes
    ~Coloured Card Stock
    ~Needle & Thread / Hot Glue Gun

    Cut Coloured Paper Into Sun / Star / Planet Shapes
    Sew Onto Dress using large loop stitches
    (this will allow for easy removal if you wish after Halloween)
    Curl & Tease your hair to finish off the look
    If you have naturally curly hair let it be free that day!

  2. Watermelon
    What You Will Need:
    Watermelon Skirt was a Gift from my dear friend Kristen

    You can create your own Hat & a Skirt too by painting the pattern onto solid coloured Hat {Or Skirt} as shown in the image(s) above.
  3. Alien
    What You Will Need:
    Makeup Look:
    White, Silver & Black Eyeshadow
    You will need a minimum of :
    3 eyeshadow colours
    at least 1 of which has a metallic finish
    Purple Mascara

    You are going to want to begin by moisturizing and priming your entire face!

    Begin with dramatic Highlighting; using A the lightest eyeshdadow { the one I used was white & had a slight translucent under tone}  applying it under the Eyes (extending this dramatically past where you would traditionally highlight) Down the center of your nose under as well as underneath it.
    Lastly over your upper lip, mouth, and chin entirely.
    Dramatic Contouring with the darkest {black} of the eyeshadows you've selected The forehead, brow bone, sides of the nose, lower jaw bone, & neck.
    Blend profusely using a Large Blush Brush!
    Add the metallic eyeshadow {silver} between the two colours & anywhere else that needs additional blending!
    Continue to blend profusely!!
    Feel Free to get creative and play around with the areas you are highlighting and contouring!
    Continue to blend profusely!!!
    Apply two coats of coloured {Purple} Mascara to both your top & bottom lashes!
    Re-Prime your lips to help the pigment really stick!
    Using an angled brush apply your metallic {silver} colour around your lip in place of a traditional liner.
    Using your finger gently dap the lightest {white} and gently blend using your finger. 

  4. Jenna Lofaro as A Sugar Skull 
    What You Will Need:
    Makeup & Hair Look(s):
    Flowers / Flower Crown 
    White eyeshadow / Halloween face paint
    Pink eyeShadow /  lipstick / Halloween face paint
    black eyeshadow
    Black liquid eyeliner
    Feather Lashes
    Lash Glue

    Begin by creating an all white base using eyeshadow or halloween facepaint!
    Add the black detials using black liquid eye liner, begining at the forehead & continuing down the face to ensure you do not drag your hand over your finished work.
    A Spider web on he forhead, cycles around the eye sockets, black nose bridge, mouth stitching, cheek swirling, & chin flower. All shown in the images above.
    Use a small angled brush and black eyeshadow to soften any of the lines you have just created. As well as to add any contouring!  See Images above for details.
    'Colour In' in the eyesockets,& flower using a small with a small eyeshadow brush with pink eyeshadow or lipstick or a mix of the two to make the colour really pop!
    Finish off the look by adding the Feather Lashes  & Rhinestone details using the Lash Glue.

    Her hair was curled using a straightener & pulled to one side using a created a DIY Flower Clip!

  5. Kristen Mcnish as Sandra Dee ~ Grease
    Photos By: KM Photography
    What You Will Need:
    A (p)leather Jacket
    Black T-shirt (pulled off the shoulders) 
    (p)leather Pants
    Black Heals
    Red Lipstick
    Curlers / Curling Iron 
    Black Eyeliner 
    Black Mascara

    This look is pretty self explanatory if you've ever seen the movie!
    Get dressed in your all black pleather ensemble.
    Keep it classic with curled hair, winged eye liner & Mascara on the eye, & red lipstick!

  6. Brianna Foss as Harley Quinn ~ Suicide Squad 

    What You Will Need: 
    Makeup & Hair Look(s):
    Blue eyeshadow
    Red Blush / eyeshadow
    Red Lipstick
    Black Eyeliner
    Black Mascara
    Hair Ties

    Apply Red (right) & blue (left) to the eyes and sweep it quite far down your cheek(s) &Add eyeliner & mascara to finish off the Eye Look
    Apply Red Lipstick & Smear the right side down (as you did with the eyes)
    Using your eyeliner draw a heart <3 on the apple of your right cheek
    Write the word 'Rotten' down your right Jaw line.
    To finish off the entire look center part your hair & put in pig tails
     (& if your hair is blonde ~ sorry fellow dark haired ladies)
    Add Red & Blue to the tips of your Pig Tails using the same Red & Blue eyeshadow(s) & Blush you used previously.
    Using the end of a makeup brush gently loosen some of the shadow / blush.
    Dampen the ends of your hair & using the shadow brush gently dab the loose powder into your hair!

    DIY T-Shirt:
    White T-shirt
    Black, Red, & Blue Acrylic Paint
    Paint Brushes

    Using a ruler draw a line marking off the top 1/4 of the T-shirt & paint it red.
    Paint 2 Red stripes across each sleeve end.
    (use a ruler again for this step if needed)
    Smudge Blue paint across the left sleeve.
    Paint 'Daddy's Lil Monster' across the front & your done!

    If you still aren't quite sure what you want to be check for our post from Last Year with 6 Additional Last Minute Halloween Cosmetic Costume Ideas
    & Check back next week for 6 MORE Upcy Halloween Costume Ideas!

    Creep It Real
    Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Applesauce Recipe

In Ontario apples are pretty much everywhere during early fall! The orchards are full, and many people have them growing in their own backyards. 
We went picking in my parents back yard over Thanksgiving weekend & picked a big basket full! 
Realizing we could never eat them all before they spoiled I decided to turn some into Apple Sauce!
One of my favourite things about this Recipe is that once you have all the apples prepared you can pretty much walk away from it!
Apple Sauce Recipe 
 A variation of I found by The Pioneer Women
(Makes enough to fill two Mason Jars)

1/2 cup of light brown sugar 
1/2 cup of apple juice 
6-8 cups of chopped apples 
1tsp cinnamon / pumpkin spice (optional) 

Begin by Peeling The apples
Once Finished cut them into small chunks as shown in the photo below
(you can core them first or just cut the apples by hand avoiding the core)
Mix Apples, Brown Sugar, & Apple Juice (spices too if you choose) in a large Pot
Cook (covered) on the stove at medium heat for 30 minutes.
(will look chunkier than this I forgot to snap a picture before I started mashing!)
Depending on the consistency you prefer You can either Mash them with a potato Masher (like I did)
OR You can put them in a blender or food processor to get a smooth (chunk-less) texture!
Leave on the counter covered until it cools to room temperature - You can then transfer it into Mason Jars / containers for storage!

Great Alone with Oatmeal, On Toast or in baking baking to replace eggs, butter & Oil!
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thankful & Grateful ~ Two DIY projects perfect for Thanksgiving Weekend

Last year I created a Print and wrote a Mini Blog with an idea of how we could be louder with what we are thankful about.
Depending on who you are,Thanksgiving can mean a million different things to you, but what it means to me - personally - is a chance to get together with my loved ones and celebrate all the things we have to be Grateful or Thankful about that year! Gratitude is something that I practice consciously on a daily biases, & love the idea of a Holiday that celebrates exactly that!

I decided to adapt that Idea this year & incorporate the Wax Preserved Leaves I also shared a tutorial for last week!
Place a waxed Leaf at every place setting
Before dinner, pass around a few paint markers & have everyone write down something that they are Thankful for in their life!
You can leave them at the table as place settings OR tuck them into a frame to keep the Gratitude going the rest of the reason!

Something else I added to the fall decor this year was this 'Thankful And Grateful' Quote from the top of the Blog.
Step 1. Rip a piece of peeling Birch Bark off of a Tree (it is very thin just like paper or card stock)
Step 2. Store it in an envelope for weeks between books because you forgot about it to flatten it.

Step 3. Using a black Sharpie, I wrote out the quote "Thankful & Grateful"

Step 4. I had originally framed it with some burlap edging, but I wasn't really happy with how it turned out until I saw a tutorial posted by The Party Parade on Instagram (@thepartyparade) where they had used a branch to hang a craft paper sign & decided to give that a try & now
 I do love how it turned out!

I hope that you are having so much fun with your Loved ones however you intend on spending this coming Monday do it with An Attitude of Gratitude <3

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude