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Friday, May 29, 2015

Lacey Casselman talks All Things Hair

Hey everyone! My name is Lacey Casselman and I am a certified hair stylist. I always knew I wanted to be a hair stylist ever since I was a little girl and my mom owned a hair salon in our home where I was always eager to help out and watch whenever I could. In high school I attended updo competitions and did my cooperative education placement at the same salon I still work at called Total Image. I started my apprenticeship right when I was done high school, worked for a year, and than decided to go to St. Lawrence College in Brockville for the hair styling course to get more hands on learning.

When I was done school I wrote my license right away as I already had my hours banked from starting my apprenticeship early. I have been a licensed hair stylist for four years now and have attended a wide range of advanced paid for classes on everything to do with hair such as blow drying with the Fi team, updo classes, an advanced mens cutting course, colour classes and different cutting techniques. Another dream of mine (as silly as it sounds) was to be a mom. In between high school and college I got married to the man of my dreams and we had 2 daughters named Grace and Ruby.

Being a hair stylist is extremely gratifying knowing that I made someone feel better about themselves when they leave my chair and being a mother is the same. Knowing the effort I put in on a daily basis can influence my daughters lives; I try my hardest to be the best mom and hair stylist that I can be.
My favourite "Hair Trend" for summer 2015 is the sun-kissed balyage hilights. 
This is a before and after picture of my client Rebecca where I added balyage (hand-painted) hilights to go with her layered haircut. 
It's very low maintenance as when it grows out it will still give a natural feel and won't have a re growth line at your roots. Doing the sun kissed balyage hilights will help brighten up your all over colour and add dimension to your haircut.

Sun-Kissed Balyage Hilights
By: Lacey Casselman Model: Rebecca
Sun-Kissed Balyage Hilights 
By: Lacey Casselman Model: Rebecca
My favourite hair product right now is Dry Wax by KMS California. Dry Wax retails for $18.85 plus tax."Achieve a perfectly undone look with tousled definition, flexible hold, and a matte finish." I love using Dry Wax after ive just curled a clients hair and want to mess it up to get a textured loose wave with hold and no shine. Like this picture:


  • For best volume results, when your hair is wet coming out of the shower, blowdry your hair at roots opposite way that you normally part it. Blowdrying the hair the opposite way at the roots will allow the hair to dry with more volume when flipped back over. Dry 80-90% before round brushing. It will save you tons of time, and your arm to not hurt before you are done!
  • If you have frizzy hair, when straightening, curve your straightener in slowly going down the hair shaft and than when you get back at the ends go back straight. This will help by tucking in your frizz!
  • If your having a greasy hair day and dont have time to wash your hair... baby powder is a great alternative! sprinkle some of the baby powder in your hands, than rub it in your roots all over your head. This will suck up the grease and give it a matte finish. *Dont put too much baby powder on especially if you have dark coloured hair because you will see the powder on your roots. (If you do put too much keep rubbing with your fingers to work it in)

Wether your looking for a precision haircut, a bright or funky colour, regrowth touch up, or even just a great blowout/style for the day you can call

613-342-2442 and ask for Lacey & I would be so happy to do your hair. 
If you mention to me that you have read this blog you will recieve 10% off

your services

We are located at 7712 Kent Boulevard in Brockville and we offer many different services from hair, esthetics and even tanning!

Here is a link to my facebook page where I always add new pictures of hair that I have done and keep you updated on specials in our salon HERE
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Monday, May 25, 2015

At Home Spa Guide

Iv'e said it before & I'll say it again, self care & putting in the proper time and effort is incredibly important. Not just for improving Self Esteem, but also Personal Health. 

This was a very difficult concept for me to grasp & to be honest is still something I struggle with. It is easy to fall into a pattern for ourselves of thinking 'I have to do This, This, & This before I can focus on caring for myself'. - It may sound backwards but this is actually a very ego-lead mindset. I know those of us who are guilty of it do it with the best of intentions, but the truth is - taking care of yourself FIRST (in whatever form that takes) will actually make you stronger mentally and physically to tackle whatever is next on your list! 

One of the things that I like to do to unwind after a long day or Power Charge before a Big week ahead is to create an At Home Spa. 

Below I have shared my At Home Spa Routine, as well as a few of my absolute favourite Spa Products & if you're interested, direct links of where you can find them. 

Plan Ahead / Set Up: 
Don't rush through the process. You want to create an at home experience that is very much Spa Like - Once you have planned your day, be sure to prepare for it. Nothing will ruin a relaxing state of mind faster than realizing you forgot to bring towels into the bathroom, or having run out of cotton balls!

Comfort Items : 

For me that list includes, a Robe, Slippers, Calming Music, & a Great Candle.  Whatever it may be that is going to make YOU feel Pampered and relaxed! Setting the proper 'mood' of environment is a very important aspect if you truly want to achieve that Spa quality relaxation! 

I have recently fallen in love with Scentsy My Go To relaxing scent / bar is 'Beach'; it takes me right back to those gorgeous white sandy beaches in Cuba. 

Digital Detox : 

These day's having your phone on you at all times is pretty much expected, and with the constant flow of new information & social media, & being able to get in touch with someone or them you at anywhere. anytime can be both wonderful and horrifying, at least to me! It can be difficult to find the right balance, of knowing when to be online & when to 'Un Plug' from it all.

& if none of that rings true for you, than in keeping with the true Spa feeling -- Most Spa's DO NOT allow Cell Phones.

Draw an Infused Hot Bath : 
Draw a Hot Bath and infuse the water with Epsom salts, a Bath Bomb or whatever you prefer to take your bath to the next level! My routine changes up a little bit from the morning to night - I like to switch it up between Unwind Bath Salts Asomassentials & Awaken Sea Salt Scrub  Aromassentials depending on the time of day / what I am trying to achieve with my Spa time. 

Hair & Body Mud Mask / Facial :

As far as Masks are concerned, my all time favourite when it comes to the Face, Body or Hair are Sea Mud Masks! I am obsessed; the Sea-Mud Face & Body Mask is so gentle and yet effectively draws out impurities from the skins surface & the marine botanicals leave the skin feeling smooth, hydrated & firm! For the Hair - Fortifying Hair Mask (both by Arbonne) "The Sea is full of strength & with this Mask, your hair will be too!" As stated on the website "A blend of the ocean's most potent botanicals fortifies hair against the environment and harsh climates." 

The Arbonne Ultimate Facial is an absolute life changer & a more detailed / Step By Step post on this will be coming soon to the Blog as well. 
Moisturize & Massage: 
Moisturizing the skin with a good quality Moisturizer or Natural Oil after a Bath or Shower is a great way to lock in moisture!  [Avoid anything with 'Petroleum' (Petroleum jelly etc.) as it acts as a Barrier on the skin preventing ANY of the nourishing ingredients to penetrate into the skin. ( If you don't believe this to be true, think back to doing art projects such as Plaster Face Masks, when you would smear Petroleum Jelly ALL OVER our faces to prevent the plaster from adhering to our skin).] 

When It comes to At Home Massages a Good Massage Oil Or Gel can make a world of difference! Our absolute favourite to use on everything from aches, pains, & sore muscles after a work out, to Joint or back pain, strains, sprains and arthritis is a Herbal Massage Gel which is also by Arbonne (A Major SHOCK I'm sure).

At Home Mani:
I had previously shared a list of some tips & tricks on how to achieve the Perfect at Home Manicures & Pedicures, if you are interested in checking those out as well you can find the posting HERE.

Mood Mists & Essential Oil(s): 
Both are wonderful for both your Skin & Mood! I never really was into Perfume as the un-natural / chemical fragrances always seemed to give me a Headache, but these Rejuvenating Body Sprays in Both Awaken & Unwind are two things I seriously can't  Would rather not, go a day without! They are made using essential oils, fruits, & natural botanicals. The Awaken for Example is made using coriander for vitality and lemon for happiness! Which means that I get to smell beautiful without the sneezing fits or headaches!

As far as Essential Oils Go - I am by no means an expert, I am still very much learning which ones I like best / how to use them in a way that gives me the most benefits! 
But one thing I do know is that they work for me & I absolutely encourage you to try some out & experiment with them if it is something you have been considering! Some of the ones I have tried and liked or am using now are: Geranium, Lavender, &Chamomile.
I am hoping to have More on this Topic coming soon As well!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Citrus Fruit Paintings & Prints

I absolutely love seeing fruit & other natural elements used in the home as decor! You can create your own Citrus Fruit Wall Art, or Fabric which you could then use to make any number of adorable DIY projects with your own hand printed fabric!
I was bummed to see a few of my fruits had spoiled & dryed out  - I decided to get a little create with them & this was the result! They actually work super well, I don't know how well fresh citrus would work for this, but i would defiantly recommend drying off the fleshy center on a towel either way to remove the excess moisture! This is a super simple tutorial is absolutely perfect for Spring & Summer; & you can make it yourself using just 3 items (you more than likely already have in your home this time of year) 
& 2 Simple Steps.

What You Need:
DIY Citrus Fruit Stamped Painting 
DIY Apple Printed Hand Towel
  • Canvas / Fabirc 
  • Paint (in your choice of colour(s))
  • Citrus Fruit (of ANY kind - Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, etc. Feel free to experiment with other fruits, I know Apples also work. )
  • towel / rag (to dry your fruit)
How To:
Once you have selected your fabric/canvas, paint colour(s) & fruit of choice..

DIY Citrus Stamped Painting
  1. Cut your citrus fruit in half OR thick slices (this will allow you to get a variation of stamp sizes) .
  2. Dip your fruit 'flesh' side down into your paint & STAMP !

DIY Apple Stamped Hand Towel 

This was made using the exact same process as shown above !
Get creative with your fruit choices, you never know what will make a beautiful print!

Im really happy with how my expired fruits transformed into cute home decor! (& after a quick rinse, were still fully compost-able)  It just goes to show you can make art out of absolutely anything!
Even spoiled fruts...

Our bathroom is quite dark ~ but brighter now with these!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

When The Sun Shine's we'll Shine Together - 8Year Anniversary Photos with Sunshine Photography

This month (May) Cody & I celebrated our 8 Year Anniversary. The Lyric in the Title of this blog post is from what was 'our song' the year we met - Umbrella By Bad Girl RiRi Herself, try not to judge us... it was 2007. 

As the date crept closer and closer we talked a lot about what we wanted to do / had done for past years & realized we have never once been HOME for our Anniversary; so with that revelation the decision was made to stay in & just enjoy each others company. We also had some photos taken by the lovely and talented Mariah from Sunshine Photography a few days later to mark the occasion! - The weather forecast was calling for rain but the Sun decided to come out just in time for our shoot!

I could probably spend all day ranting and raving about this man & how much he means to me, but I will spare you all It's all in the three page card I made for him-only kidding... maybe & replace them with just a fraction of the wonderful photos Mariah captured for us, we will treasure them always! & I could go on and on about this girl too, [You may not know this but we've actually known each-other since Elementary School] but I'll let the photo's speak for themselves!
If you are interested in viewing more of her stunning work you can view her website HERE or check it out on Facebook HERE!

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