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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Boudoir Collaboration with KVPhotography 'Confidence, wear it like Makeup'

In late January I partnered with kvphotography  to do a series of Styled Boudoir sessions {providing the Makeup application & Hair for the shoots} 
{The owner, and photographer of kvphorography} Kaylee truly does have a beautiful eye behind the camera & brings stunning vision to her photos and shoots. I had so much fun working with her & look forward to future collaborations we have in the books for 2017!  

Kaylee was also so kind as to snap some photos of me as I 'worked'. I am always thankful for the opportunity to enhance someones natural beauty & give them a moment of Pampering, but there was something about the rawness of this experience, & the amount of grace & confidence these women showed during such an intimate shoot that truly magnified that feeling for me. I feel privledged to have been a part of it all; & I left overwhelmed with Gratitude over the chance to work with so many inspiring women!

Photos By: kvphotography
Makeup By: (Me) Jennifer Matthie using Arbonne

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Comfort of Tea & The Strength of Coffee ~ Bestie Photoshoot

Every year we are always so excited to take an updated version of our Winter 'Bestie Photoshoot'; we must black out how cold it is Every year is shocks us to our core! We have been snapping pictures together since we were in elementary school & Kristen got her first camera! So many of our memories exist forever now in the pictures we (she) have taken & I will never be able to thank her enough for that! Our ability to co-ordinate ourselves into so many different positions within a matter of moments is a testimony to our unspoken bond [ & her next level tripod // running into shot & slaying a pose before the shutter timer ].
photos by: KM Photography

 Two Best Friends Overcome Canadian Winter ... To Be Interested In The Changing Seasons...

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cupids Bow {Valentine Kiss} Holiday Makeup Look(s)

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, & I am not typically someone who wears a lot of colour; especially excessive amounts of pink. But everything changes when Cupid gets his hands on me. February always starts with digging out every heart accessory, and article of pink & red clothing I've got! This last week leading up to Valentines Day I have rocked some obnoxiously pink outfits & this makeup look was my go - to. It is super simple to do,switching up the lipstick day to day.

This look was created using exclusively Arbonne Cosmetics.

Get The Look :with a quick cheat of using blush as my eyeshadow base, this entire look can very easily be packed into the tiniest of evening clutches!
Base ~ Perfecting Liquid Foundation
Contour ~ Bronzer
 Blush ~ Dusty Rose


Lipliner ~ Peach
Lipstick ~ Satin (out of stock Similar HERE)


Lipliner ~ Posey
Lipstick ~ Camellia
Lipliner ~ Pomegranate
Lipstick ~ Hibiscus

Thursday, February 9, 2017

DIY 'Partners In Crime' T-Shirt {Perfect for Galentines Day}

KM Photography
This DIY for matching Bestie T-shirts is not only perfect for your upcoming Galeintes Day Date, they would also make a great Craft Night project for your upcoming DIY Girls Night!

& are a daily reminder that you quite literally have got each-others backs!
Supplies Needed:
~ Scissors (optional)
~ Bristol Board 
~ Paint 
~ 2 Matching Plain T-Shirts (I picked these ones up for under $3.00 a piece)
~ Paint Marker 
~ Pencil / Fabric Marker 

How To: 
Bare in mind that when I began this project I didn't intend on sharing a Tutorial, so the photos are a little bit sparse & frankly quite horrible too! But you guys said you wanted to see more of the Real behind the scenes mess & that is exactly what these are!

(Optional) Step 0.5 . I wanted our Tops to be a little bit cropped
 (the T-shirts I got were youth larges so the shape/ length of them wasn't what I had in mind)
To crop the bottom off your top leaving a straight hem line be sure to measure from the bottom
[As a reference point - I  cut off 4 inches from the bottom of these T-shirts - I smeasured up from the bottom making a mark at 4' on 4 different points along the bottom of the shirt - connect the dots - & cut along the line!]

Step 1 . Fold your Bristol Board in half

Step 2 . Draw half of heart beginning & ending on the folded edge (Elementary School style).

Step 3 . Cut out Heart shape (through both halves of the Bristol Board) creating your Heart Stencil
Shown in Image 4.

Step 4 . Fold the Heart stencil back in half, place it on the BACK of the T-shirt, being careful to line it up with the seam of T-shirt A & trace gently with a pencil / fabric marker.

Step 5 . Using your Paint Marker carefully paint over the heart shape you drew on in Step 4.

Once dry
Step 6 . draw on whatever Quote or Phrase you feel most suits you and your Galentine!
(or trace letter stencils if you do not feel confident doing this free hand)

Repeat Steps 5 & 6 for T-shirt B but on the opposite seam -- So the two heart half's line up when the two of you unite (unless of course you have about a foot of height difference)

When I first started this Blog I was all about sharing Nail Tutorials (especially Valentine Ones) & then I wasn't about it at all! With last week being the Anniversary of the Start of the Blog I thought it might be fun to share this Years Valentine Mani's for old time's sake!I will be doing one more this Weekend; Get at me with any ideas or share your Valentine Mani using #AnUpcyValentine 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Young, Wild & Three {upcy ani}

Three years ago today this whole 'Upcy' thing was created.
While the vision of Upcy has changed with me ... more times than I can count, the core value(s) of Upcy remain the same.
 I got into this a lot deeper earlier which you can read if you wish HEREl

This Year  I made a skirt & plan on putting that knowledge to work, & embracing a little Self Love Action.
 All about Naps, Bath Bombs, sipping on Coffee & eating Cake... because somethings never change
But before I do wanted to take this opportunity to say How Grateful I am for YOU!
 For Reading, for Collaborating, & for Supporting- I could not still be doing this without you! 
& Cheers to year 4 and whatever it has in store!

"SELF LOVE, cultivated through the process of art,
 the practice of self care, & an attitude of gratitude" - Upcygirl

P.S. I got a shocking amount of feedback on This DIY Fringe skirt! Would you guys be interested in a tutorial? It was super simple to make & NO SEW if you can believe it!
SELF LOVE    cultivated through      The Process of Art,      the Practice of Self Care,      & an Attitude of Gratitude 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Self Love Cultivated Through The Process of Art, The Practice Of Self Care, & An Attitude of Gratitude .

I have always been quite transparent about the fact that this Blog (& the corresponding Shop) were started as a way to over come Anxiety, & Depression, replacing those feelings with something beautiful & tangible that would leave me feeling accomplished even if it meant doing it from the comfort and safety of my bed, which I may or may not still do...sometimes!  The First Blog I ever Published on here was entitled, My Never Ending Journey to Self Love & that's truly all Upcy ever was, & since I decided over two years ago to share it with you all as a way of holding myself accountable...I have decided to embrace it! It's time to break the silence once and for all, to break down the walls & shine a light on Mental Illness - The Good & The Bad.
We Can End the stigma by Embracing Each-other!

Cultivated Through The Process of Art.. meaning the practice of being present in the moment & embracing your creative side, Not obsessing over perfection. The Name Upcy came from Up-Cycle; up·cy·cle

reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.
I truly believe that it is not just materials that can be 'reused to create a product of higher quality,' but also our Mood, lifting the spirit to a higher happier level!

The Practice Of Self Care, to nurture and care for ones self! To be honest with yourself about what it is you NEED to be happy and to Give that to yourself! Selena Gomez was quoted as saying "But I kept it together too much, too where I let myself down " this is something I have related to at different times in my life & the truth is, the only one who was able to do anything about it was me! It is easy to fall into a pattern for ourselves of thinking 'I have to do This, This, & This before I can focus on caring for myself'. - It may sound backwards but this is actually a very ego-lead mindset. I know those of us who are guilty of it do it with the best of intentions, but the truth is - taking care of yourself  FIRST will actually make you stronger mentally and physically to tackle whatever is next on your list!
I went into this subject much further in a previous post and shared some of the ways I practice Self Care which you can read * if you wish!

An Attitude Of Gratitude. attracts more to be Grateful for than obsessive thoughts ever will!
Positivity is something that I think we all aim for - I find it hard to believe anyone is intentionally negative. I think the reality is that, it's not always easy or even possible in a given moment to 'Put A Smile On' or 'Cheer Up' & the flooding of 'Be Positive' can sometimes be daunting especially in moments or years of anxiety, fear, sickness or depression. An Attitude of Gratitude is more attainable & maybe even more realistic... It has also become something of a Tool for me in overcoming those moments. Rather than entertaining the 'negative' feelings - Focus on something - anything you are thankful for, like, or love!
This was the thought process that is also behind the Gratitude Bracelet.

Self Love ... 
Cultivated Through The Process of Art,       NOT  The Immediate Result 
The Practice Of Self Care,                             NOT The Idolization Of Busy
& An Attitude of Gratitude         NOT Comparison
[Photos By: my beautiful and incredibly talented best friend Kristen McNish - owner and photographer behind KM Photography.
she always does such a stunning job bringing my visions to life!
Inspired by the following artwork & quote.]
Gratitude Truly Is The Best Attitude