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Thursday, July 27, 2017

DIY Matching Concert T-shirts [ The Weeknd ]

 I seem to be have some sort of T-shirt theme starting here. Un-intentional but I'm going to go with it.
Back in May We spent a Weekend in Toronto to see a The Weeknd concert. [try and say that sentence 10 times fast] We had an absolutely amazing time with great friends and the most incredible concert of my life to date.
Thankfully for me Cody also loves a shameless matching concert Tshirt! I just can not pass up a chance to hop on a little DIY action!                   On to the Tutorial.

What You Will Need: 
~ T shirt(s)
~ Fabric Paint (acrylic will also work)
~ Paint brush(s)
~ Iron On Letters
~ Iron

How To:
Be sure to wash yous shirts before you use any kind of Iron on products so if you plan on mixing techniques like I did i recommend washing your shirts before you paint to help protect the integrity of the paint design.

I used a combination of hand painting & Iron on Letters & the entire Project cost less than $10.00 per Shirt [included all supplies & the Cotton T Shirt(s) which I picked up from Michaels]

I wanted The X & O on the front of the shirts to cover the entire front of the shirts, so I decided to go ahead and hand paint these designs for simplicity
  (if you're slightly delusional like me & think spending hours hand painting minorly intricate designs the night before you leave to go out of town is the Simplest way)
My Nana was so kind as to lend me her Iron to complete the project!
I used Black and white 'Varsity' style Iron on Letters to add our chosen song titles to the backs.
(very similar in application as an Iron On Patch which made this half of the shirt much more time efficient!)

In the summer time, I seem to focus a lot of my creativity towards concert // beach wear 
DIY Beach Skirt I made last year for Beach Club

& I am currently working on something for Ǝlesoniq, & perhaps it will join the list

Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's In My Adventure Bag

In the past 'What’s in my Purse' Tags have been a little bit more difficult for me. 
I wish I had my sh*t situated and simplified enough that one bag would be enough for me, but Alas that is simply NOT the case!
 I have 3 bags packed pretty much at all times, & carry a different one – sometimes multiple – depending on what my day is going to look like! 
I really don’t want to be lugging around all of my work stuff in my purse. Lugging around my massive work tote on beach days, to the store or on a Day Trip would be a bit *extra* but .. I certainly can’t fit everything I might need in a day into my Purse.
Essentially I have one go to purse, a large work tote, and an ‘Adventure Bag’ or Backpack. This is the bag I reach for most often in the Summer if I am heading out for the Day (but not to work)! I can fit everything I know I will NEED and a bunch of stuff I just might want to have on me depending on where the Day takes me!  That being said maybe I do have my sh*t somewhat together / organized after all!
So... What Goes into my ‘Adventure Bag’
~ The Wallet & Pineapple Change Purse (for impromptu ice cream cones) go without saying.
~ The PomPoms & Bells (Keys) again crucial!!
~ The ‘I Got This' Bag (the bag of randomness I or someone I am with may need in a day) what’s in this bag changes often but right now it includes
~ ‘The Best Lip Shit’
~ Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Flaws
~ Mini Deodorant & Spritzer
~ The Makeup Bag (those are the basic cosmetic Items that come with me on a given day and are packed in a way that allows me to move them easily to whatever bag I chose to carry)

~ The Cell (emoji of annoyed face)
~ The Headphones (music is life)
~ The Notepad (quick notes for when I don’t have my agenda with me)
~ The Candy / Gum ( Ew Bad Breath )
~ The Sunscreen
~ Market Bag
~ Sunglasses

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

High Tides & Good Vibes

Our Friendship is like WATER

No taste, 
No shape, 
No colour, 

But essential for life

The water is historically high right now
so we decided to take advantage of the New Tide

Summer Bestfriend Photoshoot
Location  / Thousand Islands st. Lawrence River High Tide June '17
Winter      |     we are still without a Fall shoot šŸ˜‰winkwink      |  Spring      |      (another) Summer