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Friday, May 19, 2017

DIY Watermelon Ice Cream & Doughnut soled Shoes

As we head into the May long Weekend & what feels like the not so official kick off to summer, I decided what better time to get back into the Up-cycling game & share a fun little DIY perfect for the coming long weekend & Summer!
I had been holding onto these flats for over a Year , I got them during one of those classic " 3 for $10.00 " Ardene Sales, They are a little bit worn (some more than others) & I find I don't get a lot of wear out of Any of them now, so I decided to show them a little love. In my attempt to live a more minimal life I am doing my best to not hold onto things that aren't practical. I decided it was a great opportunity to experiment with my creative side . I truly am sweet steppin' now in these babies.
Watermelons, Ice cream cones, & a Doughnut {what's not to love}

What You Will Need: 

~ Flats 
~ Acrylic Paint (colours needed specified above each Tutorial)
~ Ruler
~ Small Cup 
~ Paint brushes / sponges 
~ Clear Spray Paint //  Polyurethane
How To : 
If you are upcycling a pair of your old flats be sure to begin by washing the soles of the shoes & drying them completely before you move on to any of the following Steps.

Watermelon Slice (s):

Paint Colours Needed:      Red      White      Black      Green.  

Step 1. Begin my painting the entire sole white as a base.
Step 2. Paint 2/3 of the shoe Red (starting at the toe & working your way just past the natural arch curve in the shoe) [see Imagine 2 above] allow time to dry & apply a second coat. 
Step 3. Paint The heal portion Green (leaving a roughly 1" white line between the two) [see Image 3 above] allow time to dry & apply a second coat.
Step 4. Finish your watermelon design by adding seeds by gently touching your paint brush using black paint.  [see Images 5 & 6]
Step 5. 
Apply a coat of clear spray paint or Polyurethane to seal in your design!
Repeat on the Second Shoe

Ice cream cone (s):

Paint Colours Needed:      Brown      White      Pink      Blue      Yellow

(or whatever colour*flavor* of ice cream & sprinkles you would like) 

Step 1. Paint a white Base (to ensure paint goes on evenly & helps the colours POP)
Step 2. Using a ruler and pencil draw a straight line across the shoe
just under the thickest portion
Step 3
. Paint below the line light brown [See Image 2 above]
Step 4.
Paint the top portion Pink & dont forget the drips!
{learn from my mistake & Whip back out that ruler and pencil and draw the done lines before painting them}
Step(s) 5 & 6.  2" below the 'top of the cone' using a beige tone (which i created by mixing white, brown & yellow) paint a single relatively straight line with two diagonal lines inside to create the top of the cone. [as shown in Image 4 above]
Step 7. Using the beige again, paint pines in both direction to create the Ice cream one grid.
[Images 4 & 5 above]
Step 8, 9, & 'however many sprinkle colours you choose to add'. Get To Sprinkling! Using a very fine paint brush draw tiny straight lines [ Images 6-9above]
Step 10. 
Apply a coat of clear spray paint or Polyurethane to seal in your design!
Repeat on the Second Shoe 

Paint Colours Needed:      White      Brown      Black      Blue      Lilac      Pink
choose your own colour *flavor* of the icing & sprinkles OR pick another style of doughnut entirely!

Step 1. Always start by painting  the entire sole of your shoe white! [Image 1]
Step 2. Repeat with light brown. [Image 2]
Step 3. Using a pencil & small cup or three wick Bath & Body Works Candle  whatever you've got handy, trace half a circle onto the inner/center of the shoe. [Images 3 & 4]
Step 4. Paint the inside of it black to create the HOLE for your Doughnut shape! [Image 5]
Step 5. Using whatever colour you chose colour icing (I chose a pale Blue) paint over the doughnut (keeping in mind it's icing & the lines aren't perfect so unlike the lines from the previous Tutorial... free handing this is ideal) [Image 6]Step 6.SPRINKLE time.. Draw straight lines, or gently dab your paint brush to create a sprinkled look using your choice of colour(s) [Image(s) 7 - 9]
Step 7. Apply a coat of clear spray paint or Polyurethane to seal in your design!
Repeat for the other side of the doughnut // shoe
Thank you so much to the amazing team of Ladies!
 it was a pleasure working with you All!
Photos By :  KM Photography

Models : Kielah Crowder       Karen Macnuall

Shoes & Styled By: Upcy // Jennie Matthie

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Classic Fashion 'returning' for Spring 2017

These are some of the most classic cuts of clothing and it sort of bugs me that they are calling it the 'return' of these styles for spring... but the truth of the matter is they never went anywhere!! While they may not have been on the rack of every retail establishment they certainly never went out of style. Timeless classics never do! 
Unless you have Carrie from sex and the Cities fashion budget they may have to be acquired in a bit more creative ways . At this point I would say it is safe to say that 75% of my wardrobe was either passed down to me from my Grandmother, my Mom. OR Thrifted. 

Thrifting clothes is something I have done for a few years now, & I am no Pro; I do have a quick trick
I was thinking about putting together a post that included a few tips & tricks to help overcome the overwhelming vibe of most Thrift / Second stores. As well as a couple for how I go about choosing which pieces to purchase and which to pass on. & maybe even share a few of my personal favourite spots.

Wide Leg Pants

These pants were thrifted last spring in Ottawa {they have some great second hand // thrift // consignment stores} with my Mom {who is the queen of Vintage shopping {she always spots the most amazing pieces & always convinces me to take risks that end up being right on trend -- she can spot the classic timeless pieces & I truly believe these pants are a great example.
The shape is very flattering on almost every body shape, not to mention they are ridiculously comfortable - im talking pj's level comfort people! 

Backless tops; are also very much back in style 😉 & you know the pun was intended! 
This piece was a thrift find as well. 

Graphic Tshirt(s) 
This graphic T is an oldie from 10 Tree
 but It's so unbelievably comfortable which is exactly why graphic Tshirts will truly never go out of style - provided you skip the obnoxious ones grade school boys wore that year their mom stopped pick out what clothes they wore. -

Over sized bags - these are just practical!
In my life anyways its one of these bad boys or I'd be tackling my day lugging around 2 or 3 smaller bags - it's the lesser of evils! 
I actually shove a smaller purse into this bag for running into the store / when I don't need to bring the whole shebang with me, but I must admit i still like to have it all near by just in case someone needs me to rummage out a snack, pen, Or snack On the Go (it's mostly snacks)!
While i am completely aware that at 5'3" i could probably fit in this bag & it may be causing me back problems  according to my Google research (eye roll face) i  don't see this style going anywhere) this one I got from Walmart (Here) & is Great for the budget because not only is the price right, but it is also reversible! 
... I am actually trying to switch to a back pack  because I'm actually worried about the back damage thing...

Trench Coats are amazing - I got this one from my favourite Thrift Store in Ottawa last winter. So this Spring has been my first chance to wear it & I have fallen in love! I don't think there is a single other coat I own that is as practical or versatile as this one has turned out to be!
 The only time it has proved less than practical is over a skirt or dress that is cut above the knee as I feel I look like everyone in staring at me half certain I am about to streak! 

Navel Hovering Necklace(s)

This necklace is something 90s & 70s dreams are made of. A choker // Navel hovering pendant necklace that was a gift from my boyfriends father, so I have NO idea where it's from.
Pant Suits

What I called a jumper but my Nana calls a Pantsuit (since it belonged to her & she is the classiest lady i know I went with what she called it) 
They are such a statement all on their own &
I love that they can be styled up (a piece of statement jewelry & heels ) for a formal /Night look or dressed down (a scarf & flat shoe) for a more casual / Day look--  fashion wisdom from my Nana; you're welcome!  

Bold all over floral print

I'm talking ALL Over- This floral strapless cotton jumper also falls under the above pantsuit category. From Ardene but out of stock - Similar Here
In case you haven't picked up in all about comfort and this one doesn't let me down - or wedgie up - & it has pockets so that's a win!!
A look I have been swooning over is the long sleeved floral maxi dress {I've been seeing all over Insta & Pinterest} my legs are entirely too short & maxi dresses turn me into something of a floor become mop -- less swoon worthy

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Garden Meditation Day & Earth Day . Personal Thoughts & Favourite Shots

 When I am out of motivation I turn to nature to calm the noise and refill my cup of inspiration. 
photo by Jonathan Matthie
photo by Jonathan Matthie
photo by Jonathan Matthie

photo by Jonathan Matthie
photo by Jonathan Matthie

photo by KM Photography

photo by KM Photography
photo by KM Photography
photo by KM Photography
photo by KM Photography

I had two separate conversations with people I admire greatly the other day. They surrounded the topics of energy existing within the universe // whether there is a natural or predetermined fate OR if our actions (or lack there of) effect how our lives will unfold. 

The reason I mention that is because nature has always played a key role in both of these notions for me. I feel my strongest sense of calm, connection and oneness whenever I am surrounded by nature. 
While it simultaneously provides me with a rush of energy inspiration, motivation and clear direction.

I don't think a tree knows where it's branches are going to end up when it begins to grow.. it's environment is constantly changing, forcing it to bend, twist, & sometimes break. Science however has proven to that a tree does know that it wants to grow in the upwards direction (towards the sun) and that it will need a firm nesting of roots that grows as it does to do that successfully. 
I think that it's okay if we're like the trees and don't necessarily know where we are going to end up, as long as we know what it's going to take to get there,  advancing with purpose & ensuring we stay grounded. 

I had originally planned on sharing these photos with you Last month for Earth Day, but it didn't happen & felt very re-missed about the missed opportunity to share some of my absolutely favourite photos of nature all of which are captured by two of my favourite photographers (and people). When I found out that today is 'Garden Meditation Day' I felt like I had been given a second opportunity and I couldn't pass this one up!

Its contradiction makes perfect sense because to me everything about Nature is some how both graceful & abrupt.