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Sunday, January 24, 2016

'Blushing Valentine' Get The Look & 2016 Lipstick Trends.

2016 Lipstick Craze!

It's huge for 2016! & while some shares are currently trending more than others (red is always fighting with a vengeance to stay on top) it's all about switching it up, getting out of the box, avoiding any habits you may have fallen into & just have fun with it. There are seriously no limits this year, I have seen everything from Gold to Blue & I wasn't hating it even a bit! It's such a fast way to add big impact and really show a little splash of personality; which I love! This is sort of a combination post of both a 'Get The Look' & my top Lipstick picks going into Spring; A few of the colours and shades that I have really been drawn to. My lips are pretty dark naturally, and I seem to always navigate more in that direction – I am going to do my best to Pull Off play with with neutrals and pastels as we move into spring!

'Blushing Valentine' Get The Look:

This look is all about Pastel Pink in honor of Valentines Day and leaving my comfort zone of neutral eye / bold lip! It would be cute for just about Any Valentines date, weather you are planning a fancy night out or snuggle night in. It's both polished and flirty while still maintaining a natural 'girl next door' feel - The best of both worlds!
For the sake of simplicity & to avoid repetition, I am going to skip the Base steps & get right to the details of this look. If you'd like to check out a tutorial on how I apply my base / what foundation I use that it can be found HERE.

~ On My Lip's I am wearing Smoothed Over Lipstick in shade Camellia - which can be seen featured in the photos above!

~ I kept the eye quite simple seeing as I am going for a bright lip!
 I am wearing Vanilla eye shadow over the entire lid & the pink swept across the outer edge of my eye lid (using a small shadow brush) is actually a Blush in shade Taffeta.
Black Liquid Eye Liner in a modest wing & two coats of It's a Long Story Mascara  'It's A Long Story' Mascara to finish off the eye.

~ Lastly I used the same shade 'Taffeta'( the same one I used on my eye) as intended for blush.

Give Your Valentine The Perfect Kiss This Year 

The following Photos are By The Lovely & Talented Alicia; Founder of  The Good Beauty Co.

"I believe there is no price tag on good skin, but that there is also no price tag on the earth & the creatures who live here." - Alicia

If you are a lover of beauty, wellness, & the earth be sure to check her out, the only regret you'll have is if you haven't been following along with her already!

I hope that you enjoyed this #MakeupMonday installment, {which I am really hoping to bring back more regularly this year}. I know that the topic of Make-up or Beauty may come off as vain to some, but I think it's just fun! Not to mention I truly do believe in the concept of Loving yourself to Love another better. It's so important to truly take the proper time to love and nurture yourself so first; that way those you love will 'get the Best of you not the Rest of you”. Maybe this is something that hit home for you, & maybe not! But if it did, remember it's January! Maybe taking more time for yourself would be a good resolution (& certainly a lot more fun to stick with than others but JUST as beneficial!) OR maybe set a goal for yourself to play with at-least one makeup colour OR do one thing for yourself daily that you wouldn't have typically made a priority or set time aside to do! 

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Monday, January 18, 2016

Upcy Valentine Round - Up

I realize that in the last few months I have posted more than my fair share of round-up's which I promise I plan on doing a LOT less into the new year! However - after having said that promising to clean up my blogging action I actually started my blog just over two years ago after New Years; making Valentines Day the first Holiday DIY's I shared. & Since having my own home has for some reason always been a favourite Holiday of mine to decorate for.
 I am one of the people who still love the day; I just love the idea of sharing and spreading love with everyone you see & part of me wishes I was back in Elementary School when handing out Valentines to everyone in your class was the norm & maybe 'something special from a special someone'. One of the perks of not being in Elemntry school anymore when my nickname may or may not have been Medusa (do to the mass of curly hair atop my head)  is that I do have someone to spend the day with now & we even exchange handmade Valentines <3
 Alright I will spare you all the Loving Rant for now, & get back to the point. The possibilities are endless and no colour scheme or pattern is off limits, Red goes with Pink, & super romantic quotes, pictures & home decor {while I am aware may come off cliche to some} is not gagged over? {mildly} accepted. Below I have put together 10 different DIY tutorials & recipes that would be perfect for Valentines Day!
Direct links have been attached to each.

10.  DIY Twig Heart :
9.  DIY Paper Bag Banner  :
8. DIY Rose Ball(s)  :
7.  'Sweet Hearts' Inspired Manicure :

6.  DIY Glitter Heart Wreath :
 5.  DIY Potato Stamped Towels & Textiles :
4.  DIY Paper Rose :
3.  DIY 3D Geometric Gem :

2.  PINK Strawberry & Banana Protein Shake Recipe :
1.  Chocolate Covered Valentine Recipe :

I hope that this help get you inspired!  If you aren't a Fan of Valentines Day but have somehow found your way to the bottom of this post I hope it didn't make you cringe inspired a new love for the Day.
 & if you do celebrate & decorate be sure to share them using #Upcy; I would absolutely
LOVE to see them!

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DIY Keepsake Valentines

                                          It is officially one month until the Day of Love!

I absolutely LOVE Valentines Day, don't get me wrong! But there is something about seeing the stocked shelves of disposable Paper Valentines (that we all know - though very much appreciated - will end up in the Trash soon after being received by all those expect those like me who keep every card or piece of paper they deem to be a memory & even then how often are they dragged out? Though they are very sweet & super cute, they are also wasteful... I decided to create Valentines this year that are more Keepsakes, something that can be kept or used!  Both ideas are non-disposable / non-paper Valentines made out of items I would be willing to bet you have in your home!
Heart Crayons 'Art Is Love' Valentines :
This one is especially Great For Kids - both to do & to gift. It is also a great idea for any other Holiday - simply switch out the molds to suit the season.

All you need for this super sweet 'Art Is Love' Heart Crayon Valentine is:
  • Crayons (this is a great way to get those broken Crayons back in action) 
  • Silicone (Heart) Molds  
  • Scissors 
  • Conventional Oven 
  1. Start by Pre-heating your Oven to 200 degrees F
  2. Next move on to removing the paper wrappings off of the Crayons - If you carefully cut down them with an x-acto knife it will make the process much easier.  
  3. Using either your hands or a pair of scissors begin breaking up the crayons into equal size pieces. [ The wax pieces will take longer to melt the larger they are, so you will want to keep them reasonably close in size. The smaller the pieces of wax the more they will inter-mix - As a reference I cut mine into bead sized pieces. ]
  4. Place the bits of wax into the Silicone Molds. 
  5. Bake in pre-heated oven for 15-20 min.
  6. Place in freezer or fridge to cool.
  7. Carefully pop out your New Crayons Don't forget the wrap - it completes it!

Salt Dough 'Sweet Hearts' Valentines :
I saw this idea on Pinterest Another great choice for kids (with adult supervision and assistance) to do and gift to their parents, grandparents & friends! & Again can be easily customized for absolutely ANY holiday or event!

All you need for these 'Sweet Hearts' Valentines is:

  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 cups flour (of absolutely ANY kind)
  • (Heart) cookie cutter
  • large mixing bowl
  • cookie sheet 
  • conventional oven
  • paint (in your choice of colours)
  • paint brushes
  • ribbon / cord - (optional)
  1. Start by pre-heating your oven to 300 degrees F
  2. In your large bowl combine the Salt, Flour, & Water.
  3. using your hands begin mixing the dough, & knead for 10min.
    Note: The salt absolutely will dry out your hands & depending on how sensitive your skin is - maybe even sting a bit. Be sure to apply a good hand lotion before this step to protect and moisturize your hands. No worries if it gets in the Dough - you aren't going to be eating this recipe! 
  4. Roll out your dough until it is flat.
  5. Using your cookie cutter(s) cut the dough into shapes.
  6. Carefully transfer these onto a cookie sheet and place in pre-heated oven for 30 min. 
  7. Once baked remove from the oven and allow to cool fully.
  8. Select your paint colours and begin painting your sweet hearts. Yea, you may notice that I am using cosmetic brushes from old makeup pallets. Re-use Right?
  9. The classic Sweethearts Candy has Red writing so did attempted to the same.
    Please don't mind my awful writing - All I had to work with was those cosmetic brushes!
  10. Depending on what you plan on doing with these is up to you!
    You can gift them in a box as they are, with a ribbon to hang, OR use some to create a cute wall display?!

I hope that you enjoyed these Tutorials & that your New Year is off to a phenomenal start! 
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude