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Friday, February 27, 2015

How to clean your Make-up brushes Instantly

This is a trick that was passed down to me by Jennifer Haley & has been such a saving grace to me, allowing me to apply cosmetics to several different people clean & safely using just my two sets of Arbonne Cosmetic Brushes.
Though I do still shampoo my brushes, it does take quite a few hours for them to dry completely, so this has been a great trick to use when applying cosmetics to others as they will dry just about instantly! 

All you need is:

  • Clean cotton fabric or paper towel. 

Learn from my mistake & avoid using a towel or cloth as the fibers of the cloth will loosen with the alcohol onto your brushes. 

  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol in a Spray bottle. 
Simply Spray each brush a few times & then wipe/brush back & forth on your cotton fabric until it wipes clean. Your brushes will be dry to the touch when clean & ready to use!

I hope that you find this as helpful as I have! 
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Rag Wreath

Today I created this light and pretty Rag Wreath - Perfect to help welcome spring.
 & I decided to share a simple tutorial on how to make your own.
How To: 

You are going to want to begin with the basic up-cycled wreath shape that I use as a base for all of my wreaths. You can find a Step By Step Instruction on how to create that HERE. 
Once you have completed this shape you are going to cut / tear up a ton of fabric strips that are roughly 2-4" wide & about 10" long & I used 78 Strips to create my roughly 18" (internally) wide wreath. So depending on the size of wreath you are looking to make you may need more/less! 
Depending on how you want it to look - you could create a pattern use, one solid colour - the options are endless! I created mine using a bunch of fabric swatches/scraps that I had left after previous projects, I had varying amounts of each fabric so I kind of just went at it abstractly with no real pattern or design in mind & I am quite happy with how it turned out, though I have a feeling the adorable Elephant fabrics I used had something to do with that! 

Now here is where it gets even easier (if that is even possible). You are going to want to just start tying on your strips of fabric - securing them on the outer edge of the wreath with a double knot!
Continue adding, and building until the entire wreath is completely covered & the knots all line up snugly with no gaps/spaces! 
Once You're finished! You can hang it as is onto your door or wall using double sided foam adhesive tape like I did - Or feel free to dress it up with a ribbon & bow and hang it from wreath hook! 
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Monday, February 23, 2015

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring"

The past few weeks the weather has been breaking records in Ottawa - It  was officially named the COLDEST Capital on the planet... do you realize some of the places we lost to... Up North - Green Land anyone?!  It has also broken the record of being the coldest 
Winter in Canada since the 80's... the 1880's .. that is! 
They were devastating Wins to say the least.. but we weren't going to let- the prospect of frost bite or ANYTHING else stop us! My gorgeous best friend Kristen braved the awful driving conditions & drove over an hour to come and visit me &
Believe it or not we actually had a LOT of fun doing this - There is a saying "Some people feel the rain & others just get wet" - I feel this also applies to the temperature -30 . 'Some people feel the cold & others just get colds.'.. wait what?
  Our Mothers would be proud I'm sure... JOKES! 

The Crowns we are wearing can all be purchased in the online Upcy Shop HERE.

 & of course a little Silliness (& behind the scenes cell phone snaps )
- Because that's what happens, and is one of the biggest blessings of having been friends since the crib - we are a constant reminder to one another of our younger much more care-free days! She has always accepted and encourages my wild antics and crazy dreams - and boy have they changed over the years, from Singing, Dancing, Musical Theater, College, & Now entrepreneurship & to this day - she is still there cheering me on front row & center!  
She's a true snow flake - one in a Million! 
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Winner of the Entrepreneur Pamper Package is...

Congratulations SARAH HAMILTON 

 Please contact us (by E-mail or by inboxing either the We Point Media or UPCYPage(s) on Facebook to claim your Prizes!!

Thank You to all of the phenomenal entrepreneurs who took the time to enter our Giveaway!
I would also like to take this oportunity to thank Alison (owner of We Point Media) for partnering to host this Giveaway with me! Alison & I have actually known eachother since middle school! She has always been so creative & driven it is absolutely no shock to me that she ended up in the field of Business Marketing Services! If you are ever in need of help Branding or with Graphic Design - she is your girl!! I had so much fun working with her again on something other than school work after all these years - though I wont lie - we were chosen to do this one art project together with a few other girls from our grade - where we painted a massive garbage drum/bin (classy we know) for a contest they were having at the Spencerville Fair (you may have no idea what this is - but if you are from anywhere near the area you will & you will know it is the BIGGEST DEAL! We ended up going to different Highschools and regrettably lost touch - I am forever finding new reasons to love being an entrepreneur, but meeting new & OLD friends is by far the most rewarding part of all! 

Happy Valentines Day!! 
A dose of daily love courtesy of Sammi Secrets!!

Day Of Love

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

15 Ideas / Activities To Help Beat Winter Depression

The Season of cheer is over, Gone is the sunshine, the Christmas trees, twinkly lights, festive decor,& holiday spirit!! We know the feeling as soon as it hits; all you want to do is hide under a pile of blankets with some comfort food! somehow despite the short days and long nights you're more tired than ever. You may be feeling anxious or in a rut & trust me when I tell you I know how hard it is to leave the comforts of our bed, or homes, & when forced to, you feel like the Grinch meets human snowman!! I know that when you're feeling tired, anxious or depressed the last thing you feel like doing is planning an activity but it's in these moments that we need something fun, or something to look forward to the most and I PROMISE you that you'll feel better! Making Self care &your happiness a priority is SO important!! I know I can't be the only one who has a hard time thinking of something fun, uplifting, or positive PERIOD when I'm feeling that way, & coming up with a Positive activity to do seems just about impossible - So I made myself a list of a bunch of ideas that can be done for FREE or On A Budget that I could turn to in my times of need which I decided to share with you, I hope it helps!
I know that it can be hard to go from zero to 60 so I have included a mix of ideas, some that you can do from home that still get you and your mind moving and away from over-thinking or obsessing on anything negative that may be plaguing you. 
ALL of the activities appropriate for anyone of just about any age!!
One of the perks of winters in Canada is there are FREE outdoor skating rinks just about every where you turn! If you live close to Ottawa - or within driving distance it is worth heading on down to the Canal - It's pretty phenomenal that we are the home to the world's longest skating rink - We might as well take advantage of this!
Another Canadian winter perk - is Snow Covered Hills!! 
Tobogganing was one of my absolute FAVOURITE Snow-Day activities as a kid, & still is to this day!
You can actually pick up those little crazy-carpet(s) from the 'Dollarama' for about $2.00 a piece. - So this is defiantly something that can be done on a budget!!
Be sure to bundle-up though, because no one likes a soakin' wet butt! 
Build A Snow Man
Whether you name it Frosty, Sam (Rudolf), or Olaf; Be sure you bundle up!!
Get Active :
In whatever way you feel comfortable!!! At home, at The Gym, Yoga, Sports, Dance. Don't over think it - Just Start! - trust me that is the hardest part!!
One of my favourite thing's to do - regardless of the time of year; is to Go for A Walk - Just get out, look around at the beautiful snow covered trees clear my mind, & reflect on the things that matter most to me!! 
Volunteer / Random Acts of Kindness :
Giving back is one of the absolute best things you can do for yourself & your community! There are so many different community services, & people who are in need of a helping hand (almost every city/town has a community center or organization of some kind that can provide you with a list of Volunteer Opportunities)! Reach out - & find out where your skills are most needed!!
Spread Random Acts Of Kindness - a positive note, a card, a smile - the smallest acts can mean so much in someone elses life - if you're finding it hard to smile - try being the reason someone else does & you will to! They are contagious like that!  
Free Community Events:
Get out within your community, there is so much to do that doesn't cost a dime! Community Parks are often transformed into winter wonderlands this time of year, with Skate Rinks, or Tobogganing Hills. Did you know most Museums have a day of the week where they offer some or all of their attractions for FREE! & if you're in Ottawa there is always Winterlude coming up this month!!!
Cook / Bake :
Take the time to slow down and prepare one of your favourite home cooked meals/treats. Set the table, use your fancy place settings, your serving dishes, whip out your paper straws, your favourite mug, whatever it is that is going to make this feel special to you. 
You'll be shocked at how much of a change these little things can make when applied daily. 
Pamper Yourself:
I have said it before & you can bet that I will say it again! I can not stress enough how important Self Care is to improving your self esteem! It is also unfortunately one of the first things we forget or neglect to do! If you ask me - a hot bath with my favourite spa products is always a winning recipe for relaxation! You better believe I am talking to you too Gentleman!! Shave your face, trim/oil your beard, paint your nails, do your make-up, Or wash your make-up off!! Below you will find Cody and I both unwinding with a Sea Source Detox Face Mask By Arbonne.
Create Something :
Get your creative juices flowing - pull out some supplies, open up some of those Pin's you've been PINNING like a wild-one on Pinterest and get cracking! You don't always have to have an idea in mind before you start just start and see what come out of it - you might just shock yourself with what you can create all on your own!
Learn a new Craft/Skill :
About a year ago I took up knitting -& then kind of set the idea & my needles aside, with full intentions to continue it & then forgot about it until I stumbled upon my knitting needles when I was cleaning out my creative space!
I am setting a goal for myself to learn at least two new knitting patterns this year!
I encourage you to learn a new craft or skill too, or to pick back up one that you never meant to stop doing in the first place!
" You're never to old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream!" - C.S.Lewis
Play Cards or a Board Game :
These are classic for a reason - They always end up being WAY more fun than you ever thought possible!! Feel Free to challenge me to a game of Uno, Monopoly,Candy Land, or Battle Ship anytime - I forewarn you though; You won't win!!
Build A Fort :
Gather up every blanket & pillow you can find & begin constructing in a Blanket or SNOW Fort!! Curl up inside with your favourite hot drink & just let the worries of the world wait at the Blanket drapped door. 
& incase you were wondering, No - We'll Never Grow Up & I truly don't recommend it!
Decorate / Organize :
I know that Christmas & New Years are over - but the spirit doesn't have to be! Keep the Celebration going!! I love to create new and switch-up my existing decorations - I love to create & to add little touches to welcome new Holidays, Seasons, Basically any chance I get because I know that being surrounded by pretty Celebratory things makes all the difference in my mood & I love the process!
Write a list of things you are grateful for / Create a Vision Board :
This is a something I strongly encourage EVERYONE to do!! 
View a more detailed overview of this idea HERE.
Read A Book :
My love of reading is certainly not something that came easily as a child - I was quite proud of my Streak of Successful book reports without every having read a mandatory book - If any of my past teachers are reading this, I know I'm busted & I couldn't be more sorry - honest! But over time I have truly come to see the value in it!! - There is nothing quite like the magic of a good book to take you away from the stresses of reality into a completely different place - & if you're anything like me that place is always 'Fictional' ( I use that term loosely because - I believe) & Magical!! 
It is so important to love yourself just like you would anyone else you Love - be sure that you are making time for yourself, and the things that make you happy!You should never feel guilty about making yourself, & your personal happiness a priority it will only benefit You, as well as those close to you & who care about you!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas

This is a super easy DIY Wall Decor Idea to dress up any room for Valentine's Day, truthfully it could be altered to suit any occasion or decor! 
The best part is that it can be created using items you most likely already have kicking around your home! I think the majority of us are on the same page - that page being ; Done with Winter! & one of my favourite ways to welcome spring is to introduce more natural elements, which is somewhat difficult considering there is limited sunlight, the ground is still frozen solid, and pretty much everything living is covered in a foot or two of snow! Everything but twigs that is, It's all about working with what you've got and dead twigs scattered along road ways are pleantiful this time of year in Canada!!
DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy

What You Will Need :

  • Twigs / branches 
  • Paint ( I used pale pink for the canvas & gold for the twigs, both of which I already had from previous crafts, but can be purchased for $1.00 at Dollarama)
  • Canvas again this is one that I had already used in the past & wanted to switch/freshen up (originally purchased from Dollarama, 1 - $2.00) 
  • Hot-Glue Gun & Glue Stick Re-fills. 
  • Pencil / Paper (for creating a rough template)

Lets Get Snappin' :

  1. Begin by painting your canvas - If you are going to re-use an old Canvas, it will likely take two or three coats, so be sure to let them dry completely before applying the next to ensure you have a smooth finish! 
  2. Between applying coats of paint you can begin to snap-up your Twigs! Just breaking them down into smaller more manageable/useable pieces! - Don't bother overthinking the size of them too much just yet, this process is much simpler if done later!
  3. I reccomend creating a simple Heart - shaped template to lay your sticks out onto - a step I didn't think of until after the fact so learn from my mistake! - This can be done by simply drawing/tracing a heart the size you would like on your canvas or on a piece of paper & then cutting it out. 
  4. Once your template is created begin placing and snappin'/shaping your sticks until youre entire heart shape template has been covered! 
    DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy
  5. Once you have picked out all of your sticks apply 2-3 coats of paint , depending on the colour you chose it may take more or less coats! Allow time to dry completely! 
    DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy
    DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy
  6. Using your Hot-Glue Gun begin adhearing the sticks to your Painted Canvas - I recomend starting at the top or bottom to ensure your placement on the Canvas is correct! Depening on how confident you are in re-creating your heart shape you may or may not want to re-create it on the template next to the Canvas to ensure a stress free tansfer! Or if you're like me - just go for it & hope for the best!! 
    DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy
    DIY Golden Twig Heart Canvas; By: Upcy
Keep checking back here for more DIY decor, gift & style ideas leading up to that big day of LOVE!! & Incase you missed it be sure to Check out and Quaify to win the Ultimate Entrepenour Pamper Package we partnered up for with We Point Media!
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