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Friday, April 25, 2014

Woo Hoo!! Marlo's Two & All thing's that Fly!!

I was so grateful to have been given to Opportunity to help style one of my dearest friends Alicia's Daughter Marlo's Second Birthday!! 

 This women and I have so much in common and share SO many like interests pertaining to Creating, (don't get me mistaken we are also polar opposites as well when it comes to other areas) - it's crazy & so unbelievably encouraging! She is wildly creative and entirely too modest,The exquisitely beautiful Silk Flowers - including the one warn by Marlo & also featured in a few of the images I've shared below are all Nixie Originals, designed and created by Alicia & can be custom ordered through the UpcyShop (@Upcyshop on Instagram)!! 
I will apologize in advance for the poor quality photos - most of which were snapped in action with either an IPad or my Cellphone. 
The Theme "All Things That Fly" was quite broad (leaving LOTS of room for creative juices to flow)I am in love with how everything came together, Marlo is a very Free Spirited two year old girl, obsessed with Sparkles, Fairy's, Magic, Animals, & of course playing outside in the dirt - a well rounded Gal & one after my own heart that is for sure!! I seriously had WAY to much fun designing and making decorations for this Party, it was EXACTLY my style ( I don't know if having a toddlers taste in style is something I should admit so publicly) 
 The Tassel Garland, Burlap Garland, & Vintage Craft Paper Garland, & Owl/Bird Fabric Bow-Garland (not pictured here), as well as the various other item's used to style this Party are available to custom order for your event through the Upcyshop as well.   

Handmade Silk Flowers by Nixie 
A while back I got Alicia a Marshmallow Recipe Book ... & my word she did NOT disappoint!! These homemade Original & Strawberry Jam Marshmallows were seriously WAY to delicious!!
Oh and did I forget to mention she built a DIY Smores bar?!?!
 I am quite certain the lack of pictures can be accredited to my hands being covered in this sticky goodness the entire time!!   
Handmade Pale Pink & Lime silk flowers on a white Lace band with rhinestone, feather, & pearl details.By: Nixie
Like Stardust Glistening Off Fairy Wings, Little Girl Dreams Are Of Magical Things
Thank you for browsing, & Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Look Deep Into Nature & You Will Understand Everything Better'

This weekend we Celebrated Easter. 
It has become something of an annual tradition (this being our 6th) for Cody & I 
to go walking back through the forest behind my parents house over this long weekend.
So in honour of today being Earth Day I decided to share just a few of the pictures I captured from our walk, as well as a few candid shots of my parents farm.
I adore time spent in nature, the simplest kinds; like wild untamed forests, or rushing water falls - that have been left as they are, untouched somehow over time...  
I always feel so at peace & free there. 

Oscar leading the way
I Live In A Fairy Land
Collect Moments Not Things
You Are Never To Old To Climb Trees
The Land Of Forgotten Gnomes - Photo Credits to Cody Humble 
Forget Not That The Earth Delights To Feel Your Bare Feet & The Winds Long To Play With Your Hair
The Water in the Beaver Pong is high this year!!
Comparing Spring & Summer water levels!
Red Barn Door
Young Lovers In the Hayloft

"There is No WiFi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection"
Thank you for browsing 
& don't forget to get out and ENJOY the beautiful weather & celebrate Mother Nature today and everyday ❤

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

No Winter lasts forever; No Spring skips its turn.

Mother nature has been giving us the run around a little bit,I planned on having this up a few days ago - but It has been so beautiful the past few days that sitting behind my laptop writing about it seemed a lot less enjoyable then actually getting out and enjoying it - So that's what I did, went for walks through the parks - (one of my favourite things about where we live is the fact that we are less than a 5min walk away from two beautiful parks) which is something I plan to do a lot more this year! Cody and I both find being in nature inspires us and helps us reconnect with what is most important to us, We also made it down to the Byward Market and were able to take in all of the beautiful new spring blooms & enjoy a sweet treat together. But on a cool morning like today & the day before Good Friday I decided to snuggle up in bed and write this overdue Blog. 
The Easter Bunny

With each new Season/Holiday I absolutely LOVE taking the time to decorate my Home and personal Spaces to reflect this. I think this is something that stems back to my childhood - I have vivid memories of my Mothers old Blue Cook Book coming out at the start of each new season - she would bake cakes & cooking for every class party, & I would always help - we all did! She had boxes of Decorations hiding away in the attack that she would drag out at the start of each season - Halloween & Christmas were always our favourite and she was never apposed to dragging them out early and letting us play with everything. This is something I look forward to doing now with each changing Season; It's even more fun now because we can go shopping together for supplies & share ideas & inspiration with each other (I am forever guilty stealing her old stuff). She says she has no idea where I got any of it from to me there is no question - I got it from my Momma♥ 

These past few days I have done a few things around our place to help Welcome Spring! The way I do this & im sure Cody finds this ever so charming... is by collecting up pretty much every decorative/seasional item i have and dropping it in a MASSIZE pile right in the middle of our living room... I find this is the best way for me to plan my ideas; A day of re-arranging what you already have is like getting all new things I dug out all of my favourite vases and displayed them in pretty much every room in my house - which I am hoping to soon fill with pretty flowers we find on our walks. 

Paint is an inexpensive way to make a HUGE impact - We recently painted our bathroom a bright Tiffany shade of blue . Decorating it with some shells & various other 'beachy' decor we have collected on our trips or been given to us as souvenirs from trips our beautiful friends & family have been on. We love that Spa feeling that every Hotel/Resort bathroom has, which is something we wanted to create, & were able to do it while keeping to a minimal budget. 

Our Bedroom - which was once literally filled wall to wall with our various paintings/creations (we are going to be moving these into our work-in-progress office/creative pace) was recently stripped down to expose the stark white walls. Leaving this wall completely base was obviously not an option for me - I have been seeing these Tasseltries all over the place & decided to take a swing at making a completely up-cycled version of this! Opinions?
Tasseltrie by Upcy

Hippity Hoppity Easters On It's Way...

Here is a few little snip-its of what Easter is looking like around here - Chocolate is a HUGE factor, you can't walk into a room without finding a little bowl of chocolate hidden (though with Cody & I this is just daily life and in no way limited to Easter). I also have my You Are My Sunshine Wreath Up which you can find the tutorial for Here . & how cute are those little Glitter Bunnies?! If you haven't caught on yet... I am obsessed with Garlands & I have no clue why... I just love everything about them & make one (or more) for every Holiday! I made this cute little Peeps Inspired Tassel Garland which was actually featured in a Spring Giveaway & can be purchased from the Upcy Shop (@Upcyshop on Instagram). The Second garland is one I made out of paint chips - it was so simple to do & I am really happy with how it turned out - I defiantly recommend this idea to anyone looking to do an easy Easter Diy! 

Easter just wouldn't be the same... without Coloured Easter Eggs!!
This year I tried a few new techniques for colouring them - I did a few the traditional colour dip way and then jazzed them up a little bit by painting on super simpler flowers in gold. 
I also used wax - I found this a bit tricky but the effect is super neat, the concept being that the wax once drawn/coloured on to the egg will protect it with a barrier not allowing the die to penetrate and colour the egg in that spot - this allows you to create patterns or shapes on your eggs. I used this on a few brown/free range eggs as a way to showcase the natural colouring of them, I also used this to create some for my vanity table in my room & of course added glitter!! 
Sorry about the awful quality - late night pictures are always the worst!
I hope that you have been enjoying my blog - If you have any suggestions/recommendations of what you would like to see more/less of let me know!!

Remember to get out and enjoy the weather, Treat yourself & Have a beautiful Easter!! 

Dream Big Sparkle More Shine Bright