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Monday, April 16, 2018

10 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

This Sunday [APRIL 22 2018] is Earth Day and there are so many ways to get involved that day (or any day) to embrace the idea of living greener & reducing the pollution we put out into the environment
Below I have shared 10 simple ways that you can join in on the Party & celebrate Earth Day!

#1. Community Clean-Up // Pitch-In 

Pitch-In Canada is an amazing Country Wide Local Clean-Up Program sponsored by Tim Hortons 
This makes it simple & easy to sign up & volunteer to clean-up different parts of town to ensure that all areas will be cleaned, showcasing where the volunteers are needed more or less; as well as provide supplies needed to participate in the Clean-Up! 

This Iniative has been Re-Named over the years, but is one that I have participated in since High School!You can Sign Up as an individual, Join an existing Group [if you happen to be Local to Brockville, Ontario you are welcome to Join The Upcy Group], OR start a Group of your Own!!!
The Pitch-In Event 
extends for the Entire Week of April 22nd - April 29th
So even if we are still met with Ice & Snow by Sunday we can re-schedule our Clean-Up Session(s) for later in the week!

#2.  No Power
Embrace an Hour, or Day without Power! Light some candles, play a game, or take a nap! 
Leave the washer, dryer, tv, computer, and any other major appliances OFF and unplug when possible!

#3. Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle ~ Upcycle
Recycling wherever possible is a great way to reduce unnecessary production of waste! 

Reduce Reuse Recycle Up-cycle whenever possible! Get Creative!
Click HERE for over 100 ways to Up-cycle everyday house hold items you already have laying around!

#4. Ditch Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic.. something that is used on average for about 10min or LESS and spends 450 years decomposing and pouting not only the Land but also the Water!
The 4 Items in the Image above are ALL you need to make a difference for the next 450 YEARS by simply NOT choosing to use single use plastics!
Plastic Garbage Bags, Replaceable by a natural fiber of recycled material Tote Bag!
Endless amounts of Plastic bottles, & cups can be replaces by a Portable Coffee Cup, & OR Water Bottle!
Thousands of single use plastic straws can be replaces by 1 metal straw!

#5. Ditch Meat 

Challenge yourself to Eat a Meat Free Diet for a Day, Week, Month, Year, or Lifetime!
The Truth of the matter is the current consumption & production practices or meat can not be continued into the next Generation without (further) serious environmental consequences. You can see the reality of this fact in the marketing materials being put out even by the meat companies themselves. Advertisements promoting the discounted practiced surrounding hormones, medications. and additives in our meat, Or Meat Companies themselves advocating that people embrace a Meat FREE Day within the Week, are a massive Red Flag hinting at the current state of the Meat Market & the fact that the status quo & current way of doing things is not working!
Those are simply the facts!If you wish to further educate yourself on this subject I would encourage you to check out the compassionate & unbiased work of Sympathy at Slaughter.

#6. Walk instead of Drive

Between the damages done when mining for Crude oil, to the processed used to convert it into usable products, to the impossible to accomplish task of safely despising of the toxic waste produced during said refinery process, to the continued pollution when piping or dispensing it, to the inevitable using (burning) or  Gasoline, the reasons to leave your vehicle at home and walk, run, bike, or roller blade to where you are headed is ENDLESS!!!!!

#7. Use Earth Friendly Personal Care Products
Being an Earth Friendly, or GREEN product can mean a LOT of different things in today's marketing lead world. Having the Word GREEN on the Lable does not always mean it is, (and often it seems is used more often as a distraction from the Truth)! Do your own research of the Companies You Use & the Brands (& practices) you are supporting with your dollar! 

Some of the Things that I look for when buying a Product are
Is ALL or the majority of the packaging Recyclable?
Is ALL of the majority of the packaging made from Recycled materials?

Does the product contain Micro Beads or synthetic products/plastic?
Is the Product, Brand, or Parent Company Testing On Animals?

Some of MY Favourite Brands at the moment are:

#8. Feed The Wild Life 
Put out a planter or Nest Supplies for Birds & Wild life. This Spring has been tough on us, and likely it has also been tough on the animals, their storage of winter food for hibernation is diminishing, but the fresh supply of food that comes with Spring has yet to arrive. Putting out seeds and nuts is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! You could also make these DIY Bird Seed Ornaments to hang in your yard this Spring!

#9. Help Wild Life Build Their Nests

Tagging along to the previous post with the same bad weather / seasonal causes, consider putting out supplies for local wild life to use when making their nests. Pet hair can provide extra layers of cozy warmth for birds that have returned for Spring and have been very icy conditions! Go HERE for a list of safe supplies to put out for the wild life in your yard! Below is an image of the Fur i brushed of my Cat this spring, instead of tossing it in the trash bin I simply wrapped it in wire & hung it in a tree!

#10. Get Planting 
 Okay this is one I put last because if you are in Canada you are going to have to wait for another day for  this one as we are currently experiencing a mid April Ice Storm ... But planting new Green life is always a great way to make a big impact. Consider planting a garden!
If this isn't possible where you live consider adopting a community garden or Planter.
[ & again if you are Local to Brockville you can do that

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day this year? Share your plans & ideas in the comment section below!
Every Day can be Earth Day!!