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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting To Know Me

I was nominated quite a while ago now to share 20 facts about me 
& with the Re-Launch of the UpcyShop today (Facebook:Upcy | Instagram:UpcyShop) I decided to take a stab at it. Click HERE to view Part 1. of my introduction.
  1. My Mom & Nana are two of my Best Friends!
  2. & Ive known my Soul Sister & Bestest Friend since birth! (as our Mothers are also Best Friends)
  3. I spent my childhood growing up on our Families Dairy Farm & then moved to a different Farm right before I started Highschool.
  4.  When I was 18 I moved to my own little apartment in Ottawa. 
  5. Began studying & graduated as a Developmental Service Worker.
  6. I have the hand eye co-ordination of a sloth & despite my brothers, mothers, fathers & countless gym teachers/coaches best effort any ball i throw will almost surely end up in the opposite direction. 
  7. I am however really good at Wii Sports & officially challenge Anyone who thinks they have the courage to face me... to a boxing match!
  8. I can sing along to the lyrics to pretty much any song - but couldn't ever think of a song title to save my life.
  9. I have an incredibly random taste in Music, & I either like a song - or don't - and it can fall under pretty much any genre from Metal to Classic Oprah & just about anything in between! 
  10. I met the love of my life when I was 15... he walked up and kissed me & the rest is history!
  11. I have very weird food cravings - I will eat one thing pretty much around the clock for days, weeks, months at a time & then move on to something else. 
  12. I am missing a tooth... I cried & cried when it happened but now I feel like Sporty Spice!
  13.  I have quite large white Birth-Marks on both of my legs that I remember begging my mother in the 7th grade to let me cover with skin-toned tattoos. I am proud to say that I still have & now love everything about my birthmarks - Our differences after all, are what make us beautiful! 
  14.  I was diagnosed with Depression & Anxiety in High School & have struggled with Anxiety Attacks for many years.
  15.  I used to sing and dance & I miss it everyday! 
  16.  I still have two Teddy Bears on my bed  from when I was a little girl!
  17.  I have a scar over my right eye that I got in kindergarten when another kid ran into me & her tooth lodged into my head... I refused to let the doctor give me stitches so my Mom gave me the choice - i could sit down and get the stitches or go home and have a scar for life... I have no regrets! 
  18.  I do not have my licence & have no interest in getting one for public safety... driving different types of vehicles/equipment happens young on a Farm and crashed almost every time I was aloud behind the wheel/handle bars...
  19. My Favourite movies are The Land Before Time, Big Fish, Moonrise Kingdom, & Sophie & Sheba
  20.  I believe in aliens & angels!
Thank you so much for taking the time to brows my Blog. 
With school starting back up tomorrow I would like to wish all of those headed to class
 an amazing first day & year!!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bare Faced Beauty - Get The Look

I LOVE the more natural makeup looks & was happy to see this trend is carrying over to fall! This is a super simple 5min - 6step look that is perfect for anyone with a busy start to their day, or for Moms to young kids!
 Ashley was absolutely perfect to model this look because as a first time Mom to an almost 16month old baby girl, who also works as a Nurse, as well as runs her own home business she is truly a Super Woman!!
Bare Faced Beauty! Model : Ashley Young Cosmetics By: Jennie Matthie

      Get The Look

Step #1. I used Arbonne's new Truly All-In-One CC cream ( I will be sharing a product review on this Product for the next #MakeupMonday)!!

Step #2. I dusted bronzer across her C-shape (where the sun naturally falls onto the face) to create a natural sunkissed glow!

Step #3. I dabbed a small amount of Sheer Glow Highlighter along the brow bone & the inner eye to really make those Baby Blues POP! - Both of these products can be found for a limited time In the Face The Day set.

Step #4. Using an angle brush I applied Chocolate Eyeshadow along the upper lashine & the outer third of the bottom & blended slightly to create a more subtle effect.

Step #5. I finished this simple Eye look with two coats of 'It's a long story Mascara'!

Step #6. I applied 'Vintage Rose' Lipstick using a lipstick brush (this is a good tip to use to create a more subtle colour as  apposed to applying the lipstick directly!)

Thank You for browsing & remember to always...

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Flair - Get The Look!

Autumn is one of the most gorgeous seasons, & a favourite for almost every women when it comes to fashion and cosmetics – over-sized scarves, knit sweaters, wool socks, and pumpkin EVERYTHING whats not to love?!

As far as Trends are looking for 2014, The bare, neutral face still seems to be the take over!! Seeing lots of deep Autumn colours – focusing mostly on the eyes & of course the EXTRA LONG eyelashes are seemingly here to stay – & I must say, in-case you haven't noticed I absolutely adore this look – I think lashes are my ultimate favourite to me – To me they just represent everything that I love about being a women... Curvy, Lushes Feminine goodness!!

Cosmetics By: Jennie Matthie      Model: Cait Jones
Get The Look - All products used are from Arbonne's vegan cosmetic line!
(which are all also gluten free - I know the number of people who suffer from Celiac disease, or other varying forms/degree of gluten intolerance is on the rise! Did you know it is hiding in your cosmetics and skin care products - which of course has just as large of an affect on us as what we chose to put into our bodies!)

Face/Contouring was done using: Perfecting Liquid foundation, Sheer-glow highlighter, & Bronzer. If you would like to see a simple chart to reference one can be found HERE
You're requests have not gone un-noticed & I do plan to do a post that is dedicated to Contouring up for you all very soon!! 

Those Eyes
The eye look was created using deep autumn tones, and is slightly smokey/shadowed but neutral enough to wear everyday, all of the shadow's used are from the Country Garden Pallet

Step #1. I covered the entire lid in Willow to create an even base &  was also used to accent below the brow bone.

Step #2. I swept Birch from the lash line - until a little past her natural eye fold/crease to really open her eyes!

Step #3. Using Woodrose (a deep silver/grey tone with royal blue undertones) I added a little depth and shadow to the outer crease of her eye!

I did a very subtle, neutral Ombre. 

Step #1. I primed the lip with Concealer – ( I used shade Medium on Cait, you of course would want to chose the colour that matches your own skin tone)

Step #2. Using a lip brush, I dabbed Candy Lipstick on only the inner portion of both her top & bottom lip & then finished/blended with Lip Polish in Clear.

A huge thank you to all those who took the time to brows, & of course to stunning Cait for allowing me to share her images! I hope your week is off to a beautiful start & remember to ALWAYS
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Sunday, August 17, 2014


It is time to announce the winner of The Heart Of Gold - 5K GiveAway!!
Heart Of Gold - Upcy 5K Giveaway!
Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to enter; I seriously can't thank you all enough for all of the continued support!
The Winner Of The $20.00 Upcy-Shop Gift Certificate 
\& Heart Of Gold Pallet By Arbonne  is.... 
NATASHA PELLETIER!!(please send an e-mail to to arrange the details)!!

I don't want anyone to leave this Giveaway empty handed...
 So every person who took the time to enter will automatically receive 20% off ANY purchase at the Upcy-Shop that will Re-Open for the Fall Launch Sept 1!!
To qualify simply print screen an image of your entry and forward it to the Shop (similar to a Promo-code) at the time of purchase!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend & Remember to Always...
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY Beach Blanket Bag

Beach Blanket Bag By: Upcy
I made this entirely Upcycled Beach Blanket Bag & I absolutely LOVE it! 
It is perfect to leave packed up with all of your Summer/Beach essentials by the door, or in the car - It makes those spontaneous beach trips much easier!!  

I made it using - 2 old towels, a pillow, pillow case, a few buttons & my sewing kit!
This isn't going to be a typical tutorial - because to be honest, I sort of just made do of what I had laying around the house - & would encourage you to do the same.  For that reason when you make your own, I am sure your item's will vary slightly; But I will share some tips & the steps I took to create mine!

I started by sewing together tow (very old mis-matched) towels end - to end.

I then folded one end over & sewed down the sides - creating a pouch for my pillow 

(I would recommend measuring your towel/pillow or if you feel confident enough, just eyeball it to see how deep you will want your pocket)

After inserting the pillow, I attached several buttons to make it removable and washable! 

I also attached a few buttons at the very end - to secure it (closed) once wrapped up into bag form.

The strap & front pocket's were made of the fabric from one Pillow Case! 

I just cut off the bottom of the pillow case to create the pocket(s) shape & sewed it, to divide it into three smaller pockets. lastly & the strap was created using what was left!! 

It was a little bit tedious (but also great practice) hand sewing the whole thing & certainly could be made much simpler and faster using a sewing machine!
Beach Blanket Bag By: Upcy 
Beach Blanket Bag By: Upcy 
Thank you for browsing &  I hope that you got a chance to get out and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine this weekend. & remember to always 
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Tassel Garland

I am absolutely in LOVE with Tassel Garlands ❤ They are just so Whimsical & Pretty;
& are very much on trend right now! They are being / can be used for pretty much anything and everything from Party Decor to Room Decor (specifically in nurseries) & are a beautiful way to add a touch or colour and celebration!

They are quite simple and cost efficient to make yourself (depending on what you already have on hand/ how many different tissue colours you use / where you buy your supplies it can cost you under $10.00 to create - though I will warn you it is quite tedious & time consuming!
I have decided to share this tutorial for anyone who likes to DIY!! 
But if that is not your thing, they will still be available to purchase or place custom ordered through the UpcyShop!
Mermaid inspired Tassel Garland By: Upcy

What You'll Need:

  • tissue paper (in a mix of colours)
  • scissors
  • rope


Step #1. Beginning with a standard 20"x20" inch sheet of tissue paper
- fold in half once - then twice more in the opposite direction (as shown in the images below)

Step #2. Begin cutting strips up the tissue leaving about an inch of space from the top
Step #3. Unfold sheet of tissue and cut in half (to make two tassels) 
Step #4. Open the sheet of tissue completely & roll up tightly
Step #5. Fold in half and twist to create loop top as shown
Step #6. Continue creating tassels to fill garland & Then DisPLAY !!

Thank you for browsing & Never forget to...
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Heart Of Gold - 5K GIVEAWAY

I am so thrilled to announce that the we have hit our first Mile Stone of  5Thousand Viewers & I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!! So In honor of this & to say ThankYou - I will be hosting the VERY FIRST Upcy Blog GIVEAWAY!! I have been thinking A lot as I watched us get closer and closer to the goal of what it is I wanted to Include - I knew that I wanted to include something from both the Upcy (upcycled) & Beauty Tutorial sides of the blog, I reached out to a few lovely ladies for feedback & I am so excited to finally be able share it with you guys!! 
The Limited Edition Heart Of Gold Baked Eyeshadow Pallet. By: Arbonne

This is one of my favourite pallets of all time & it breaks my heart only slightly that it was Limited Edition (& no longer sold)..!
 For me it's name "Heart Of Gold" is suitable for a few reasons, Obviously it is comprising of four different gold inspired shades Peace - , Love -,  Warmth -,  & Kindness - (which can be worn wet or dry and go on velvety smooth, without creasing or smudging). But in our house it truly is valued like gold & at this point is only brought out on those days when I need a little extra special, sparkly pick me up & for special occasions
... what I am getting at is you better understand how much it means that I am willing to share my very last one with you!! Just Joking.. but not really

& A $20.00 Upcy Gift Certificate to spend at the Upcy Shop for our Fall Re-Launch on Sept. 1.

Just Follow the Instructions Below & Best Of Luck To Everyone Who Enters!!
- The Winner Will be announced Next Weekend!!
& Remember No Matter how crazy or 'Far'Out'  your passion or goals may be to other people ALWAYS
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