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Friday, August 14, 2015

Replacing Negative Thoughts with Beautiful Colours & Positive Energy

It helps me to create something, that I feel is beautiful, that didn't exist before, and put it out into the world. Sure most times they don't make it any further than my apartment but I find peace in the process of creation.        
 & when it comes down to it the goal of everything I create is exactly that, to slowly replace my negative thoughts with beautiful colours & positivity!    
Because the mind isn't Mathematical - a negative & a negative DO NOT make a postative... In this case the only thing we can do is to attempt to flood the negative with positivity.

One of the hardest parts of this for me, has been learning the patterns of my anxiety-related negative thoughts. Which though difficult has made it easier to control the outcomes of my thoughts & focus on the things I DO want to be thinking about, doing, & ultimately inviting into my life. As well as finding a balance between doing those sometimes not-so-fun things that I may not necessarily think I want to do in the moment, but know will benefit me in the long run & making time for the people, places, and passions I love & bring joy into my life.  Sometimes my anxiety can manifest it's self in some pretty obscure symptoms which makes it difficult at times to truly gauge "is this just my anxiety or is this real"& while I would like to say that I have mastered this - the truth is I haven't & am sometimes guilty of ignoring messages my body is trying to send me to slow down & just write it off as anxiety.

Aside from that some of the other issues I have faced are with people who see it as fake, which it truly never is! One of the good & bad quailities of anxiety is that I have almost no ability to hide or fake my emotions... So if I am smiling and happy then that is real & genuine & I have no way of containing it even if i tried - but on the same hand, I also was never given the ability to contain the not so pretty emotions either, & when I get upset there is no hiding or concealing it either. I guess what I'm getting at is that I feel things in a BIG way - both the good & the bad, so why not let me laugh, smile & create in this moment, even if in the next I am riddled with anxiety! My concentration on the good is not a denial of the bad; it's a shift in focus.

Dream Big Sparkle More Shine Bright

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Natural Summer Day Glow 5 Minute Make-up Tutorial - NO BRUSHES NEEDED!!

During the summer months I (and I know many of you) spend the majority of my down time at the beach, swimming, kayaking, camping & at the cottage. I don't typically like to wear any makeup for these activities, & with this summer heat I sometimes just can't be bothered with a full face of makeup. But nevertheless, there are still those days/moments when you want to look a little put together [and not like you've spent the last 5 days playing outside sun up to sun down, showerless]. This also cuts down on packing - No Brushes saves a LOT of space, & all you need to pack are the 6 products I used, for a complete makeup look Using Just Your Fingers in Less than 5 Minutes!!!

Step 1. Before anything else apply a moisturizer with SPF or Facial SPF cream ~ I used Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20.

Step 2. Start with cc cream which is a fantastic all in one product, I did a mini product review on this a while back which you can find HERE.

The Next 2 Steps can be done individually or simultaneously.
Step 3. Using the Sheer Glow Highlighter Apply a small amount to your finger and dab onto your Highlight areas, Under the eyes, down the nose, under your brows, & in the corner of your eye, as well ass your cupids bow to give your lip extra dimension.
Step 4. Then grab your Bronze Sheer Glow Highlighter & using the same application process, apply instead to your Contour Zones to create shadow & bronzing where the sun would naturally hit your face; the cheek bones, outer portions of the forehead, sides & bridge of the nose, & chin.
Step 5. Next I used It's A Long Story Mascara - & apply 1-2 coats.

Step 6. Lastly apply your choice of lipstick, lip gloss, or lip chap. * If you are going to be in the sun I recommend using one with an SPF. I used the Arbonne Lip Saver (Sold Out) - A similar product can be found HERE.
Some of the best memories are made in Flip - Flops.

Happy August! - Thank you for reading. Wishing you a beautiful last month of Summer, full of sunshine & good memories! & Always
Dream Big Sparkle More Shine Bright