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Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Popsicle Stick Snowflake(s)

This is one that I had actually done last year & had quite a few requests for instructions.
 It really is quite easy & self explanatory by just looking at the image(s), & as simple as they are to make, they do a fantastic job transforming any stark white/ bare wall & creates quite a statement & in my experience a great conversation piece! 


  • Popsicle / Craft sticks. 
  • Paint & Paint Brush / Spray Paint 
  • Hot Glue Gun / Re-fill sticks. 
  • Ribbon 

How To:

Begin by choosing the shape you want to create - Snowflakes are unique by design so get creative with it!
Due to the fact that I made these last year, I am lacking pictures to say the least & If you prefer to follow a template you can find a slew of varying difficulty HERE

I began all of mine with the same 6 - Popsicle-stick center (as shown in the image below) & then just switched up the outer design(s) on each one! 
Once you have finished creating your designs paint them any colour you would like!
I did mine using a paint brush & acrylic paint - but this was very tedious, time consuming, 
& took quite a few coats & would recommend spray painting them instead!

After allowing to dry completely - Tie a piece of ribbon to the top & Voila Holiday Statement Wall!

You could also suspend them in a window using fishing wire in place of the ribbon! 

Thank you for browsing, & Happy Sunday!

I have lots more Christmas Themed tutorials & a few recipes coming throughout the month of December!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Advent Calender

I can't believe it almost DECEMBER!

Is it just me or does November feel like it just flew by?
I have been building my inspiration board on Pinterest since early Summer 

& with that short lived flurry of snow I was inspired to get cracking 
on a few of the DIY Projects I plan to do this year which is almost over & I feel also FLEW by! 
Here is my take on the DIY Branch Advent Calender!

 I love this idea because it really opens up a whole new world of options of what can be found inside! 
You can use homemade treats (which is a great idea for anyone with diet restrictions),
little toys, or even a Holiday activity a Day! The Options are endless! 
It can also be made quite inexpensively too, depending on where you shop/what items you already have!
Alright Lets Get Cracking as December is only a few days a way!!


  • Branch ( Go for a walk & find a stick you like! )
  • Rope ( Red Christmas Cord from Ikea)
  • Small Envelopes ( I actually got mine from a sweet lady at my Bank, but you can find these at Staples or Michaels )
  • Paint & Paint Brush ( can be found at an Dollar Store for $1.00 )
  • Pine Cones / Spruce Leaves ? Berry Branches / Whatever you can imagine! (The branches were left over From a Wreath I had made - tutorials on that coming soon as well, & The pine cones where just ones I found & had painted gold last year for a Center Piece.) 
  • Washi Tape / masking tape / whatever you have on hand!

How To:

Begin by painting your numbers onto the front of each envelope. 
I did mine freehand but you could always use a stencil for this! 

Once dry, tape envelopes to the rope however you chose to display them.
 I did mine at different levels. 

Begin decorating the top of your Branch however you envisioned & be sure to tie a length of rope from one end of the Branch to the other - creating the loop to hang it by! 
You can also add little embellishments to your envelopes to give a little extra flair! 

Lastly tie the lengths of rope to your Branch, however you see fit! 
I recommend laying it out on the floor. 

Lastly Choose a spot in your home to display & enjoy all December long!

Last year was my first time making an Advent Calender but I have a feeling this will become a new Christmas Tradition in our house!  What are some of you and your families old traditions, or new ones you plan to start?
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sparkle Reindeer Silhouette Canvas

The countdown starts now! I have been wildly busy these past few weeks & have quite a few posts - some shamefully from as far back as summer that I hope to get up sooner than later. In the mean time / In honor of the 1 Month mark - I decided to share a quick, simple & inexpensive but still super cute Holiday canvas tutorial to create a dramatic, eye catching piece to dress up a festive mantle or use as a wall hanging to warm up a bare wall.

I have provided the stencil I used in the Tutorial below - Simply click on the image to view & print OR Pin it to your Pinterest & save for a later date!


  • Raindeer Stencil 
  • Canvas
  • Glitter
  • Clear Drying Craft Glue 
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors 
  • Masking Tape 

How To: 

Step #1. Begin by printing out your stencil Attached Below, as a negative. 

Step #2.  Cut out the stencil as a negative as shown below.

 Step #3. Tape the stencil to your Canvas. 

Step #4. Using a paint brush apply glue from the outside of the stencil in ONLY to avoid any seepage issues.  

Step #5. Shake on your loose glitter - leave to sit for a few minutes and then shake of any excess glitter & carefully remove stencil & allow time to dry completely. 
 I absolutely LOVE all things that sparkle & glitter - SHOCKER - I know
& Christmas is the perfect time of year to bring that sparkle into your home decor!
I hope you have been enjoying this mild weather as much as I have & remember to always 
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Paint Pen Mugs

I know I am not the only one who has been loving this 'Sharpie' Mug Idea & for the past few years I have seen tutorials on Pinterest / various other blogs exclaiming its simplicity - just draw on a mug with a sharpie and voila - well that was until I started reading all the FAIL comments and complaints - that the drawings would wash off with just soap & water, and certainly would not withstand a dishwasher (who the heck wants to put that much effort into a mug they can't even use or wash? Not this gal)! 

 After seeing crowds of adorable Script mugs & tea sets on display - only to be stunned by their inflated price I decided that I would take another stab at this Sharpie Mug idea & came to the discovery that it MUST be an OIL BASED paint - Not water biased or you will end up with white mugs again after washing! You can use Oil Biased Sharpie Paint Markers (but an original sharpie will not do the trick). My Go To is actually the 'Painters'  Glass Paint Pens - They come in a TUN of colours including awesome metallic tones, & I love the pump tip, & find it gives a LOT of control when writing or drawing - Another awesome thing about these paint pens, is that before your mugs are baked you can actually touch up / remove the paint if you wish using just a bit of water & a rag or Q-tip! How Amazing is that -  No more silly mess-ups right near the end, that make you want to just chuck the mug across the room Or is that just me!!
Now Let me just say that while I have read that these will survive the dishwasher, I didn't attempt it myself, so try at your own risk, though I can attest that they WILL stand up to being washed in the sink with soap, hot water & a sponge! 


  • White ceramic mugs 
  • Painters Glass Paint Pen(s) / OIL BASED Sharpie Paint Markers
  • Pencil (optional) 
  • Tape (optional)
  • Oven & Baking Sheet

How To:

  Before you start give your mugs a quick wash & dry thoroughly to ensure that you are applying the paint to a nice, clean surface!   

Step 1. (optional) Using a pencil you can faintly draw on the design as a template/ to insure proper spacing! I did this on the His & Hers Mugs, (an Idea that was inspired by a tea set I saw We Heart It (Ya I'm still into that website - don't judge me) & thought it was perfect for Movember) 
Apply Tape - another option/ idea to help create designs. 

This is a great DIY gift idea, perfect for a Holiday gift exchange/secret santa gift,& one you can personalize for just about anyone on your shopping list! -  The options are endless, I made some Christmas themed mugs as Gift Toppers with classic Holiday Movie Quotes & Christmas cookie dish. Not pictured.
Step 2. Draw on your design using your Paint Pen! - Remember that if you use the 'Painters' Paint Pen small adjustments can be made using water & a rag/Q-tip. 

Step 3. Add Any Accent Colour(s), if necessary.

Step 4. Place your mugs / dishes on a Baking sheet & Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes & then let sit to cool completely - (this will also take about 20-30 min)

Voila - Your Finished Products Revealed!

I decided to experiment a little bit & try an abstract geometric design using the Gold & I think that may have ended up being my favourite one out of them all!
Another Example Of what you can create; Tea Set I made for the tea loving newlyweds Houston & Aaron Mabo
- Photo Credit to Aaron Mabo.

Enjoy & Happy Movember!!
I will be sharing a tun of DIY gift & decoration Tutorials, & Recipes as the Holidays get closer & closer. If there is anything specific you would like to see, let me know; Your feedback is always appreciated!! & I'd love to hear what are some of your favourite ways to prepare & Celebrate?!  & Remember to Always...
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