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Friday, June 29, 2018

Canada Day DIY Embroidered Maple Leaf & Beaver Denim Shirts

The long weekend is upon us! 
Free like maple leaves in the breeze!
I plan on squishing in as many picnics, beach hangs, drinks in nature, fireworks, & sparklers as I possibly can! & I will be wearing this DIY embroidered maple leaf denim shirt for ALL of it!
Lets not waste a second more of the sunshine we've all got People to See, 
DIY clothes & decor To Make!
 So, I'll just make with the Tutorial(s)!

First Up the Beaver! 
DIY Embroidered Beaver Canada Day Denim Shirt 
Scroll to the Very Bottom for The Maple Leaf Tutorial 

What You Will Need : 
~ Denim Shirt
~ Embroidery Hoop
~ Embroidery / Finishing thread in a mix of colours. 

How To:

DIY Embroidered Maple Leaves Canada Day 
Denim Shirt 

What You Will Need : 
~ Denim Shirt
~ Embroidery Hoop
~ Embroidery / 1 OR MORE shades of Red. 

How To:
REPEAT The Steps Above for Multiple Leaves. 

Cheers to the Strawberry Moon & Canada Day

Free like maple Leaves in the breeze... As Canadians, let's all Do What We Can this Canada Day! click HERE to see what I mean!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

The letter below is an edited and personally updated letter sourced solely from the ORIGINAL letter which was written by Rebecca Nemiroff & shared to her twitter account! 
Graphic Photo Above by: Voilet Clair
"I feel it is essential to use our resources and positions in the community to make change where we can." - Rebecca Nemiroff C.Psch.
I wanted to help. & I truly had NO idea what I could do to help. Whether this crisis and massive atrocity of children's rights is near or far to you, it is crippling to attempt to go on with daily life in spite of it & not do something... ANYTHING to help! 
So I will admit I do what we all do when we can't think of something these days.. I googled it. Rebecca was there to answer!
One thing that we can do as Canadians is write our Local MP's and advocate for suspending the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) with the United States. I have gathered everything you need below to attain the contact information of your Personal MP by Postal Code, as well as a basic version of the Original letter that can be adapted in less than 5 minutes to send off to your personal MP if you oppose the cruel and unusual punishment of children!

[[[ WHAT THE @%*% IS THE STCA???]]] : In the most simple basic watered down version the Safe Third Country Agreement means that those seeking refugee protection are required to request for that protection in the first safe country they arrive in, United States of America is currently the ONLY Country that is designated as a safe third country by Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection ActA safe third country is a country, other than Canada and the country of alleged persecution, where an individual may make a claim for refugee protection. 

[[[ WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???]]] In the most basic (I am not a lawyer) terms it means that if a person first lands on US soil, they can not claim Refugee status in Canada, and vice versa! We have labeled them as having landed in a SAFE Country!... This is NOT accurate!

In Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act outlines the criteria for designating a country as a safe third country
to learn more about the STCA click HERE & HERE

click HERE to find out who your MP is & for their contact information. 
If you live in the area of Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lake; sadly this seat is vacant. There is currently no Member of Parliament for this constituency. 
I took this as permission to then E-mail any & ALL current MP's. 

E-mail or MAIL this letter to the address stated with your MP's name inserted into 
the ___ BLANKS___ .

Open letter to ___________

I am writing you today to demand immediate changes be made to the U.S.–Canada Smart Border Action Plan & Immigration and Refugee Protection Act following the unfolding of inhumane events in the U.S. as the Trump government has implemented its "zero-tolerance" policy on illegal immigration. As you know, this has resulted in the abrupt and traumatic separation of over 2000 children from their families in the past few weeks. These children have been detained in the most un-nurturing circumstances and are forced to live with uncertainty as to when and if they will ever see their families again. Everything we know about child development tells us that these events will have lasting and devastating effects on these children as well as on their parents.
____________ it is time for the Liberal government to urgently respond to this crisis by suspending the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) with the United States. Both the human rights chief of the United Nations Human Rights Council and Amnesty International have spoken out against these unconscionable actions. It is time for Canada to do the same. I am urging you to use your position to make the positive changes you spoke about to a group of children here at home a few short months ago. The refugee children being detained under inhumane conditions at the U.S. border need your help.


I hope that if you read this & this issue makes your stomach hurt, or your heart ache I urge you NOT to ignore that feeling! Your body is trying to tell you that something is very, very wrong. Something is horrifyingly wrong about where the world is headed. I will never stop believing in sharing & celebrating the beauty in the world, art, and passions; but when I feel a deep urge to speak out, I will not stop either!! 

Friday, June 1, 2018

A Dozen Doughnut DIY's

As days of the year are concerned... today is a triple-threat!
~ First day of June ~ Doughnut Day ~ #FriDIY
With so much to celebrate I decided to put together A Dozen Doughnut themed DIY's.
From decor Items - clothing there is something for everyone!
So grab a cup of coffee & enjoy a Doughnut (or a dozen)
Happy #FriDAY!!! 

DIY Doughnut Pinata
Tutorial by: studiodiy

DIY Doughnut Bulletin Board with Pom Pom Sprinkle Push Pins 
Tutorial by: paintthegownred

Gift Box/ Paper Donut 
Tutorial by: minieco

Tiny Pastry Erasers 
Tutorial by: lilblueboo

Donut Elbow Patch 
Tutorial by: studiodiy (&another one from the queen of Doughnut DIY's)

Diy Felt Doughnut Collar 
Tutorial by :wrappedupinrainbows

DIY Doughnut Flats 
Tutorial by: upcygirl

Diy Doughnut Bath Bombs
Tutorial by: somethingturquoise

DIY Doughnut Phone Holder 
Tutorial by: k4craft

DIY Doughnut Pincushion 
Tutorial by: e-eliseetc

DIY Doughnut Trinket Dish 
Tutorial by: katiekdiy

Giant Doughnut Cake 
Tutorial / Recipe by: thecakeblog