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Thursday, July 28, 2016

DIY Dried Flower Mobile

It has been a minute since I shared an Upcy DIY - Summer is a month of playing outside and soaking up every minute of Sunshine. Which doesn't leave a lot of time for me to be inside creating - however what I do create during these months is almost always created from or inspired by nature! This Flower Mobile is a super simple DIY That goes along with the Dried Flower Tutorial I shared a few months back.
I created it using some lilac, daisies & foliage that I had picked earlier in the summer.
I created the Round portion of the mobile using ALL upcycled materials. The crochet was cut from an old stained table runner I thrifted. The wood ribbon is out of A bouquet I won a few years ago & held onto in true 'Upcycler' fashion.

Products Needed / I Used:

These May Vary Depending On Design Choice(s). ~ Wood Ribbon ~ Crochet Table Runner ~ Hemp Rope ~ Needle & Thread ~ Dried Flowers ~ Fishing Line ~ Scissors How To: Step 1. first cut out the piece of crochet you wanted to use (or crochet the center your self) Step 2. Carefully wrap the wooden ribbon into a circle and secure it in shape using hemp rope. Step 3. Then sew the crochet into the wood ribbon circle.
Step 4. Once the flowers are dried I cut the flowers & foliage into small pieces. [As shown below]
Step 5. Cut several lengths of fishing line & tie them securely to each flower & foliage piece & then tie the other end of the line to the crochet & wood ribbon round. Step 6. To Hang I simply Threaded a small length of fishing line through the center of the crochet circle & tied it in a loop.

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Friday, July 1, 2016

Fruit Stand Jamberry & Summer Giveaway; Hosted By: Ashley Rawls

I love fruit & cute nails – combine the two & you’ve got yourself a WINNER!! 

I was sent this beautiful Jamberry Package from Ashley Rawls [On Facebook] & am beyond excited to announce that One Of YOU will have a chance to win one of your own!!

Fruit Stand Jamberry Nail Strip Sheet:


When I opened the package I seriously couldn’t believe that just how adorable this Months Sister Style - Fruit Stand  was; covered in Polka Dots & Fruit… and everything what my summer dreams are made of.
Each sheet gets you at least 2 manis & pedis, Which will last about 2 weeks on nails, 6 weeks on toes.With Over 300 designs, including the newly released Marvel and Disney Collection by Jamberry. there truly is a perfect match for everyone! Gluten & Latex free, & can even go over acrylics!!

The package also included a Application Kit with Nail Oil. It has absolutely everything you will need to complete your Jamberry Nails, as well as the tools needed for general Nail Care; & it all comes in a cute Jamberry Purple Bag – that is just the right size to fit your extra Jamberry Nail Strip(s) & keep everything together!

Last but certainly not least is The Mini Heater - Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow…  I am so impressed with the Heater! Not only is it super cute, it works like a DREAM! Kind of made me feel like I was running my own nail salon. I have used Jamberry in the past and was always Happy with my results. But this mini heater (the simplest thing to operate) makes the process easier than I ever thought possible!

If you are like me and enjoy doing your own nails and haven’t Checked Out Jamberry yet, get on that because you do not know what you are missing!
Below I have shared some pictures / Mini Tutorial of the Applications Process! 
Keep on scrolling for The BIG REVEAL! 

Ashley Rawls - Jamberry Executive Independent Consultant 

I am so excited to announce that Ashley has also sponsored a Giveaway – where one of you will WIN your own Complete Jamberry Nail Care Package! 

The Package Includes:
~ Application Kit with Nail Oil
~ 1 Mini Heater!
~ 1  Jamberry Nail Sheet (Of Your Choice)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The Giveaway will Run starting Today [JULY 1st - CANADA DAY] 

& Commence on JULY 14th 11:59PM [EST]

Products were gifted in exchange for a Review. All Opinions and Experiences are mine.

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude