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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Favourite Makeup Trends for Spring 2014- Radiant Skin, A Bold Cat Eye, & Bright Berry Lips

In Spring; The Earth Laughs with Flowers 

Spring Makeup & Flower Crown by: Jennie Matthie
 I am seeing so many varying trends for spring 2014 - everything from nudes to extreme bold colours on both the eyes and lips. however a few things I am seeing across the board is flawless radiant skin, paired with a natural eyebrow (I must admit; personally I am so happy to see this trend come back around, to me there is nothing worse than seeing a brow that has been lucked/waxed to the bone, it's not my favourite look ) (though I must admit I once had a plucking mishap in college & at an attempt to "even things up" ... you know what I am talking about ladies i ended up leaving myself with a lot less brow than I ever intended) - but to each there own, if you like a super thin/refined eyebrow than I say rock what ever makes you feel the most confident!
  I decided that since there was so much going on for trends this Spring that I would pick a few of my favorites  and show you how you can achieve the look using exclusively Arbonne's vegan Cosmetics!
YESS you can in fact get amazing quality, high pigment makeup without having to endorse the animal cruelty industry! Seriously if you haven't done so already I BEG you to look into the testing procedures used by the companies that produce the products you buy  and be sure that it is in fact something you want to Support!! 
 Never allow the current trends to dictate your entire style - Not every trend works for everyone, I like to play with a few different makeup looks/trends and see which ones I like/feel best in. I find that there are a few 'tricks' or techniques that work well for me and suit me best ( I will share my 'everyday make-up look in the near future) and so I just switch up little details with the seasons, for special events or whenever I feel like doing something a little different. For me make-up has always been about self-expression!!
 I am absolutely obsessed with flower crowns, of all shapes and sizes! I have been just dying to incorporate one into a post somehow and could not think of a better more suiting time than now. This one is made of hemp & daisies which just so happen to be Kelsie's ( my beautiful model) favouite flower.. & does she ever look gorgeous crowned in them - can you say meant to be?!?!
Kelsie Coughlan Modeling Trends for Spring 2014  Radiant Skin, A Bold Cat Eye, & Bright Berry Lips

Always start your make-up with a really good moisturizer - Arbonne's Calm is always my Go-To!!
I applied Arbonnes Makeup Primer (you just need one pump of all their products, remember less is more & do not over apply)

I Followed this with Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 .  I used the Sheer-glow highlighter, &  Perfecting Liquid Foundation in a slightly darker shade to highlight and contour. - If you are looking for tips/a step by step on this see the Chart posted in  Pretty in Pink & Bombshell! The Perfect Valentines Makeup Tutorials - Using Exclusively Arbonne Cosmetics
I did a super simple two-tone eye shadow - using 'Petal' (which is a pale pink) in the inner half of the eyelid sweeping it outward across the lid. As well as 'Smoke' in the crease of her eye. I highlighter her tear duct, and brow bone with the Sheer Glow highlighter as well. (this is one of my absolute favourite combinations  for everyday wear - one you will catch me in about 70% of the time!!) 
Here is where I started to switch things up with a bold Cat Eye - This look is achieved by lining your ENTIRE eye - inlcuding the lower lash line, and your tear duct - this is what will create that super dramatic and very exotic effect! You can take it a step further by continuing the liner out into a wing/ draw out the tear duct to really open your eye and create a super BOLD statement. I followed this with two coats of It's A Long Story Mascara, and skipped the false lashes because honestly... this girl DOES NOT need them in the slightest!!
I finished off the ENTIRE look with a super Bright Berry Lip using 'Candy' Lipstick which in-case you hadn't noticed is my absolute favourite lipstick.. & for good reason, it honestly just brightens your entire face! I curled her hair using my straightener to give her that tasseled/beachy look & finished the look off with the Daisy Flower Crown!!
( If interested, you can get your own by e-mailing & I will invoice you or view them and more of my Up-cycled creations at @Upcyshop on Instagram). 

A HUGE thank you to Kelsie for all of her help!
 We had such an awesome time, pampering and catching up today!! & because I can't resist sharing... 
Here is a few more pictures of her looking like something out of a fairy tale!!  

"Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in here eyes and flowers in her hair" 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Orchid Bouquet DIY Jamberry Manicure

I can't get over how beautiful this Orchid Bouquet manicure is
They only take just minutes to apply...
 & last for 2weeks on your fingers and 4weeks on your toes!!
Safe to say I am now Jamberry-obsessed
Orchid Bouquet 
I was searching through Instagram hashtags for manicures a few weeks ago,I have been on the hunt for a safe alternative to nail polish for years that would actually work! (I have tried quite a few other polishes and nail stickers, that were free of harmful chemicals, but they never worked properly and I would always end up going back to my old trusty chemical filled products because at least 'they last'?!) I stumbled upon one of Stacey Miller's @stacy__k on Instagram (Seriously you should all go follow her, she always shares the most gorgeous nails, & awesome workout posts that always inspire me to get off my butt & get moving!!) We got to talking over E-mail and discovered that we were both entrepreneurs She is an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails you can check out her website to place your order, so we decided it would be fun to do a product review for you guys here using the Orchid Bouquet Nail Wraps! - I knew that I wanted to do something very springy' & fresh & they actually have an entire line using the Pantone Colour of the Year - Radiant Orchid (which just so happens to be one of my absolute favourite colours) so this seemed like a pretty easy choice for me!! & in no time at all there they were in my mailbox - Thanks Stacy !!
Colour of theYear - Radiant Orchid Jamberry Nails
What are Jamberry Nails?

  The wraps are a solid fild covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anythwere else. This special material they use is both pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bong to your nail! The shields are made in the USA, using no harsh chemicals and are latex free!
This new nail treatment can be applied in about 15 minutes at home. With over three hundres styles to choose from, these designer wraps are made to last up to two full weeks on fingers and found or MORE on your toes! Unlike traditional nail polish, they wont chip, and require no drying time. Achieve professional quality manicure and pedicures at a fraction of the cost with Jamberyy Nails!! 
You get 4 full applications  from 1 sheet of Jamberry nails which costs $15 to order (so that breaks down to just $3.75 per application MUCH cheaper than you would pay at a salon)
Stacy offers a buy 3 get 1 FREE deal - It's an awesome way to get a few coordinating designs, so that you can mix and match and create a bunch of unique looks!!

Jamberry Nail Application Instructions

Step #1. Prep your Nail - Clean unploshed nails with soap and warm water, swipe each nail bed with rubbing alcohol whipe and push back cuticles. Some of the designs are clear/ translucent & can also be applied over a fresh coat of nail lacquer.

Step #2. Match nail (finger or tow) to the nail wrap that best fits. (if between wraps they say so for the narrower to achieve a better result but the large ones can be easily filed or trimmed to fit the nail perfectly) 

Step #3. Peel off nail wrap from backing with twiizers and warm with a blow-dryer or mini-heater for 3/5 seconds, or until soft and flexible. Minimize touching the adhesive part with your fingers!

Step #4. When warm, press the wrap onto the nail. Apply firm pressure all over the wrap to adhere the wrap to the nail, & use a rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the edges, at the tip and base of the cuticle.
If there is any spot that didn't quite adhere properly just re-hit it with the hear for a few seconds and apply pressure! 

Step #5. Trim the wrap at the top using scissors & file using a downward motion

Step #6. Re - apply light heat and pressure giving special attention to the tip of the nail to insure it is secure!

Here is a few more pictures of the finished product (as silly as it might sound the tiny detial of the yellow daisys may just be my favourite part), I can not get over how BEAUTIFUL they are & how simple they were to put on (even on my incredibly ugly micro-sized misshaped toe nails)!! This is seriously a revolution in nail-care product, & there are so many beautiful and varying styles I can't wait to try out this Spring & Summer (& with all the time I will be saving no longer slaving over my finger tips can be spent at the beach, where we are meant to be this time of year)
Head on over to Stacey's website - to get yours!
It's always amazing when I get to meet &network with other entrepreneurs and women in business from around the world and always find I walk away feeling inspired! 
Thank you again Stacy you are way to awesome !!
I hope you all had and continue to have a fantastic weekend  & remember to always...  
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY 'You Are My Sunshine' Spring/Easter Wreath

Hello & Happy Spring (I made the decision on the 1st day of Spring to be obnoxiously oblivious to the fact that there are still snowbanks & go on about my days living as though mother nature hadn't made the decision to  extend our winter.. in hopes that she may take the hint)
I apologize, I have been kind of slacking on Posts - particularly Up-cycle Tutorials! I have been SO BUSY working on a bunch of things (behind the scenes) and planning collaborations for upcoming Projects and Giveaways! Tomorrow I will be sharing my first product review on what I believe is a Revolution in nail products!! I wont give any details yet - you will have to keep your eyes peeled, but I will say that I am SOO excited for what Spring & Summer have in store & to share it all with you; because I would never have been given any of the opportunities I have, if not for all of you guys and the support you give me - so Thank YOU♥!!
Here is something I was working on today I'm calling it the 'You Are My Sunshine' Wreath - Sorry I don't have more (or better quality .. it's was like 7pm aka PITCH BLACK) pictures of this - But when I started, I didn't intent on posting a tutorial but Cody (my amazingly supportive partner in crime - seriously thought not many men would agree to having their home transformed into my Upcy Shop aka Glitter Factory on a daily biases (because lets be honest my messes can never contained in just one room)) & a friend of his both really liked it & thought it was worth sharing with you all, so here it is!!
DIY Spring & Easter Wreath
What You Will Need:

  1. Recycled Cardboard 
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors 
  4. Clothespins (I used about 30 for mine)
  5. A hot glue gun & glue sticks
  6. Paint
  7. A paint brush
  8. Ribbon

Step #1. Draw out the shape of your base (you can see what I mean by this in any of the pictures I added) on your scrap of cardboard (mine has an outer diameter of  11" & the diameter of the inner circle is 6.5") -  (Another option if you would prefer to trace this -  a dinner plate is roughly the right size for the outer shape and a tea saucer will work for the center) 

Step #2. Carefully cut out what will be the base of your Wreath!

Step #3. Collect up your clothespins and arrange them around your base-shape until you are satisfied with the spacing! 

Step #4. Using your hot glue gun begin adhering the clothespins!

Step #5. Once that has been completed, get your paint on!! I chose a super bright matte yellow/green to make a big impact!! 
I like to use Garbage bags as the base for small art project like this - I figure they are invented with the sheer purpose of being THROWN AWAY - so why not put them to a bit of use before hand?!

Step #6. Loop a Ribbon through the center, Tie a Bow, & Display on your front door like I have loaded with Spring & Easter Cards, or you can design it to accent a room in your house & fill it up with pictures or use it as a DREAM BOARD (now there's an idea)!!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Handbag Essentials for Spring

Seeing as today is the 'Official' First Day - as requested here's my "What's in My Purse" Post, where I will share a few of my everyday essentials for Spring!! 

1, 2 & 3.  are pretty self explanatory - house keys, my wallet (this is an Arbonne one I got at last years GTC ) & 
a pretty little change purse.

4.  A miniature Manicure Pedicure Kit (for a quick fix if ever necessary)! 

5. Business card holder (also from GTC) 

6. My Live Simply daily planner ;which I'm absolutely obsessed with! It is filled with beautiful pictures and positive quotes & a spot to write everything!!

7. A journal, you can never have enough cute journal's!! This is one I just got as a gift from a very good friend of mine, Thanks again Alicia 

8. Round Sunglasses aka John Lennon Glasses  

9. My "everyday" make-up for spring that is all about subtle and effortless radiance, ( I decided to lump these products together to make it a little simpler & will share a Tutorial on this look in the VERY NEAR future) to sum it up.
Face - Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, Sheer glow highlighter, Bronzer.
Eyes - Linen (nude) & Petal (pale pink) shadows, black liner, & It's A Long Story Mascara.  
Lips - Candy lipstick / Nude Lip gloss. All by Arbonne

10 Bronze makeup bag, I wasn't joking when I said I am absolutely obsessed with everything metallic right now!

11 "Awaken" Aromassentials Lotion - it smells so fresh, it makes me feel like spring has sprung despite the feet of snow left lingering... 

12 Mirror Compact my older brother brought back from his trip to Korea  

13 & Handmade 'No Dent' Hair Ties!

I hope you enjoyed this round-up! Which of these products will you try out? What are some of your Handbag Essentials for Spring? Thank you to all of you who continue to read and support my blog - I absolutely love getting your feedback and can't thank you enough for all of your support!! 

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Pot of Gold at The end of the Rainbow - All things St. Patrick's

St Patrick's Day is tomorrow & though I wasn't initially planning on doing anything ( I am not really a drinker or into the club scene in the slightest so most of the celebrations for this holiday are not really my thang') regardless... & in reality I was obviously in serious denial (anyone who knows me knows that Holidays don't simple come and go around this gal...) & the closer it crept the more I felt the need to do at least something minor at least to my 'Martha-wannabe" standards that was more my kind of party!! 
The Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow
Lately I have been absolutely obsessing over Tassel Garlands which will soon be available on my Etsy Shop! (More info about this to follow) Making this one was what really put me in the celebratory mood!! 
Obviously green food is kind of a MUST on St. Patricks day & cupcakes are a good idea every day of the week so this seemed pretty basic & absolutely necessary to me!
The Pot of Gold at The end of the Rainbow - Details.
Metallic is very big for spring 2014 - At least it is in my world!! (almost everything in my apartment has undergone some kind of metallic face lift) So I switched out on of our picture frames and made this super simple 4 Leaf Clover out of gold foil to help tie in the St Patrick's Day decorations to the rest of the room! The Green vases are just some old milk bottles I had been collecting that i thought may come in handy for a future art project ( Que hoarding intervention) I just pored in two different shades of green paint, its a super old/well known trick that is pretty much fool proof!! & then of course my mason jar or rainbow candy (that was left over from my Christmas stockings) - inedible for sure but very pretty to look at!!
St Patrick's Day DIY Potato Center Piece 
Decorating for the Holiday's does not have to mean going out shopping, and spending a lot of money! There is so many unique ways to just put a spin on everyday items and really make a festive touch without costing you a CENT!
I collected up some old potatoes, three white candles (from IKEA) in varying sizes, a glass vase, and some  regular old potatoes, my everyday beige table runner and a length of green ribbon, all things I already had lying around the house and crated this cute and very classic Irish Center Piece! 
The Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow DIY St. Patrick's Day Manicure
I was trying to hold back on using Green as much as possible and experimented with some new less traditional decoration & design ideas for St Patrick's day & really loved the Pot of Gold theme and decided to just carry it over onto my Nails as well! 

I hope that you all have/had lots of fun Celebrating and making memories St. Patties Day in whatever way your heart desires & remember to always 
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Beyond Beautiful Spring Giveaway Winners

     I am beyond excited to share with you the results of the Collaboration Sunshine Photography & I did this past week for the winners of our Spring Giveaway!!
 I had so much fun doing the Makeup of these two beautiful women using exclusively Arbonne Cosmetics of course & as promised - I sent them home with a little Package of Arbonne goodies for them and their kiddies (talk about two Hot Momma's) to enjoy so the day of pampering would continue once they got home!

     To start I will share a little behind the scenes action that Mariah snapped while I did the Makeup of our beautiful winners -  I Seriously though how awesome are these pictures she got of my kit and I in action

 Quinn & Kristen
"The Empowered Women is Powerful beyond measure and Beautiful beyond description"

     After Makeup was completed we headed out to the Streets of Ottawa for Mariah from Sunshine Photography to Capture these two ladies and my goodness they DID NOT disappoint, they were absolutely radiant!!! 
Our two beautiful Winners Kristen, Quin & Myself 

     I absolutely love the feeling of being surrounded by like minded positive, kindhearted
& genuine people & just had so much fun with these three incredibly inspiring women!! 
Thank you SO MUCH to Mariah for doing this partnership with me, we always have so much fun working together & I can't wait to see what we do next!! 
Check out her Blog as well at

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