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Monday, October 29, 2018

5 Last minute // Up-cycled Halloween Costumes

This Year I was committed to creating Halloween Looks using ONLY items I already had! The commitment to not buying anything challenged me to get creative with how to make use of the Items I already had in the original Costume concepts. From there is also challenged me to re-consider how I could make use of the craft items that I had (such as ribbon) even if something else may have traditionally seemed like a more practical material to create it out of. 
Halloween has become quite commercialized, the average department store costume (that if it's not that 1 costume every kid wore for 3 years in a row, it will likely only be worn once, and maybe passed down once) costs $25 - $50, & high end ones can run you a few hundred!
My hope is that this helps to inspire you to get creative with your Halloween costumes, & reminds you that with a bit of creative thinking & a bit of handy work, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, in fact it doesn't have to cost you ANYTHING at all!

Upcy Girl Alien Race 
Moon Phases T-Shirt 
Metallic Silver Shorts
Fishnet Socks
Black Elbow Gloves
Knee High Boots

DIY It's Just A Phase T-Shirt, How To: 

Makeup Look:
Plum Eyeliner
Plum Eye shadow
Green Eye shadow
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Holographic Highlighter
Mascara / False Lashes
Eyelash Glue
Gems / Rhinestones

 Begin by moisturizing to the face,
 Apply a Green shadow to the entirety of the upper eyelid. & Plum shadow below the lower lash line, sweep in towards the inner eye / nose. Apply mascara / false lashes & liquid eyeliner to the top lash line. Follow with Plum eyeliner onto the water line on the lower lash line. Finish the eyes by applying a Holographic Highlighter below the eyebrow, as well as to the inner tear duct area.
Contour the cheeks using the Plum eye shadow to create a very deep & dark contrast to the Holographic Highlighter you will place onto the upper cheek bone area. 
I doubled down on a second cosmetic product -Plum Eyeliner, and use it to line the lip ( fill the entire lip in) & dab a small amount of the Holographic Highlighter on the center of the lip to create depth there as well. 
To finish off the entire look use Eyelash Glue to apply a tiara of Gemstone coloured craft rhinestones, I also added two below the eye as well. 
Hair went into two Space Buns & DONE!

Wendy Darling (Peter Pan) 
OKAY Can I just say that this costume is kinda legendary --  
A Recognizable Character, SUPER Simple Cosmetics, & you legit get to wear a comfy nightgown all night instead of a stuffy uncomfortable costume!

Blue Nightgown
Blue Ribbon
Black Shoes

Makeup Look:

Bright Pink Lipstick
Mascara // Fake Lashes

Lots of Mascara or Fake Lashes to create that Disney Dreamy Lash look!
A Bright Pink Lip, paired with a sweep of blush on the Apple of your cheeks!
Hair pulled into a high ponytail & secured in place using a Blue Ribbon tied into a bow.

Dolly Girl
Black Shirt
White/Black Lace Top
Knee High Socks
Black Heels 

Makeup Look:

Red Lipstick
False Lashes [x2]
Brown Eyeliner
Black Eyeliner

False Lashes on the Top & Bottom of your eyes are key [be patient if it is your first time applying lashes to either your top or bottom lash line. As A Tip - wait 20 seconds after applying the glue to the lashes to ensure they are good and tacky before applying them to your eyes]! Apply Mascara to finish the eyes. Use black eyeliner to fully fill your eyebrows to create a painted face appearance. 
To tie in with the eyebrows, use your Red Lipstick instead of a Blush on your cheeks. 
Draw as close to perfect circles as you can and again fill them in completely. 
Apply the same Red Lipstick to your lips as well! Lastly speckling over your nose bridge & cheeks to create the look of freckled skin will complete this look & you are DONE!

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
~ Black Hat
~ Black Skirt
~ Black Tights
~ White Dress Shirt
~ Red Ribbon

DIY Ribbon Belt & Tie, How To:
I had a very thick spool of Red Ribbon - Cut a thin length off all the way down. I tied the thin portion around the neck to create a bow tie. & then tie the thicker portion around the waist to create the Red Belted look.

Makeup Look:
~ Red Lipstick
~ Mascara // Fake Lashes
~ Bronzer

Lots of Mascara or Fake Lashes to create a more dramatic than every day eye-look.
Red Lipstick to match the Tie & Belt.
 Bronzer for a bit of youthful colour & the look is DONE!

Creepy Clown 
~ Tank Top (Solid Coloured Shirt) 
~ Knee High Socks
~ Green Fish Nets
~ Safety Pins
~ Needle & Thread
~ Buttons
~ Hot-Glue Gun

DIY Neck & Wrist Frills Cuffs, How To:
Using some Purple & Green Ribbon (placed back to back) begin creating & securing Large Loops of the Ribbon to another base piece of Purple Ribbon [as a tip, Measure the ribbon to ensure the loops are the same size]. Continue this process until it wraps entirely around your neck. Trim off & secure closed with a Safety Pin. 
REPEAT this same process only smaller to create both of the wrist frill cuffs.

DIY No Sew Ribbon Tutu , How To:
Cut 100 [3 different length] pieces of the same Purple & Green  Ribbon as the Neck & Wrist Frills, and looped them into Crochet Waist Elastic & secure it at the back using a Hot Glue Gun.

DIY Button Clown Top, How To:
Using a good old fashioned Needle & Thread stitch Three Purple Buttons [evenly spaced] down the front of a bright pink Tank Top
I don't know why, or where this look originated but to me it is just the classic clown look.

Makeup Look:
~ Red Lipstick
~ Black Liquid Eyeliner
~ White Eyeliner
~ Mascara / False Lashes

Begin again by moisturizing your entire face. This will not just help to protect your skin, but also ease the removal process!
The eyebrows were filled several shades darker than my natural brow, a very dramatic black/brown. Apply black liquid eyeliner in Triangular shapes above & below your eye. I continued the top point far past my Eyebrow in a dramatic peak. Add circular shapes with the same black eyeliner at the base of your lower triangle to create a 'drip' shape. 
When eyeliner was then applied as a highlight! 
Apply lipstick to your natural lip & extend a line (similar to a Chelsea Smile. 
Grab the liquid liner and outline your natural lip. 
Again use the white eyeliner to create highlight. 
Draw a rounded bottom heart shape on your nose with the same red lipstick. Again white eyeliner to highlight. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fall in my Bag, Farmers Market, & FREE Fall Bucket List Printable & The Downtown Brockville Farmers Market

Happy October 1st!!! It is now time for all of the Autumn Activities, be sure not to miss a single one by scrolling down to the bottom for your FREE Autumn Bucket List Printable!
Fall In My Bag, & you'll find my Downtown Farmers Market Card!

I am in love with Basket style Purses for late summer / early Fall! I think that they are perfect for those impromptu Adventures, & it's firm shape always keeps my Market Goodies from getting smushed! I was so happy when I found this one at a local Thrift Store for less than $5.00, the quality is amazing!! Probably one of my best Thrift finds of the Summer!

What's In My Bag:
'I SLAY ALL DAY' Notepad (similar HERE) & 'BE CHARMING' Pencil(similar HERE) - for lists, & reminders!
'Work Hard & Stay Humble' Pencil Pouch - I use this to store all of the random stuff that would otherwise clutter the bottom of my purse,like my Lipstick, Pineapple Lint Roller (similar HERE), & First Aid Kit (Great to have on you at all times - especially with the bad weather & storms we have been having so far this season! If you have First Aid & CPR training, do consider adding in a shock blanket & CPR mask if you don't already keep one on you!)
My Wallet & Downtown Farmers Market Card! This year the Brockville Farmers Market celebrates their  185th Anniversary -- that's Right locals have been serving the community through this platform since 1833!!!
it has been both an indoor & outdoor market held through-out the city. Today you can find the market located on Market Street from May to November on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.
Many of the 60 vendor stands there are still held by Farmers!
There are certain booths that we always fit into our Market run, a few of our absolute favourites are: Gibbon's Family Farm - A Maple Tree Farm. After spending some time taste testing all of the different ages of syrup - Cody and I both agreed that the Dark Amber is our favourite - this is syrup with the Boldest flavour! Canadian Maple Syrup is legendary, & If you haven't tasted different strengths of syrup, it's something you should do if ever offered the chance!
Sincere Preserves has the most inventive Freeze Dried Snacks! Super crispy snacks that have all of the nutrients of their Fresh Alternatives locked in! We never fail to hit up her Booth, our Go - To Fav's are the Ontario Strawberries & Caramel Puffs!
There is also a wide range of artisans, including florists, knitters, weavers, Live Music, & More!
& Last but certainly not Least - My Fall Bucket List, print yours HERE for FREE with thanks & gratitude going out to Cody for turning my design ideas into digital realities! 

Click HERE to download the FREE Printable!