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Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Upcycled T-shirt Headbands

Diy Upcycled T-shit Headbands 
If you are anything like me you are probably guilty of holding onto old or tattered items a little past their wear, or maybe you just have a big pile of clothes that no longer fit, Or maybe you just have hoards of scrap clothing from previous DIY's - I am guilty of ALL of these. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a few different tutorials on great ways to re-use those old shirts/clothing items & thought I would start of with something simple like headbands, that everyone could do & find useful.

DIY Upcycled T-shirt Headbands By: Upcy


  • recycled clothing
  • sewing machine/needle & thread/ hot glue gun (whatever you have/feel most confident using)

How To:

I have shared pictures of a few of the different styles I created while playing around with this idea & the clothes/fabrics I had on hand (a turquoise zip-up sweater a pink shirt, purple & white tank tops, & some left over black cotton-jersey from a previous DIY) But they are all created using essentially the same concept - just with some different embellishments

Turquoise, & White Just cut a strip to the desired width & length, create the flower/bow, and then sew/hot glue together. 
The Wee White one on the end is probably my favourite of all, though it is not for me, it was made for a friend of mine who is expecting a little girl quite soon!

Black - This is literally just a really long length of fabric (about twice the size of the average headband) that can be wrapped/styled a variety of different ways! 

Purple - take two lengths of your cut-up fabric, cross in the middle & attach at the back.

Pink - Cut three thinner strips of fabric & and braid them together. 
Cut a small square of the same fabric and use this to secure the back. 

     Like I mentioned before, this is the first of many tutorials to come on How To
           re-purpose/use old clothing & fabric don't get rid of those scraps ;)
Thank you for browsing & remember to always 
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Distressed Denim / Boyfriend Jeans Tutorial

 I had been slacking MAJOR over the summer on my DIY up-cycled tutorials to say the least! With everyone looking for creative ideas/activities to do inside now that the weather has cooled off & the holidays are starting to roll in I am feeling much more in the creative spirit! 
You can expect to see many more DIY Home & Party Decor, Organization, Cosmetic & Fashion tutorials here in the near future!!

I shared a picture at the start of Fall wearing a pair of Distressed Boyfriend Jeans that I DIY'ed and since have been receiving a lot of requests for a tutorial , and with how permanently on trend they are throughout the changing seasons; 
I decided what better place to start than teaching everyone the basics of distressing denim & revamping an old pair of jeans would be the perfect place to start back up for fall! 


  • denim jeans
  • sandpaper/cheese grater 
  • utility knife/scissors 
  • tweezers

How To:

Step #1.  Rub sandpaper or cheese grater (depending on the level of destress you want - the sand paper will create a much more subtle effect) continuously over the area you would like to add distressing to.

Step #2. Cut straight horizontal slits into the jeans roughly 1/2-1" apart to the sections of the denim where you wish to have the rips/where you went over it with your cheese grater/sand paper.
(Tip: Add a piece of cardboard or backing of some kind inside theleg of the pant while your are making your cuts to insure that you do not cut through to the backside of the jean). 

Step #3. Using the tweezers, in areas where you cut slits, pull the indigo fibers, leaving ONLY the  white horizontal fibers.

Step #4. Once you have a layout that you like, throw the denim into the washing machine using cold water. Then, fully dry in the dryer to create a more natural looking distress. 

Optional Step #5. You can take this look a step further (as seen in the first picture of a second pair I made for a dear friend of mine) & truly personalize your jeans by sewing in patches of scrap colored or patterned fabric(s) to cover the holes & really take your pants & style to the next level!! 

Thank you so much for browsing & ALWAYS 
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Up-cycled DIY Fall Wreath

Fall is fast approaching, seemingly already here one day, but gone the next & with the cool crisp weather slowly creeping in I am finding myself in the mood to bake & decorate, to welcome the change of seasons! One of my absolute favourite things about where I live is the Well Rounded Seasons we get, - though some parts of Canada have already gotten much colder than others it is still quite warm in Ottawa... for now & I am absolutely NOT complaining! As I will be the first one to complain when the snow falls! .
 I find that I grow tired or bored of being surrounded by the same colours after a while.
 There is something spectacular about every season & am always excited to be given the chance to begin again so to speak; To turn over a new leaf & face the new season with a fresh perspective! 

 I finished my Fall wreath the other day & decided to put together a little tutorial so you all could make your own. I will apologize in advance for the terrible quality/lack of photos. Late night photos are always the worst, and this seems to be when I get the most creative-work done!! 
Fall Wreath By: Upcy

Here is How I Created It!


  • Old Magazines / Recycled Newspaper/  Flyers / Phone Books / Whatever you have laying around unused! 
  • Hot-Glue Gun
  • Glue Refills 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape - of absolutely ANY kind (it will be covered) 
  • Fabric - OR Burlap is also another great, inexpensive and very popular option for fall
  •  Branches/ Pussy Willows / Cat Tales / Flowers (dried or artificial)
  • Ribbon / Hemp / Fishing wire (this is the option i chose to hang mine as I wanted a very minimal 'floating' wreath - but you could use whatever Ribbon you'd like - & really make a statement! 
Step #1.  After you have torn up your magazines/ prepared your papers; Very Similarly to what was done in a previous tutorial to create The Valentines Glitter Heart Wreath - Using your tape to adhere as you go, you will want to start molding a long tube that you will form into a circle/Doughnut shape as seen below. 

Step #2. Cut Fabric/Burlap into strips roughly 2' long / 8" wide.

Step #3. Glue on your fabric/Burlap using your hot glue gun to what will be the back of your wreath & begin loosely twisting the fabric as you wrap around your recycled doughnut, tucking the new pieces of fabric under neath as you progress completing your wreath as shown in the images below. - Be sure to always be adhering your new pieces to the back to insure it is seemingly seamless. 

Step #4. After your wreath is completed it is time to get creative with whatever you have chosen to decorate/adorn your wreath with!!!
I wanted to create a very natural looking wreath - and found inspiration & supplies while walking through this cute little forested/swampy area just around the corner from our home! - I absolutely love stumbling upon little untouched pieces of land especially in this concrete covered jungle of a city! I also tossed in a few faux-flowers I thought complimented it, that I just happened to find rummaging through my art supplies. & then finished it off with a massive bow I made using 
20-strands of hemp twine! 
I took these photos right after I hung it, at about 1am.. so I apologize again for the horrible quality!
Creating this wreath got me so inspired & excited to start several other Fall DIY Projects & Decorations so keep your eyes peeled for future posts! 

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