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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jungle Boy Baby Shower

It was such an honor and a privilege to design the decor to Shower my Nephew to be & beautiful sister, Brittany with Love!  But admittedly, I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to this stuff (Beyond grateful to the other wonderful women who Planned this shower for baring with me and my crazy ideas, and for all of their help pulling it off). A special Thank You to the Grandmothers to be, her dear friend Amara, Brittany's Neices & Nephews, & the Friends & Family who stopped by before, or stuck around after to help! As you scroll down though the photos you will see just how much of a TEAM effort this truly was -- despite them attempting to allow all the credit to go to me! 
When I found out that it was going to be a Jungle Theme for my sweet Nephew-to-be's Nursery, I decided to incorporate as many Jungle Touches as I could into the Shower Decor Theme. It was a colour pallet of Blue (ombre) shades, gold, and green. With touches of natural cotton, lace, hemp, and macrame.   

Planning a shower of your own or for a mama-to-be? Make sure to give the gallery a click-through & scroll to the very buttom for some behind the scenes // creation process shots
Contact for information on Event Decor//Props or Photo Booth Background Rentals.

I had a ton of help on the Center Pieces, painting all of the many Jungle Safari Animals & adding ribbon to the Flower Jars from the lovely Grandmothers to be, her Niece & Nephews, & dear friend Amara (who Also organized a whole bunch of Games for the guests to Play & PRIZES to be won! All of the Balloons were organized by her lovely Niece as well!! My Father & brother cut all of the Wooden Platforms! The stunning Aloe Plants were grown by my Mother!
I decided to make a painting in place of the traditional Guest Book, that could be kept (or hung in their home) as a keepsake. I had each of the Guests sign one of the small Blue Circles scattered across the table above & hid away in the Kitchen of the Hall to glue them on as Balloons above the 'strings' you can see in the Semi-finished shot of it above! I am super bummed with myself for not snapping a shot of it finished... you'll have to just Imagine the little Monkey being lifted up by Balloons with the names of those who love him most!
[Appended: Aug 12th] Britt is seriously AMAZING - After reading the Blog, she sent me This photo of the Finished 'Guest Book' to include. Thank YOU Britt; for the photo & your continued encouragement! 

Brittany's Mom had this Picture of the beloved Parent's to be Printed - such a thoughtful addition &  photo to remember this special time in their lives! 
The Food was made by the Grandmothers (again I missed the shot)! Let me just say, you can tell that they are Mothers to boys, as they sure do know how to put out an EPIC spread!!!) 
Which obviously included over 10 Jars of Pickles <3 ;)
The Macrame, Vine & Blue Flower Photobooth Background was the key to being able to pull off the Jungle Boy Theme!
 Brittany's niece Emily also snapped shots of all of the guests with a Polaroid!
Beyond Thankful for these shots she got of me with all of my Sisters!! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Time Traveling Love Story By: kvphotography for Sheila's Bombshell Vintage

Back in June I collaborated with the Lovely Kaylee from kvphotography, for a Phenomanal Localy owned (Merrickville) Shop Sheila's Bombshell Vintage. The owner Sheila was just lovely. She was so welcoming and showcased her phenomenal eye, careful detail, and talent for Vintage Styling with each look she choose.

The Models I had the pleasure to work with for this Shoot were Alexandra Stobo, Max Dems, & Cody Humble. Which was truly a joy. Each one of them is beaming with talent, joy, and passion to chase their dreams & goals!

I have worked with Kaylee many times in the past (If you are New to the Blog // don't know me personally - I often have the pleasure of working with her doing Cosmetic Styling for Boudoir & Family/Couples Photography Sessions). But this time was a little different, as I was on the other side of the leans. She is so talented & we always have a blast working together!
I truly feel like I left with amazing New Friends. I am so grateful for the experience, & it was wonderful to get to experience this along side my love, Cody.
 To have these memories & photos to cherish for years to come!

I just wanted to share how interesting an experience it was to travel through these eras of womens fashion.  I couldn't help but note how the clothing felt as restrictive as the times were for women. Between the crinolines, the high heels, & the tiny hats, the cinched waists, it was very difficult to move around with ease.  I kept trying to fathom what it would have been like to try and  do the house work & daily chores dressed this way. It blows my mind to think that the women of these eras were able to get as much done as they did.  
[Don't get me wrong - A Tea length A-line is my absolute favourite dress design]

Putting on a dress from the 70s was such a Freeing feeling after just one day spent in the clothes of eras past (the heat lending a hand in the comparison). It makes me imagine the feeling the women who came before me must have felt during this time. Not just the cuts but the fabrics were more breathable and easier to move! I think this feeling of freedom within the fashion is something we all were feeling, just look at he photos from that era compared to the ones prior! 
Free Love ;)