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Thursday, February 13, 2020

When I Love You, I am Loving Me, because we are One

I hope that you choose to celebrate LOVE in whatever way feels right to you. 
I find that the idea of Celebrating in many different ways is embraced SO much more for other Calendar or Religious Holidays, than it is on Valentines!
The truth is, there is countless ways to embrace the feeling, mood,
& idea of Love!
 I choose to embrace and live the entire month of February, with a mentality to carry the spirit of being in love to everything I do, and the people I interact with. When I am truly being mindful of LOVE I find it, feel it in the tiniest details, and the purest - quiet moments.
 So tell me this... If 'The Spirit of Christmas', is something I can carry with me all year; This feeling of 'Embracing Everyday In Love' is something I could (& hope) to carry with me in the same way. 
Below I have shared a few of the ways that I have been,
 & plan to continue to do just that!
~ BE LOVE By: embracing the concept of Mindfully moving through your day embracing Love, & knowing that we always gain by giving Love.
"When I love You
I am loving me
because we are one"

~ Show Love to YOURSELF: By Waking up early, OR Sleeping in late (whichever would benefit you more), & Start your day by slowly enjoying your favourite Hot Beverage in a Cute (perhaps LOVE themed) Mug, You could even Mindfuly Colour the 'I Love You S'more" Colouring Sheet FREE PRINTABLE as you sip!

~ Spread Some love to those in your COMMUNITY: 

By hanging the 'Take What You Need:" Valentine FREE PRINTABLE

~ Share Love to your Galentines/Palentines/VALENTINES:

By snacking on chocolate covered treats, baked with Love!

I was absolutely spoiled with Rose-Pink Vanilla Bean Marshmallows from Mars-Mallows - a Locally owned Marshmallow Candy Business; run by a very driven elementary school student, Marlo Benson- with help from her Momma, Alicia Benson (who just so happens to be a very dear friend of mine)! I loved having them to put out on the weeks leading up to Valentines day, to share with those I hold dear. Enjoying them in a cup of Hot Chocolate will truly Warm the Heart, and they make the CUTEST addition to your Hot Chocolate Bar.

Marshmallows By Mars-Mallows: FACEBOOK 
Photos By KM Photography: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK