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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happiness is Blowing Bubbles

This is the second portion of the photos I did earlier this summer with my best friend Kristen (owner of KM Photography ) Taking photos has always been something we have done - we were turning Polaroid Cameras around on ourselves way before it was a thing. I am going to be very candid and say that I was searching google for inspiring quotes that might be suitable to caption these pictures but none stuck out to be quick like this beautiful write-up Kristen did a few weeks back about what photography means to her, So with her permission I have decided to share that with you below. 
"My name is Kristen McNish and I am the photographer for KM Photography. I have been doing photography for about ten years now, but just decided last year to make a Facebook page and get my name out there. It started off as a hobbies just going around and taking nature/scenic pictures, but then one day a unexpected death happened in the family and pictures were all we had left. I love doing photography to capture the happy moments in life and for people to always be able to remember them. 
It's just like the saying "if you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph." 

I like to give people memories they can keep forever, and photography is my way of doing that."

Friday, August 26, 2016

Up-cycled Beach-skirt Tutorial

Up-cycling is the process of taking something old & unused 
and making it new,& most importantly useful again!
Below I have shared a tutorial of how I transformed a dress
(the top of which no longer fit) into a comfy and wearable Beach-skirt! 

This was a project I did super last minute & didn't snap any pictures of the process, but due to interest decided to share a written tutorial on how you can go about creating your own out of something you may have hanging in your closet unworn.

Below I have included a few examples of dress and skirts that would work for this tutorial including the one I used.
but as long as it has a sheer layer & elastic waist(OR are comfortable creating your own).

What You Will Need:
~ An old unused skirt / dress
~ Scissors
~ A Needle & Thread
~ Faith in the process!!

Start hacking - using a sharp pair of scissors or fabric sheers begin cutting off the top portion of your dress. I did this in a gradual way but first hacking off the bulk of the top and then carefully going in and cutting off any excess from the top portion of the waist band. Be sure to carefully remove any lose threads or bits of fabric wedged in between stitching (you may want to cut the stitching if possible) for a seamless finish! 😉
If there is a zipper portion that extends both through the top and skirt - be careful to cut around this leaving it attached. we will return to this later.
Flip your skirt inside out and remove any lining or extra fabric layers. I did this using the same gradual process as mentioned above.
Once all of your extra fabric has been removed - Now is the time to  add a slit if you like. don't be afraid to get high with it!  
I like the flowey look of them at the beach & LOVE how they look tied up!

If you have a zipper to fix now is the time!
otherwise you are ready to hit the beach in it!

How I see it is you have two options for sorting this...
You can either - 

A. Carefully remove the zipper at the seem (being sure not to tare the delicate fabric) & trim it down to size & than re-attach it by either hand stitching or using a sewing machine.. (again being careful not to damage the fine sheer tulle fabric)
B. Cut off the zipper with about an inch of excess, secure the top closed with super glue and then wrap it back around the waist band and sew it securely into the elastic band.
. . your best guess to which one I did.. however I should note I can only assure that method B can survive machine washing!

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Summer Moss Terrarium

Let's Bottle The Summer
 & Keep a Jar of it on-hand all year long!

This is a super fun summer project for Adults or Kids of ANY age, & like most of the project I share will involve a walk in the forest!
Step #1 . - Forage for supplies. Some of the staples you will want to be sure you grab are:
~ Moss (as many varieties as you can find)
~ Rocks / Sand
~ Soil
~ A Glass Jar with a seal -able lid.
& Then be sure to grab anything else that catches your eye or imagination. I also included a crystal rock in mine for a little added sparkle / fairy curb-appeal. 

Step #2 .  Begin Layering your foraged supplies! Be sure to layer some rocks / sand into the very bottom {to hold any extra moisture} Followed by soil, moss and layering in any other grasses or plant life you wish to add being careful to place it into the soil
Step #3
. Give it it's first misting of water and then seal you Jar of Summer shut!
I have also attached an image below from Moss Love Terrarium that gives great instruction & tips for how to properly care for your moss terrarium! 

It's seriously that easy! I think this would make a great end of Summer project to do with the kiddos before they head back to school in just a few short weeks OR for anyone who wants to be sure to soak up every last minute of summer while it's still here! 
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

'I Love You S'more ' Free Colouring Sheet Printable

In honour of yesterday being S'more Day
I have decided to share this FREE Colouring Sheet Printable
& it may be a hint at something to come.
Click HERE to download the FREE Upcy & Chopfyt
 ' I Love You S'more' Colouring Sheet Printable
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Up-cycled Clothing Canvas Keepsake

Canvas By: Cody Humble

 The story goes, we had these two canvass that were in awful shape, but we just couldn’t bear to toss aside just yet.
While cleaning out our closet one day we realized we both had a few items we no longer wore,
{one didn’t fit and one had a large tare that couldn’t be hemmed} but still really loved.
That was when we got the Idea to convert them into self-portraits or the oddest variety.
This is a project I did with Cody about a year ago now 
– That I am just getting around to sharing –
I got to thinking after that This is a great way to re-purpose clothing that no longer fits/ has a stain etc.
{Which is why there is a lack of progress photos.}
It would be really cute made out of your children or loved ones clothing once they have out-grown them, as a keep sake.

Supplies Needed:

Hot Glue Gun OR Staple Gun

Paint & Paint Brushes

Old / Unwarm Clothing
16” x 20” Board / Canvas Frame
[ Keep in mind that the measurements provided are for an Adult Top & You will want to adjust the size of your frame in co-ordination with the size of your clothes]

How to :

1. To begin take your article of clothing and cut it open down the back – this may sting a little. -
Draping it over the canvas frame re-position it until you are happy with how it looks.

2. Using a pencil gently trace out any ‘Skin’ or ‘BLACK OUT’ zones – as shown in the images above.

3. Set aside your article of clothing and paint the areas of canvas that are in need. Be sure to allow enough time to try fully between each coat of paint to build the colour.

4. Once Thoroughly dry drape your article of clothing on your canvas as marked.

5. Using your Hot Glue OR Staple Gun ‘Tack’ your fabric in place in 4-6 areas around the board.

6. Once ‘tacked’ it will be much easier to remove any excess fabric from around the edge of your canvas frame. You want just enough to wrap around the edges.

7. Again using your Hot Glue or Nail Gun Finish attaching your Article of clothing.

8. Add an old / unused piece of jewelry or create your own like I did {using odd bits of broken chain and a pendant bead} to add a bit of personal flair!

Now go Hang Up your Upcycled Laundry Art.
Canvases By: Jennifer Matthie & Cody Humble
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Strawberry Fields Forever

maybe more like Strawberry and watermelon in a Flower Field... but you get what I was doing there!

The Pictures below were taken by my best friend & go to photographer Kristen McNish owner of
KM Photography super last minute. The Strawberry & Watermelon hats were hand painted & available for custom order via the UpcyShop.