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Monday, May 28, 2018

Environmentally Responsible Cosmetic & Self Care Products in Collaboration with Jessi Walker

Working with Jessi on this collaboration has inspired me, I had SO much fun working on this along side her! Sometimes the energy and fun of an old friend is exactly what is needed to break out of a funk // comfort zone! From the first moment I met Jessi she began to teach me to break out of my comfort zone (she'll explain why that is a little later), she is encouraging, motivating & has a deep love for animals. Despite growing up with cats, I truly believe it was her & Minou who made me fall in love with the idea of getting a cat. A decision that has brought endless amounts of joy & love into my life. We share very Similar views when it comes to choosing Self Care products that reflect this love of Animals.
The whole idea of choosing self care products can be DAUNTING! At the risk of sounding negative the Truth of today is... 
~ There are some Countries where Animal Testing is Required By Law in order for a product to be sold on the Shelves within that Country?! Brands that have a large market in these Countries often follow Rules & Regulations that align with this ideology to ensure Sales! ]
~ Brands that Do Not Test on Animals are often owned by a Parent Company Brand that do.
~ Products recommended for making your own DIY Green Products at home, are often produced by Companies that Test on Animals. 
~ & disgusting amounts of waste are produced daily to create the marketing and media materials designed to make you want these products in the first place!
Do your research!
 Pick & Choose Brands & products that align most with your belief system.
Below Jessi and I will both go over our Go To Daily Routine(s) using 100% Vegan / Cruelty Free Products! We've tried & tested a LOT of different brands over the years & these are our Favourites!
& now without further ado... the lovely, Jessi Walker

"Hey guys. My name is Jessi Walker and I was lucky enough to cross Jennies path back in college when she was looking for a roommate and I just happened to be the right creeper off the internet that just felt right. Jennie and I only met AFTER I moved in lol!! We have been bouncing off of each others positive vibes and selfless ways ever since. Jennie was also a little more into the makeup then I was BUT we both have a love and passion for animals! So when she asked me to participate in this blog I was blown away and so blessed she asked me. Before I go any further, I am a nature lover and also a hunter and thrifter. I believe in humanity and self sufficiency, when it comes to hunting it is done with grace and ethics, and never beyond that. When it comes to makeup brands, not testing on animals is where I like to stand. Animals do NOT belong in LABS. We don’t need to use animal bi-products in our products anymore! Here is a list of brands that are cruelty free "

Get The Cruelty Free Look:

Step #1. Starting with a clean and moisturized face I applied Purlisse BB tinted moist creams SPF 30.
Step #2. For those dark circles I used NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in CW 01.

Step #3. The Essence ‘Make Me Brow’ Eyebrow Gel Mascara in 02 browny brows is VERY simple to use. It will shape and fill at the same time with the help of the little fibers. I literally don’t use anything else on my brows, and the gel makes sure it stays all day for you. 
Step #4. Essence ‘get BIG! lashes, Volume BOOST’ Water Proof Mascara is AMAZING!! This was my first time using this product and I was almost shocked at how waterproof it was! The wand is very classic and the application is light. I put two coats of the product and would say that’s perfect for the look in trying to achieve. 
Step #5. The Essence ‘LONGLASTING’ eye pencil in 01 black fever is really smooth! I love a nice cream pencil because I’m not much of a liquid eyeliner girl. Honestly I’ve never been able to master it so instead I just put a thin black line on the upper lid with what ever kind of wing I can create that day (lol).. I would say my eyeliner holds the motto of twins not sisters more then my brows do (lol). Needless to say, it lasted all day, ayeee! 
Step #6. For my eye shadow I used NYX Roll-On Shimmer .eyes.face.body. in RES16 Walnut Noix. I absolutely love this colour and that it’s a multi purpose shimmer! I rolled a little on the lid to lighten up my eyes just enough.  I could also use it along my collar bone, on a beach day to give me that glistening skin look everyone is dying for! 
Step #7. On the inner corner of my eye I added a small amount of E.L.F ‘Peach Please’ Pressed Shadow 6D01AS, this is a tri-colour shadow and I just used the light gold looking color to highlight my eye. 

Add A Little Cruelty Free Colour:

- Jessi Pearson

Get The Cruelty Free Look:
Jessi was not wrong... I am about 8 Steps more high maintenance than she is...
Step #1. Always start with a freshly washed & moisturized face (my go to's for both are from the FC5 Line by Arbonne)
Step #2. Next up is the Primer -  Perfecting Eye Primer by Nude by Nature  to reduce creases in my shadow, I have hooded eyelids this is something I am constantly trying to keep at bay.
Step #3. I apply the Cover Stick by Essence below by eyes, as well as on the tip of my nose (& any other problem areas I may be having that day). If you haven't tried this line I seriously suggest that you do! It is one of my Go To Drug Store Brands. Many of the products are Vegan, ALL are Cruelty Free... & ALL come in under the $10.00 price point (a majority coming in under just $5.00!!!
Finding Cruelty Free Products at these price points are like finding a needle in a hay stack!!! 
Step #4. I apply a small dab of the Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer. by Essence Shade - Pastel Yellow to my under eyes.
Step #5. I use the 2in1 Highlight & Contour Stick by Essence, (as you can see by it's reduced size, I am really feeling this contour stick! I have very dry skin so I love this cream stick as it stays hydrated all day!)
If you are in need of a Highlight & Contouring Chart I created my own on Paint.. which is good for a refrence & a laugh - rush to see it
Step #6. I apply the Glow On Bronzer by Arbonne on my contour areas as well.
The fact Arbonne names their products with Puns has always re-assured me that it was meant to be.
Step #7. Don't forget to Dust that Brush Blush to the apple of your cheeks! !! I apply Dusty Rose Blush by Arbonne, it's a super pretty pink shade that is on the deeper side. 
Step #8. I highlight again... This is by far my favourite & the most crucial step I.M.O. I apply it at this point to my brow bone, & the inner corner of my eyes as well.
My favourite highlighters are: Prismatic Hololighter by Essence on Trend this spring! 
Sheer Glow Highlighter by Arbonne. These bottles last over a year even with my heavy handed daily application! Step #9. I line my lower lash line with the NYX Retractable Eyeliner. I love this product due to the fact that the tip is retractable which I find easier to use on the lash line. If you have never felt the scrape of an ill-sharpened pencil on your waterline.. I pray you never do! 
Step #10. I sweep Suede Eye Shadow by Arbonne over my entire eyelid. I love this tea stained eye look because it takes like 15 seconds to achieve and helps to brighten the eye as well as camouflage any darkness. Shade pictured is sadly no longer available but This One is super Similar in tone & finish & it can be purchased with the new refillable trays which is AMAZING!!
Many a days I just stop here when it comes to the eyes if i'm being honest! Glasses and Eye-makeup are a battling pair.
Step #11. I apply 2 coats of False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume and Curl for exactly that, to just my top lash line.

Step #12. I am all about the applicator on the Liquid Eyeliner by NYX. It's gotta be the Vinyll finish one!
Step #13. I do however Always wear Eyebrow Gel by Arbonne it's essentially a clear mascara for your eyebrows, and it holds even the bushiest of eyebrows in place all day
Step #14. Peachy Keen By Essense is a super nice nude tone, this has been one of my Spring Go To;s paired with Made In The Shade spf 15 Lip Balm. Product was Limited Edition / No Longer Available. - Similar HERE.
Step #15. Lastly I mist with the Dewy Setting Spray by NYX and I'm off to the races.

Add A Little Cruelty Free Colour:
Lippy: NYX Matte Lipstick. Shade - Eden (Jessi & I both love a good Matte finish)
I was so happy the day I found out that Essence has an entire 29 Shade Collection of VEGAN Gel 
Was feeling like a Beyonce when I found out that each one cost less than $3.00 in Store!
I got a few different colours to test them out & loved them, I quickly went back to try one of the 'Out of Space Nail Polish' which is a line of Holographic colours  (this line is Cruelty Free)- I tried Shade 02 Accross the Universe (biased on the name alone) & the feelings came rushing back - it was LOVE!
& If you click on their website they are currently having a SALE on the Gel Nail Polish, you can get them for just $1.49!!!!!!!!!
Some (Not All) of the Products & Brands mentioned in this were Sponsored or Gifted
 in this Collaborative Post.
All Opinions Are Our Own.

Friday, May 4, 2018

DIY Up-cycled Dress Tutorial

I have sat on the edge of creating a capsule wardrobe for a very long time, but in trying to do this I have realized that due to the way I like to express myself through clothing, I likely will never be able to cut back to a collection of 30 items or less! However I have also learned that the things I loved about a capsule wardrobe could be accomplished in other ways! I love the idea of sustainable clothing practices. For me this not only means considering the original production of the item, but also the fabric, as well as washing and caring for the item.
I recently learned that because of the fact that synthetic fabrics are plastic based, each and every time they are washed they leech out tiny micro fibers of plastic into the water.
Thrift stores are stocked FULL of both old & high quality clothing items, both of which are almost always made out of natural fabrics! As a Side Note; these fabrics also wash, wear, and last a LOT longer than their synthetic counterparts!
I acquired this dress in it's original form from a clothing swap, so this dress was FREE as the day I was born! Re-styling old pieces also ensures that no one else will ever have the exact same clothing items as me, which I love! In the wise words of Nasty Gal "You know how some people flip houses? Well I flip clothes"

Supplies Need:
~ Needle & Thread (The same or a similar colour to the dress)
~ Modern Buttons
~ Scissors
~ Dress you either no not like as is, or see mad potential in!
How To:

Step #'s Refer to the Image Above!

Step #1. Begin by collecting supplies! 
(I can't be the only person where once I get started - stopping for ANYTHING annoys me (& this includes collecting supplies, or having to go to the bathroom))
Step #2 - 3. (The Dress I was working with had a series of dated cloth covered plastic button details.. This dates the dress in the worst way!) Using a pair of fabric scissors I carefully removed ALL the existing buttons on both the neck line and on the cuffed sleeve, being cautious not to damage the delicate fabric. 
I will also note I ditched the tie-belt that was around the waist.
Step #4. I replaced ONLY the buttons on the cuffed sleeve & re-located them on the sleeve so that they fit tighter on my wrist / forearm.
Step #5. Prepping your hemline! I cut a good amount off of the bottom of this dress. It originally was tea length but I took it to mid thigh for a younger more modern feel. 
Don't let the idea of hemming pants, a skirt or dress seem like a daunting task! While it may be new to you, If you feel confident in your ability to use a ruler or measuring tape,  to cut on a straight line, and your stitch (or sewing machine if that is your method of choice)
 than you can accomplish this as well!
Just take it one step at a time!
a.) begin by deciding how long you want your dress to be. 
To make this simple with the dress on, I make a small mark(with a fabric marker or pen) slightly lower than where I actually want it to fall (to ensure enough room (depending on the strength of the fabric you will want to use more or less fabric to fold over) on average about 1/2" of excess fabric is needed to fold over the hem).
b.) I then remove the dress and measure the distance from the end of the dress to said marking. I then measure & mark every 6" or so to ensure a straight hem.
c.) connect the dots to form a straight hem line.
Step #6. using several safety pins fold about 1/3 of the excess hem length as a raw edge, then fold over the remaining 2/3 of the hem and secure in place (you may need to fold & then iron your fabric depending on its thickness / texture).
Step #7 - 8. Using a needle and thread or sewing machine, stitch your new hemline! Sewing by hand does take practice, but upcycled clothing projects like this are a great way to learn the skill!
Step #9. Remove ALL the safety pins & wear with flare!!