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Monday, May 26, 2014

Beachy Peachy - Beauty Essentials For The Beach

For this Makeup Monday I am going to do something a little different - Below I have shared My 9 Must Have products for the beach this summer  (I was going to add my favourite Self Tanner to make it an even 10.. but then I decided I couldn't do that without including a tutorial or how I apply the product (which a few of your have already requested) so I decided to save it - but i promise you guys it is in the works and will be up very soon)! 
This post is admittedly inspired by Ellles Top 10 beauty essentials for the beach - except I have done it in using one less products have opted to use and share products that are vegan certified - and 100% Pure Safe & Beneficial (meaning they actually provide key nutrients to the skin & hair) Yes that's right ladies you can have high pigment makeup & beautifully styled hair without causing harm to your body!PLEASE ladies I beg you to turn over your cosmetic bottles & start reading the ingredients list , our skin is our largest organ - you wouldn't eat ingredients such as lead - or allow it to enter your heart, lungs, or kidneys, & when you apply it topically to your skin it penetrates into your body & enters your bloodstream in just 26 seconds!

These are my absolute favourite & Everyday Go To products for summer to achieve Beachy curls/waves & a soft a natural "no - makeup" makeup look that is perfect for a day at the beach & wont leave you with streams of black makeup running down your face.. or worse the much more permanent blotchy face sunburn/tan that is sometimes the not not so desired result of wearing makeup in the sun!

Beachy Peachy 

To start I will share the products I used to create the cosmetic look - All of which are by Arbonne & just so happen to be my 5 absolute FAVOURITE wouldnt want to imagine my life without them cosmetic products of all time & are the stables/basics that start off every other look I create! & of course all 

1. Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 - I seriously cant say enough good things about this product - it wears incredibly light & breathable, leaving you with healthy dewy looking complexion & sun protection - yet somehow it truly does feel like you aren't wearing anything at all!
2. Bronzer - Arbonnes Opti light technology enhances the look of a "glowing" sun-kissed complexion!!
3. Sheer Glow Highlighter - this luminescent highlighter adds radiance and a soft glow to your skin and is suitable for all skin types! Products 2 & 3 are PERFECT for contouring - for detailed instructions on how to achieve a more dramatic contoured look take a peek at some of the previous Makeup Tutorials I have shared. 

4. It's a Long Story Mascara - Seriously this name could not be more suitable.. this water resistant high performance LENGTHENING mascara delivers a look of ultra dramatic lashes - I like to apply 1 coat & leave it for a few seconds to dry COMPLETELY and then apply a second coat to achieve a look that in my opinion is comparable to professional eyelash extensions & for a FRACTION of the cost! 

5. Lip Saver SPF 30 - with SPF 30 sun protection this amazing product provides protection from the sun, maximum preventative care including antioxidant ingredients that refresh rejuvenate and sooth your lips & for less than $10.00 its one products I absolutely refuse to go without this summer!  

 I have some of the most WILD white girl hair you have ever seen.. even after having cut off nearly 10".. I am still rocking a head of hair that is essentially a frizz factory & summer... is NOT a friend to us? At least not until now!! The Pure Vibrance Colour Last collection has seriously been my saving grace! (The Hair Serum, shampoo & conditioner are not shown here... as I left them at my parents house after being down to visit this past weekend)! After washing my hair the last thing I want to do in the summer is attempt to blow dry.. or worse straighten this bad boy, so this Styling line will be my new BFFs for the summer!

6. Pure Vibrance Hair Serum - seriously just smooth everything out with this leave in hair serum absorbs quickly for an amazing shine, protects hair colour from fading, protects from damage caused by HEAT or styling!

7. Pure Vibrance Texturing Mousse -  Provides natural volume and manageability with the combined benefit of protecting hair from sun damage and maintaining color longer!! Seriously just Scrunch & Go!!!

8 Pure Vibrance Hair Spray -This non-flaky, alcohol-free hair spray that creates flexible, long-lasting hold, all the while protecting hair from sun damage and humidity!! leaving hair touch-ably soft - not dry and stiff. 

9. Last but certainly NOT least you must have a trusty SUNscreen I use ABC ( Arbonne Baby Care) Sunscreen SPF 30+ Formulated with antioxidants vitamins A, C and E and gentle botanicals to sooth and protect the skin & is PABA-free!! 

Thank you for browsing & Remember 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'The Earth Laughs In Flowers' - Victoria Day

Yesterday was Victoria Day - Cody and I managed to once again escape the hustle and bustle of City life for some floral / wilderness fun with a stroll through the forest and to the beach! We hope you had a fantastic May long weekend as well & enjoy browsing a few of the snaps
Cody & I captured over the course of the day. 
 “The earth laughs in flowers.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thank you for Browsing & remember to always 
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Country Garden Pallet Tutorial

I am thrilled to say that TODAY marks the start of something new to the Blog (that I am hoping will encourage more organization - at least to some degree - of the type of posts that you will see here) MAKEUP MONDAYS!! That is right, As requested by many of you there will be more Makeup coming to the Upcy Blog; whether it be a Tutorial, Tips & Tricks, or a review of one of my favourite products... Mondays are now #MakeupMondays! 

I had so much fun making over this natural beauty using the NEW & Limited Edition Country Garden Pallet by Arbonne that was just launched this past weekend at the Global Training Conference!! Mackenzie is so funny & down to earth - we pretty much laughed the entire time, which is my absolute favourite way to work!  - Thank You so much Mackenzie for allowing me to share pictures of the process & photo credits go out to Cody Humble! 

Firstly can we just pause for a moment to talk about how stunning the design is on this Pallet -Capture looks of true loveliness with this exquisite all-in-one palette inspired by a whimsical, bloom-filled English countryside garden. Four brilliant eye shadows and a rosy-bronze blusher let you mix and match for a naturally chic look, finished off with a sheer, perfectly pink pout. Charming and gorgeous, just like you. Convenient all-in-one set for eyes, lips and cheeks in trend colours and high-performing VEGAN formulas!
ALL of the products used in this Tutorial are from Arbonne's Cosmetic Line! 

Mackenzie Murdock Modeling 'Country Garden'

Model: Mackenzie Murdock; Makeup by: Jennifer Matthie 
I prepped her face with Primer & than applied the Perfecting Liquid Foundation - in Honey Beige.
I applied the 'Birch' eyeshadow over her entire Lid.
Swept 'Woodrose' (the dark grey/brown shade) along her natural crease
I used 'Willow' as a highlight - along both her brow-bone & on the inside of her tear duct 
I used the accent colour of 'Bluebell' on the inner portion of her eyelid sweeping it gently outward across the lid & blending into the crease. 
Lastly I finished her eyes off with  a very(but bold) thin liner using Arbonne's amazing quick drying black liquid eyeliner (just a little tip applying a half set of False Lashes is much easier (more comfortable)
and still leaves you  with that professional  polished look)
& of course you can't forget the It's a Long Story Mascara!!!
The Entire Look is pulled together perfectly with the new Three in One Lipstick. Lipgloss, Lip Balm  in shade Rosebud (see image above)

Thank you so much for browsing the First of many Makeup Mondays to come 
& remember to always

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Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Confetti Bowl

I am absolutely in LOVE with all things glitter/sparkly or celebratory in any way - so it is no wonder that I had way to much fun on this DIY & am certain that it is one I will be pulling out in the future!
Upcy - DIY Confetti Bowl
 I have thought of so many ideas since on how I could switch this up and customize it so many different ways! There are SO many amazingly cute Confetti Companies out there now (especially on Etsy), you can seriously find little packages in just about any theme under the sun!! You can also make your own using a hole punch and craft paper. So it is something you can get super creative with! I just used a cheap (but still very cute) metallic rainbow confetti that I just had laying around - I'm pretty sure I had originally got it at The Dollar Store. 
This was definitely one of the projects that I could tell Cody was worried about - he would watch me night after night in somewhat horror - I don't know if this was over the mess or that he didn't think it would come out the way I had hoped expected.
 But to his & slightly my surprise (as this really is one of those projects that looks like an absolute disaster until the very last moment) it actually turned out pretty awesome - If I may graciously say myself ;)

What You Will Need: 
What You Will Need
  • Mod Podge/ Clear Drying Glue 
  • A Balloon 
  • A Vase
  • Confetti 
  • Sealant (Optional) You can find these at any craft supply store - My personal favourite is the spray on Mod Podge brand 
 It is a little bit time consuming - I made mine over the period of a week - doing just one layer a day when I found a free minute! 

  1. Blow up your Balloon and set it up using the Vase as a stand & paint on a generous coating of Mod Podge or Clear Drying Glue & sprinkle the confetti ALL OVER IT! Allow this to dry COMPLETELY (if you don't you will smush around the glue and confetti when trying to layer your next coat on top - or worse pop your balloon)! Shake of excess confetti and repeat this process several times! I did 6 coats of Clear Glue & Confetti & then sealed it with the Mod-Podge Sealant and found that to be an appropriate number of coats to achieve a strong stable bowl shape!
    It's such a beautifully messy process!
  2. Once the layering process is completed - POP THE BALLOON & gently remove it from the inside of the bowl, revealing for the first time your beautifully smooth confetti loveliness that is the inside of this bowl! You can either cut and shape the ouside edges of the bowl as I have or leave them naturally as they are! 
Upcy - DIY Confetti Bowl
                                           Thank you for reading & Remember to always 
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- Jennie

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arbonne Global Training Conference In Las Vegas // How To Qualify For The Five Thousandth View Giveaway

I have decided to do my first ever "Travel Blog" Post & share a few of my favourite pictures from our Recent trip to Vegas for Arbonne's Global Training Conference!  I am so humbled & blessed to be a part of this business and culture, & experience a lifestyle that I thought only existed in fairy tails! My Arbonne team is truly like a second family to me and I am so grateful for them for seeing something in me - even before I was able to see it in myself & encouraging me to chase after my dreams with an open heart and to "lead with love"!
We planned our trip to arrive a Day before & leave a day after the conference so that we were able to have a few days of pure enjoyment - because absolutely NO fun is had at GTC (sense my sarcasm please) but mostly so that i could get acclimated - because like most other things ; I find travel to be fairly stressful!!
Las Vegas Blvd
Excalibur Royal Treatment 
Our Amazing team had arrived - we had checked in (received our incredible goodies & were way to excited about our Peter Morck Glasses) & on our way to the Launch of Arbonne Global Training 2014!!  We are world wide!!
My incredibly handsome business partner & the love of my life - We are soulmates!! 
Haley & I loving our Peter Morck glasses - Locked arm in arm!!
A Humble Nation - Fathers & Sons 
Sisterly Love - We are Family 
 We are leaders & team mates!! We are Family!! We are Arbonne!!

Do you see what I did there fellow Arbonne Lovers? <3
Opening Night of Arbonne's Global Training Conference at MGM !! 
My Amazing Up-line Kerry Lehman spoiled me with this Arbonne Glitz; Just because. xoxo 
A picture of a few of my team mates & I showing off our Canadian Pride at GTC!! ( Every country we are in from around the world dresses up & it is SO awesome to see just how Global this business truly is!) I was cold (they seriously keep every hotel at like -30 )& felt that this Canadian Tuxido was  the perfect added layer.. hahaha!
Seriously though his smile is all the light we needed to shine over the entire MGM Arena! 
The New Line of Products launched at GTC -
A Tutorial featuring the Gorgeous new Country Garden Pallet will be up VERY soon!
If you are interested in trying these for yourself  & would like to chat about the business /products OR book a consultation with me you can reach me VIA E-mail at 
What has become our go to spot in Vegas for those very much needed Greasy Hangover Breakfasts!
 I want a dish of their pepper & onion home fries NOW just writing this!
Cody Surprised me with Tickets to see The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil at The Mirage while we were in Vegas for our 7 year Anniversary - & I think it is safe to say, that in the entire time we have been together that was the FIRST time he was actually able to pull off and KEEP a secret/surprise from me (Sorry to anyone who was at my Surprise Sweet 16 & thought they had me fooled ;)!! So i was SHOCKED to say the least... not to mention he had planned a lot of other things for that day that he had spilled the beans on leading up to our trip.. I was not expecting him to have had this up his sleeve the entire time! 
In the off chance you haven't picked up on it yet... I am a bird & love things that sparkle.. so obviously Liberace's Diamond Crusted Car is something that I need in my life!! 
Advice from the Street on the last day of GTC!!
Signing the Arbonne A's For the SECOND TIME at GTC with this incredible man by my side!
 I seriously couldn't ask for a better partner to build a life and business with<3

Signing the Arbonne A's Last Year (2013) It's amazing the amount your life can change in just one year!! 
We are not Gamblers - So instead we have made it a tradition that our last day in Vegas be spent playing games with Flashing Lights & Obnoxious sound effects in TRUE Vegas Fashion.. We just do it at the Arcade <3 Forever Young!! 

Last but Certainly NOT least - I am excited to announce that my Blog is very close to hitting 5 Thousand Views & I couldn't be more thrilled - So In Celebration of THIS & In the Spirit of having JUST returned from GTC... I will be doing a Giveaway of one of the Products Arbonne just launched to their Cosmetic Line!! 
So the more you keep coming back & sharing the blog the faster I can spoil you!! 

Thank You so much for browsing & taking an interest in my Adventures; I hope to share a lot more of these in the summer months to come!

 I hope that you have been able to get out and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weather, I know that is what my plan is for today!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Cute as a Button

This is a super cute Idea to dress up any room (I think it is an especially cute Idea in a nursery - you could do the babies full name or Initial(s)!!) and if you do your shopping right can be achieved for less than $5.00 (with LOTS of left over materials for later projects) OR if you are a craft supply hoarder like me, you can do it with stuff you have laying around. Below you will find the products you need as well as some tips as to where to find them for the best price!! 

By the way the 'H' is for Humble and is one I did for Cody ( you may be wondering why I chose purple Buttons - that is the current Pop of colour in our Living Room). The heart is another take on the idea that I created for my office/creative space using rhinestones & various other shiny beads/items that I had

What You Will Need:

Frame/Shadow Box: (Cody & I got a bunch of these super simple nude metallic frames from the dollar store over a year ago for a collage wall 7 than later decided that they were a bit small for what we were trying to do and have since been re-purposing them all over our home - so be prepared to see a lot of these in future DIYs haha) another great spot is Thrift Stores (you can even buy the discounted ones without the glass, as I ended up having to ditch it on mine anyways as the buttons wouldn't fit with the backing).

Buttons: Like I said before... if you are not a hoarder like me, you can get these from Thrift Stores as well in huge bulk bags for like $2.00, at pretty much any Dollar store, OR Michaels on Sale (especially if you get their coupons).

White Pencil Crayon/Black Paper Marker & Sciccors 

Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks: Winners or Michaels, will have the guns & the glue will usually come with it & refills can be found there OR the Dollar Store. 

Card Stock Paper/Construction Paper/Felt /whatever type of backing you prefer to work with

This is pretty self explanatory - Just Draw out your Letter/Shape 
& cover with Buttons until the line is completely covered.
 None the less, it is Soo soo cute, super crafty 
& would make an adorable DIY gift! 

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