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Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Makeup Look 2017

One week today it will be Christmas Night; The Halls will be Decked & The Bells Jingling! 
Are you Ready?
I am a lot more prepared than some years, and a lot less than others, One thing I do have ready is my makeup look which I have shared the details for both the Eye & Lip Look(s) & products used for both BELOW.

This eye look was inspired by the lovely, talented, & inspiring Carli Bybels
Santa Red Lip
Step #1. The most important step in a good lip look is the pre-care! Be sure to keep your lips moisturized (it's more important than ever during these cold winter months). If your lips are feeling a little bit dry -apply a thorough layering of Shea Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm let set for as long as possible - blot with a napkin before beginning your lip look!
Step #2.Line your lips with Pomegranate Lip Liner
Step #3. Apply one coat of Hibiscus Smoothed Over Lipstick & head to the mistletoe!

Mrs. Clause Eye
Step #1. Prime the Skin with Arbonne Makeup Primer, this will make the colours POP a lot more & last even longer!

Step #2. The Red eye-shadows are both Arbonne Blush Shades. Apply shade 'Dusty Rose' [a flat red pigment] over the lower two-thirds of the eyelid.

Step #3. Apply Arbonne Blush in shade 'Blossom' [a bright red pigment with metallic gold undertones] to the crease of the eye to add depth. 

Step #4. Apply Arbonne Eye-shadow 'Gingersnap' [a metallic gold pigment with brass undertones] to the hood of the eyelid (just above the lash line). Sold Out

Step #5.  Use a large shadow brush to blend. Keep on blending.

Step #6. Apply Arbonne Eye-shadow ' Icing' [an iridescent white pigment] to highlight below the brow and the inner corner of your eye. Sold Out

Step #7. Apply NYX Vinyn Liquid Liner in a small(ish) wing.

Step #8. Apply  LANCÔME Monsieur Big Mascara to the top lashes ONLY.

Step #9. Apply False Lashes, OPTIONAL.I switch up my lash brands a LOT but I ALWAYS use DUO White Lash Glue.

Step #10. Apply Arbonne Blush in shade 'Blossom' in place of liner below the bottom lash line.

Step #11. Apply LANCÔME Monsieur Big Mascara to the bottom lashes to finish the look.

While it is not part of either look it is worth noting that my contouring were both done using ONE product!!
This amazing fuzzy pink clucth is by Studio DIY! The New December Clutch launched Today & let me tell you - She never disappoints! 

Self Love Cultivated Through ; Self Love, The Process of Art, & An Attitude of Gratitude 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Upcycled Christmas Wrap Ideas Sure To Make Em' BLUSH

Happy #FriDIY the 15th ~ 10 more days until Christmas!
Wrapping gifts & adding special touches that I feel suit each person is one of my FAVOURITE steps of getting ready for Christmas Day! I love collecting up & making little ornate details, hand making ornaments or name tags!
Something I have neglected to consider in some years past however is the fact that everyday we use a lot more disposable items than we truly need! But around the Holidays this always increases drastically!
This year I am challenging myself to Keep these two simple thoughts in mind when wrapping my Gifts this year for a Smaller Holiday Footprint!
~ Could I Up-cycle/ Re-Use Something
~ Could It Be Re-Used 
Both may not always be applicable for all of your wrapping supplies, but if you are mindful I promise that it is a lot easier (& not to mention more cost efficient) than you'd think for you & our the planet!
Some of the ways that I ended up wrapping & decorating my gifts that followed these Guide Lines I have put together in a Round-Up Style Tutorial Below!

Cotton & Foliage Gift Wrap, [Up-cycled & Re-Used]
Salt Dough Ornaments & Name Tags, [Re-Used & Re-Useable]
 Knit Sweater Gift Bags & Stockings, [Up-Cycled & Re-Usable]
Brown Paper Bag Advent Calendar & MORE! [Up-cycled]
A few years back I shared the Recipe I use when making Salt-dough which you can find HERE . It can be used to make Ornaments, or Gift Tags. I made a few straight-bars and painted them white which I will use as Gift Tags, as well as Place Holders at the Dinner Table!
Go out on a walk to collect a few shoots of Foliage to add a pretty winter touch! I also added Blush Bells, yarn, & a few pieces of left over gold glitter artificial flowers I had left over after another project!
The Metallic Blush // Rose Gold Gift Wrap Is NEW by QUEENWEST Trading Co.
and available on
Up-cycle Stockings & Knit Gift Bag(s) out of Unworn Sweaters
I am not exaggerating when I say that I have collected over 10 stockings through the years.
So when I decided that I wanted new Stockings this year to go with my slightly less traditional colour theme, I knew that my budget would have to be pretty slim! I was so excited when I attempted to make the  stockings out of an old sweaters I had folded in the back of the closet, never to be worn again, I decided to also make a Gift Bag which I thought would be a cute way to transport presents over the Holidays, & also hit every one of the Guide Lines to a smaller Holiday Footprint!
I also shared the template I followed.

This Brown Paper Bag Advent Calendar is very similar to one I made a few Years ago & shared the tutorial for HERE. I simply Switched out the branch for a wooden bracelet I never wore but always liked the aesthetics of. I filled 25 Brown Paper Bags with some special surprises, added doilies for a lace detail & numbers. I hung them using two different shades of Jute Twine & added a daisy & Foliage to finish the top!
If you fancy more of a Classic Holiday Theme you should check out last years Country Christmas inspired Advent Calendar made out of a re-claimed Barn board HERE!
I had planned to share a few tutorials / posts last week... but that didn't happen, because of being down and out after being at the Dentist & Endodontist for a total of 4 and a half hours of mouth wide open discomfort within a week maybe if I am feeling inspired I will cram them all out in the coming 10 days! Needless to say I was more than eager to get back up and Running which I maybe should have re-considered considering the Ice... & that was all just a round-about way of saying I fell on the Ice, & am now sitting with my arm propped up as I type. While I may or may not need help styling my own hair & doing up my shoes, I am not about to let anything stop me from wrapping Christmas presents!
Glitter Reindeer Silhouette Tutorial HERE
Self Love Cultivated Through ; Self Love, The Process of Art, & An Attitude of Gratitude 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Frosty Returns ; DIY Frosty The Snowman Fridge

Happy First Day of December! 
Frosty The Snowman was a tradition stretching back the length of my childhood! My Mom thought the Magician was absolutely hilarious & let's be honest he kinda does have his own charm. I have since adapted the Tradition & since 2012 have been keeping the Tradition of Frosty The Fridge Alive. 
Frosty Returns this year; with more style & flair than ever before.
Seen wearing a Metallic Rose Gold Scarf,accessorized with a Pork Pie(Jazz) Hat adorned with a Blush Daisy Boutineer.
Scroll to the Bottom to find a Tutorial that goes over the supplied needed & basic steps to re-create him year after year, & some grainy shots of some Frosty's of the Past.

What You Will Need:  
~ Pencil
~ Scissors
~ Gift Wrap
~ Black Marker
~ Transparent Tape
~ Cardstock / Coloured Paper (Orange & Black)
~ Artificial Flowers (OPTIONAL - for Boutineer)
~ Hot Glue Gun & Glue (OPTIONAL - for Boutineer)
~ Wood Skewers (OPTIONAL - to brace the Hat at the back)
How To:
Step #1. Gather necessary supplies.
Step #2. Draw out your 'features' - be sure to draw them in reverse so that the Pencil doesn't show, or "from the back" as I like to call it.
[ 2 Eyes, coal buttons & mouth pieces out of BLACK]
[ Carrot nose out of ORANGE]
Step #3. Cut out 'features' using your Scissors
OPTIONAL Step #4. Using your Hot Glue Gun & Artificial Flowers add the Boutineer to the Hat.
Step #5. Cut 3 strips (the same width) of Gift Wrap.
Step #6. Using Transparent tape - start adhering everything to your Fridge as you see fit!
  (I got a little over-excited & forgot to continue snapping pictures of this process)

Frosty Returns 2017

Top Row: 2012 , 2013
Bottom Row: 2014. 2015

Self Love Cultivated Through ; Self Love, The Process of Art, & An Attitude of Gratitude