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Monday, June 26, 2017

Canada Day [150] DIY Geometric Maple Leaf Logo

Canada Day is coming up this Weekend! & it’s going to be a BIG one!

I started decorating earlier that usual with this DIY ‘Sweet As Maple Syrup” Garland
( scroll down to the very bottom to see pictures of this as well) 

Not being in Ottawa this year, where the decorations start going up before the snow is all gone & the warm weather even rolls in… I decided to take matters into my own hands (pun intended) & created an [Upcy] up-cycled version of this Year’s 150th Canada Celebration Logo. 

I didn’t plan on sharing this as a Tutorial when I originally made this, but after sharing a snap I took while making it I received a LOT of feedback, and requests for a tutorial, & decided to go ahead and share it for those of you who enjoyed it & would like to make their own!

Supplies Needed: 
~ Popsicle Sticks 
~ Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks 
~ White & Red Paint
~ Paint bush(s)
~ Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Violet, Purple, Lime Green, & Grass Green  Cardstock
~ Small length of ribbon or rope. 

How To:
(constructing the basic Gemotic Shapes)
To construct your Geometric Maple Leaf you are going to make 5 large ‘Diamond’ shapes, 4 Small ‘V’ shapes, as well as the stem as shown above. I have broken down how to make all of these key shapes into steps & step by step images below. For this you are going to need Popsicle sticks & your glue gun.
Step #1. Create 11 double length Popsicle sticks by slightly overlapping the ends of two and gluing them in place using a small dab of hot glue.  Step #2. Glue The top of two of the ‘double lengths’ you made in Step 1 to create a large ‘V’ shape

Step #3. Using single popsicle sticks this time attaching one popsicle stick to the open ends of the V to continue the process of creating 5 Large Diamond shapes.

Step #4. Once those are secure in place move on lastly to gluing the ends of the single popsicle sticks together {closing the Diamond shape} 
repeat this process 5 times, creating 5 Diamond Shapes, &
one double length popsicle stick left over which you will use later as the Stem
Step #5. Create the small ‘V’ shapes by gluing the tips of two singular popsicle sticks, with an opening of roughly 1.5”.

(Assembly Required)
Using your Hot Glue Gun, & Refer to the Images directly above for Assembly Instructions– I kind of get why Ikea uses Images over text as this is very difficult to explain verbally
Step #6. Begin by laying down two large Diamond shapes as shown above, attach them with Hot Glue overlapping the two base Popsicle sticks. [Referring to Image 1 directly above]
Step #7. Attach a third large Diamond shape in the center (as shown above) with the place of attachment for the first two being placed in the direct center! [Referring to Image 2 directly above]
Step #8. Attach the fourth large Diamond shape to either the left or right side ( I chose the right when referring to the images above) do this by overlapping again with the outer-edge of the center Diamond the same way you attached the first two) [Referring to Image 3 directly above]
Step # 9. Attach the fifth and last large Diamond shape to the apposing side to that chosen in Step #8. Repeating the same process. [Referring to Image 4 directly above]
Step #'s 10-13. Chose either the left or right side to begin (I chose the right when referring to the images above). Using your Hot Glue Gun I swear you could make a drinking game out of my Blog where you take a shot everytime you read the words "Hot Glue Gun" apply a small dab of glue to each end of the small V shapes and begin applying them into the 'spaces' between the large Diamond Shapes [Referring to Image(s) 5-9]

(Adding The Colour)

Step #14. Time to paint – the ‘Leaf’ portion white
Step #15. ... & the ‘Stem’ Red!

Step #16. Refer to the ‘Trace & Cut by Numbers Chart' & the Images as a guide for tracing & Applying the Coloured Card Stock.
Again be sure to use your Hot Glue Gun to keep this process quick and simple!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Bucket List FREE Printable

Today is the first official Day of summer!!
 something you may or may not know about me, is that I am absolutely obsessed with the changing of seasons. I Just love the new feelings and all of the smells, {& minor decor changes} it just feels so brand new & welcoming to me.
Summer is an exciting time [not so much around the Blog due to me spending the majority of my time outside], but I have a few things in the works that I am super excited about sharing this Summer!

Cody and I recently relocated our selves back to our Home Town of Brockville & our making ourselves home again in a new space. There is something even more exciting about celebrating a New season in a New place. We have so many New things on our Summer Bucket List this year, & a few that have become Traditions for us over the summer.
Cody made me this super fun Summer Bucket List & he has been so kind as to let me share it with all of you absolutely FREE!

I will be sharing some of the things that are on our Summer Bucket list over the coming weeks!!
What are some of the things on your Summer Bucket List, Do you have any Traditions?
Have you crossed anything off your List -- We Have & plan to knock a few more off this Week!
[scroll down to the very bottom to get yours]
If your Feet aren't Dirty by the end of the Day you're Summering wrong!

To get your very own  Summer Bucket List printable by Chopfyt / Upcy ;
As easy as clicking HERE & clicking PRINT