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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Some Old Fashioned Things, Like Fresh Air & Sunshine Are Hard To Beat

It's Annual Photo-shoot Time, I actually thought that this would be taking place a few weeks back - but Cody secretly had something up his sleeve <3
I look forward to this so much, letting go & taking silly 'friendship photos' is something we have done since we were in Elementary School! I am so grateful & blessed to have a fun loving friend (who is always full of creative shoot ideas) in Kristen!

My younger Brother Jason is growing the most stunning Sun Flowers, he has a tun of talent in that Green Thumb of his!! Kristen thought-up with the idea to do a shoot with them & the rest was Fun in the Sun!
Our dear friend Ashley & her adorable Son were also in on the photo-shoot action that day & she graciously offered to stick around after & snap a few photos for us! Kristen did the post editing.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Thrift Shop Day - Round Up

photo credit to: figure money out
Today is Thrift Shop Day, I have no shame for my love of finding a day is 'The Day' of something that I love; I also have No shame in my love of Thrifting.  
so I have put together a Round-Up of Thrift-Themed Blogs in Honor of the Special Day!
There is seriously SO much to love about it, & I truly do feel that it is the ultimate Conscious Clothing solution. 

DIY Up-cycled Dress Tutorial 

5 Tips for the Thrift Shopping Minimalist 

Classic Fashion 'Returning;

Whats In My Adventure Bag

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Of Love - Self Love Through Every Season

Taking time to relax & slow down can be difficult - especially during those Canadian Summer months. We only have like 4 months of the year with warm weather! I don't know about everyone else but I do my best to cram in as many activities & outings as possible, in order to make the most of the stunning weather while it lasts. But for me this can also become exhausting! Working full days - or double shifts in a day & then heading out to a BBQ or Staying out past the sun at a bonfire is all fun and games until the alarm clock doesn't wake you up for work in the morning... & the harsh reality that you have been running on empty is no longer masked by Fun Summer Activities!

Taking time for yourself, not over working yourself can become quite the challenge if you have a hard time saying No. But the truth is, sometimes saying No when things feel wrong, makes room for the RIGHT things to come into your life! I was called out by a close friend recently that - while I have NO problem telling my friends to prioritize themselves & lecture on taking time for Self Care... I kinda suck at it for myself! Why is that? Why is it that we sometimes are able to give such sound advice to other people, and yet refuse to make those changes or set those priorities for ourselves?!

Saying YES can feel amazing -- Trust me <3<3 [more on that in a Blog post to come ;) ]
But so can saying NO if you learn to do it without guilt or fatigue of spirit. Don't let saying No now make you feel like it means NO forever!
While this Season of weather (& Life) is an exciting one, it is important to Slow Down & soak in every fleeting moment! Which means wasting NO time on anything that drains more than it replenishes. Sometimes opportunities, or jobs happen at the wrong time, or continue on for too long, offering no room for growth. Saying No when you are exhausted or not performing at your best, can prevent you from errors. Saying No to people or relationships that are draining you, will allow you to spend more time with people who Fuel and help channel your dreams into reality! Saying No can also protect your time, allowing you to manage things at home without stress [or pulling all-nighters waiting on the washer/dryer]. Which will ultimately leave time to not only wash the Tub, but actually use it to take a hot bath & relax! Saying No from time to time, will allow you to live more presently in your Daily life - without always stressing about whats coming up Next!
Summer of Love ~ Self Love Through Every Season

To embrace the seasons as they come, rather than forcibly fail to live another.
Below are a few shots 
Photos By: kvphotography  of me Styling Cosmetics in the Summer Sun.
Saying YES to creating more time for my Passion Project's & Growing my Home Business / Entrepreneurial Dreams!
Saying NO to the theory that makeup artistry/beauty must fit into a certain box [or studio space].

Who says Full Glam Cosmetics can't be done at the beach under the setting summer sun!